The Most Aerodynamic Motorcycle Helmets Available (Top Options For You!)

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Some of the most aerodynamic motorcycle helmets on the current market are AGV Unisex-Adult Full Face, Shoei Neotec II Helmet, Scorpion EXO-CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet, Scorpion Covert Helmet, LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet, etc.

List of The Most Aerodynamic Motorcycle Helmets of 2023

Top 10 Best Aerodynamic Motorcycle Helmets

Today there is a wide variety of helmets that people can choose from. This same wide variety can make it difficult for any user to make a decision. To better orient, each motorcyclist developed this guide to find the best ten aerodynamic helmets.

1. AGV Unisex-Adult Full Face – The Best Overall

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Each of the helmet features is outstanding and allows it to be one of the best overall choices. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this motorcycle helmet can suit all of them. For this purpose, a set of features has been incorporated that are excellent separately or whole.


1. The frame design is one of the best aspects. A set of front air outlets has been incorporated so that the user will have the ability to obtain more excellent stability at high speeds along with a much more convenient performance in a wind tunnel.

2. The visor incorporates a suitable anti-scratch structure. Thus, the user can opt for a much wider vertical and lateral field of vision than other options. The highly durable visor will also allow the wearer to have an outstanding range of vision.

3. The high level of resistance is due to the increased resistance of thermoplastic resin incorporated in the construction of this helmet. In turn, this structure has been manufactured in two sizes together with a four-density EPS structure that has also been developed in four sizes.

4. Finally, the interior design incorporates a set of padded materials to provide great comfort to the driver’s entire skull. In this way, it is possible to make a long trip or a short trip daily without suffering any discomfort in this regard. It is even a DOT and ECE-compliant helmet.


1. Highly innovative design

2. High-strength structure

3. Excellent air intakes


1. Heavier than other options 

2. Scorpion EXO-CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet – Best for Great Vision

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An aerodynamic helmet must also have the ability to provide a vast field of vision. Here, we are talking about a helmet that incorporates essential details when traveling on any motorcycle. People will be able to enjoy a long or short-distance motorcycle ride with the best field of vision.


1. The structure of this motorcycle helmet features the best materials of the highest quality. This means a good level of protection for all users who choose this unit. Moreover, this is a helmet that has been approved to high-quality standards with DOT certification.

2. The interior comfort features a Kwik Wick II liner fabric that provides excellent comfort for any motorcyclist. Besides, it already incorporated a padded material to adapt to the size of your head so that this can be enough to make a long-distance trip with the most incredible comfort.

3. The eye protection is double, considering the two layers that have been integrated. A face shield allows the face to be covered entirely and avoids insects and other objects encountered on any trip. Also, a second eye-only shield has been integrated to lessen the problem of UV rays.

4. Air intakes have been exceptionally incorporated to deal with wind at high speeds at all times. The cushions on the inside of this helmet remain very comfortable for the wearer to wear glasses at any time during the ride. Even the sun visor complements the protection for the face while the user gets a great field of vision.


1. Dual eye protection

2. Built-in sun visor

3. DOT approval


1. Improvable air intakes 

3. Shoei Neotec II Helmet – The Best for Design

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Many motorcyclists enjoy having innovative and stylish motorcycles. This makes it an absolute necessity to have a helmet up to the task. That’s why there’s this great-looking helmet that integrates the best in protection and unique styling.


1. The structure provides excellent strength thanks to the fact that high-quality materials have been used to construct this helmet. It is a helmet that also meets high-quality standards for each user’s utmost safety and protection. 

2. The noise reduction inside this helmet makes any motorcycle ride much more pleasant to enjoy at all times. Also, this is combined with a high level of optical protection against UV rays or any factor. 

3. The different air intakes can deal with the wind excellently produced at high speeds. Even this avoids losing stability during any time on a long or short-distance trip. So, this is one of the most innovative options of these times.


1. High-quality design and innovation

2. Strong and durable structure

3. Noise reduction


1. Intermediate visibility 

4. SHARK Helmets EVO-ONE 2 – The Best For Protection

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When it comes to protection, this helmet can adapt to the needs of the most advanced or experienced users. In such a way, that means that people will be able to count on a helmet that provides excellent protection and adequate comfort throughout a trip. That is why this is a helmet that we must necessarily include.


1. The DOT approval gives every motorcyclist who chooses this helmet excellent reliability and safety when using this helmet. This is due to the integration of high-strength materials and a unique design. Overall, this is a perfect helmet for all those who have a cruiser or touring motorcycle.

2. An excellent field of vision is obtained because the inner sun visor is integrated. So, this means that this eye protection can be removed when it is not needed. Of course, this internal sun visor is made of highly durable materials to not deteriorate over time.

3. The excellent patented system incorporated in this helmet allows the visor to be raised automatically as the chin guard is raised or lowered. Even the chin guard locking system allows adapting the helmet to the specific needs of each part of the journey. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a helmet of great flexibility and ergonomics.

4. Finally, it is necessary to emphasize that this helmet can deal with the wind adequately due to its specially designed air intake. This incorporates the fact that it is a helmet that can be used with a full face or open face. The user will find the comfort he needs straightforwardly.


1. High-protection helmet

2. Patented easy-to-use system

3. Excellent aerodynamics


1. Requires more budget 

5. Scorpion Covert Helmet – The Best For Versatility

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Among the most versatile helmets available, this unit is among the most suitable. Most of the parts that make up this helmet are removable and can be used whenever the rider chooses. This is a great feature and allows the user to tailor the helmet according to their needs.


1. The high-strength structure is because excellent quality polycarbonate has been used. This material has the versatility to minimize the overall weight of the helmet while maintaining a high level of protection for the wearer. DOT approval can confirm the excellent quality obtained by all users.

2. The front mask is removable because it includes neodymium magnets. So, this front mask will allow the user to be protected on a high-speed ride. This front mask can be removed on hotter days to enjoy the air differently.

3. Locking plates have also been incorporated to use this helmet in ¾ mode. Along with this, the retractable sun visor also complements the rest of the functions and allows the eyes to be relieved from exposure to direct sunlight or eye strain. During the night, the wearer can opt for the additional transparent visor.

4. As if that were not enough, the eye protection can also be removed and part of this helmet. You can transform this full-face helmet into a half helmet by removing all these parts. So, this ends the problem of which helmet to choose as you can opt for this unit of excellent versatility.


1. High level of versatility

2. Excellent strength structure

3. A large number of removable parts


1. Intermediate impact protection 

6. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet – The Best For Comfort

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Choosing this helmet can be the most appropriate decision to get a good comfort level in an instant. It is a helmet that features a wide variety of comforts in a half helmet design. Many motorcyclists may opt for this option as it provides the most freedom of movement and visibility.


1. The structure has been manufactured with excellent materials, and we can notice this thanks to the DOT approval. So, this means that you can get a high rate of protection and safety at all times. This motorcycle helmet can be used with all motorcycles as a unique and universal style has been integrated.

2. The wind can be handled exceptionally well thanks to continuous flow ventilation. This means that wind will not be a problem that will destabilize any motorcyclist’s ride. This is part of the professional quality that motorcyclists can get when using this helmet.

3. The interior provides excellent comfort thanks to the technical fabric lining that integrates fantastic advantages. Some of these advantages are that it is a hypoallergenic material, which at the same time is removable and washable. Even this material also can absorb moisture, which is very suitable for hot days.

4. Bluetooth compatibility complements the best features that you can get with this helmet. Thus, you can get an excellent communication system on any ride. Lastly, eye protection has also been included thanks to a sun visor that lessens the damage from UV rays.


1. Continuous flow ventilation

2. Hypoallergenic moisture-wicking interior materials

3. Built-in eye protection


1. Less protection than a full-face helmet 

7. GDM VENOM Motorcycle Helmet Full Face – The Best For Ninja Bikes

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When it comes to a high-speed motorcycle such as a Ninja motorcycle, it is advisable to have a helmet that is up to the task. So, this unit can adapt to the most specific and advanced user needs.


1. The frame features solid and durable materials to provide excellent protection against impacts and any risk in general. Two visors have been incorporated as part of the DOT approval.

2. The interior has incorporated cheek pads and a removable and washable liner. This is also combined with a double D-ring chin strap that will keep this helmet in place at all times. These features are more than enough to provide the comfort that any rider needs.

3. Finally, there is a wide variety of sizes that allow users to choose the right fit for every rider. The structure has been built with durable and lightweight materials at the same time. Thus, it is a very light helmet that does not cause any discomfort.


1. Excellent interior comfort

2. High-level aerodynamic design

3. Lightweight and high-strength structure


1. Few different designs 

8. GDM DK-140 Motorcycle Helmet Full Face – The Best For All Bikes

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Among today’s most suitable helmets are this unit which offers excellent versatility for different types of motorcyclists. This is because it has the ideal aerodynamic level and other safety features combined with a straightforward design.


1. The interior design features polyester and soft materials that provide a high comfort level to the wearer. In this regard, the removable liner can be washed and maintained correctly for continued softness. Even the cheek pads avoid being a hindrance when wearing glasses.

2. A composite poly-alloy with lightweight materials has been used for the frame and exterior design. In this way, people can enjoy a structure that fully protects their skull without increasing the unit’s overall weight. This is excellent as it offers one of the highest levels of protection available today.

3. This unit’s simple and straightforward design includes five ventilation points in different parts.  Thus, this is a helmet that can deal exceptionally well with the wind produced at high speeds. As if that were not enough, the double D-ring chin strap fits any motorcycle.

4. Finally, this helmet incorporates a transparent or special effect sun visor. Either way, it is a face shield that protects against direct sunlight and scratches. Simultaneously, it is a prominent face shield that provides an excellent field of vision not to miss any detail of the road.


1. Highly resistant structure

2. Excellent compatibility with different motorcycles

3. Five ventilation points


1. Intermediate interior comfort 

9. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Helmet – The Best For The Money

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When it comes to saving some money and buying a good helmet, this option may be the most appropriate for you. This is a helmet that meets DOT standards while integrating a simple and straightforward design. These features may be more than enough for any user, although other benefits are included.


1. The outer shell has been made from polycarbonate and ABS, which means an excellent level of impact resistance. Even this level of protection can be taken advantage of without the need for a cumbersome helmet. From the first ride, a person will tell that this helmet meets the expectations of protection and safety.

2. The advanced ventilation system makes it possible to deal with the wind on a low or high-speed ride. It is the Velocity Flow system that integrates Flow Adjust to suit the specifics of each ride. So any lift will be much more pleasant.

3. The two eye protection shields are very convenient as well as removable. One integrates a dark smoke tint that is most appropriate when it is a sunny day. The other is a transparent eye shield that can protect against wind or insects during a trip.

4. The interior comfort can be felt thanks to the soft padded materials. Even in the interior, this community is combined with a reduction of road or wind noise. So, considering all these features, it is still a helmet that offers several solutions.


1. DOT approval

2. Lightweight and durable structure

3. Good interior comfort


1. Intermediate quality visors 

10. GDM DK-650 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet – The Best For Sport Bikes

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Finally, one of the most convenient options available today in motorcycle helmets is this unit with unique features. It is one of the best options to enjoy a sport or high-speed motorcycle. Anyway, here is a set of features that will protect and take care of the user.


1. The structure of this helmet also has materials of excellent protection and durability. We can also see that this is a helmet that meets the DOT approval. So this helmet will be able to protect the user on any trip.

2. It is a helmet that includes two removable protectors and a visor as additional features. This will allow the user to adapt the helmet to the specifications of each trip or the user’s own needs. In general, the visor has a large size and manages to adapt to the type of trip that requires a sport motorcycle.

3. Each of the five ventilation points optimizes how this helmet works with the air. This may be one of the best ways to keep the wind from being a problem. Lastly, the entire helmet is highly impact-resistant to direct sunlight and scratches.


1. Five ventilation points

2. Good level of protection and durability

3. One visor and two removable shields included


1. Mostly useful for sportbikes 

Buying Guide

After looking into the ten best aerodynamic helmets available today, we should also consider other important factors before making a purchase. Motorcycle helmets are not all the same, and these differences can be a big misconception for some users.

1. Frame Design: Frame design is one of the most critical aspects. This aspect determines the amount of protection a user can get. This is how we find full-face helmets, open-face helmets, or half helmets.

2. Face Or Eye Protection: In this case, it is the visor or face shield that each helmet may incorporate. Some helmets may even integrate a face shield to cover the entire face and a second face shield to cover the eyes only.

3. Interior Design: The interior design should have a soft and washable material such as polyester. This material is responsible for providing an excellent comfort level to the wearer. The best choices are interior materials that are washable and do not deteriorate over time.

4. Air Intakes: The air intakes incorporated in the helmet can deal with wind at high speeds. As more air intake is incorporated into the helmet, the user will enjoy excellent stability.

5. Additional Features: Additional features include compatibility with a Bluetooth communication system and DOT approval. The communication system can provide extra convenience when riding in a group of several riders. DOT approval determines when a helmet is genuinely high quality.


After going through the best aerodynamic motorcycle helmets, every user will have the ability to ride in more style and comfort. Of course, wearing a motorcycle helmet is one of the primary ways to travel safely and legally.

However, having an aerodynamic motorcycle helmet will allow a rider to have other aspects. No doubt, this type of helmet provides excellent style and some unique features for those who enjoy speed.