Alamo VS Enterprise | Which Is Better Car Rentals?

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Both Alamo and Enterprise are very renowned car rental companies. Some of the key features of the Enterprise are free additional drivers, free early returns, free pickup, and affordable options. On the other hand, Alamo offers price matching, cash on delivery, and a wide range of automobiles.

Key Takeaways

  • Alamo is very popular with people thanks to its low rates and excellent customer service
  • Customers prefer enterprise because it has a wide selection of vehicles and flexible rental options
  • If you are planning to rent a car then you should compare the prices and rental policies of these two companies to see which one suits your requirements

Alamo VS Enterprise – Comparison Chart


More than 1500 locations in:
United States, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Africa
More than 7600 branches in:
United States, Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Caribbean, Canada, Australia, Zealand, and Asia
Pick-Up ServicesNoYes (in normal business hours, except in airport locations)

Types Of Vehicles
Utility vehicles, High-performance vehicles, Hybrid vehicles, Compact cars, Luxury cars Sedans 4 x 4 vehicles Minivan – SUVsSedan premium Sedan 4 x 4 vehicles Minivan – SUVs
Payments OptionsVisa debit cards, Credit cardsVisa debit cards, Credit cards
Accept Cash?YesNo

What Is The Difference Between Alamo And Enterprise?

In principle, each of these companies has the particularity of offering a different service to each other. On the one hand, the company Álamo is usually available at leisure points of interest or also at airports.

Therefore, in this company, it is also possible to find one of the widest varieties of vehicles that people can rent. Also, the payment methods are usually much more comfortable concerning other companies.

On the other hand, Enterprise has different locations in a large number of places in the United States and of course in airports. Here this company can provide a very useful service for business people.

Thus, each person can choose to be picked up at a business or their own home. So, without a doubt, it provides excellent advantages as well as one of the greatest popularity. 

Who Is The Best Car Rental Company?

Enterprise and Alamo are among the best car rental companies on the market today. However, each of them has unique characteristics. Therefore, we can mention that both can offer certain advantages for some people.

1. Locations

In principle, the number of locations between each of these companies is important, as there is a big difference. In particular, we can note that Enterprise can offer 7600 locations throughout most of the world. Except for Africa, Enterprise is present in most of the most important places on the planet. 

This is a great advantage for Enterprise, as many customers do not have the choice between Enterprise and Alamo. While both Enterprise and Alamo are present in several countries, Enterprise has a larger number of locations and branches.

Alamo’s only advantage here is that its presence in Africa is the only one compared to Enterprise. However, Enterprise can offer a greater amount of benefits because it reaches a greater number of customers every day in its more than 6100 additional locations than Alamo.

Also, thousands of people miss out on Alamo’s services because of the smaller number of branches. In other words, this is a strategic advantage that allows Enterprise to offer greater benefits.

2. Pickup Service

To provide better service to all customers pickup service can make a big difference. On the one hand, Alamo cannot provide this pickup service on any occasion. So, it is a big disadvantage when we compare this same service of Enterprise.

On the other hand, Enterprise provides the pick-up service to each of its customers. Here the particularity is that it is an additional service at no cost. Therefore, it is a free service that can be used on some occasions.

This pick-up service cannot be used by customers who are at an airport. Besides, this service must also be used only during business hours. Beyond these limitations, it is still a great advantage due to the absence of this service at the Alamo.

3. Variety Of vehicles

In this case, we can mention that Alamo has a great advantage due to the excellent variety of vehicle types and models it can offer to its customers. In particular, Alamo can offer luxury vehicles, compact cars, performance vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and utility vehicles. 

Of course, Alamo also offers other vehicles such as 4×4 vehicles, minivans, vans, SUVs, and sedans of different types. However, this first set of cars is the only options Enterprise has. So, customers can access a wider variety of vehicles if they choose the Alamo. 

4. Payment Options

Again, the advantage here is also with Alamo because of the greater variety of payment options it can offer customers. In principle, it is necessary to consider that both Enterprise and Alamo can offer as forms of payment:

1. Visa debit card

2. Credit cards

Beyond that, the specific difference is that Alamo also offers cash as a form of payment. Unlike Enterprise, Alamo accepts cash payments when it comes to hiring one of its rental vehicles.

5. Cost Difference

Some people might consider Alamo to be the more expensive option because it can offer luxury cars among its available vehicles. However, many people have made a comparison between each of these two car rental companies.

When making a reservation for a specific day for a vehicle available from both companies, the cheapest option is Alamo. Of course, this is not a huge difference over $50. or it’s still cost-effective, considering it’s the same car?

Besides, the difference specifically could be found in the additional services that Enterprise provides. As we have already mentioned, Enterprise offers the pick-up service free of charge. So, this additional service, as well as other free services from Enterprise end up being paid for at the price of the cars.

So, people who do not want to pay this additional cost or these “free services” can opt for Alamo to save some money. In particular, both Enterprise and Alamo can offer excellent features beyond the specifics of each option.

6. Additional Differences

In some places, additional services may be offered. One of the examples is that Enterprise offers additional driver service when it comes to hiring a vehicle in Australia. Of course, this service is not available from Alamo.

In general, Enterprise can offer much cheaper car rentals than Alamo. If we consider the same vehicle from both companies, Alamo’s prices may be more convenient. Although if we consider the whole range of vehicles, Enterprise has more basic vehicles, and therefore, cheaper. 

That is why Alamo can usually be an excellent choice for those on a budget. On the other hand, Enterprise can be a great way to save money on an efficient and simple car rental.

In this case, people with a limited budget will want to opt for Enterprise. People with a large budget will want to choose Alamo for luxury and high-end options.


Is Alamo A Good Rental Company?

Today, there are a lot of companies that rent vehicles and do not offer a good service. Even some points are not clear and users find many problems in most of these companies.

However, Alamo has been able to avoid many of these common problems. As a result, a large number of people believe that it is one of the best companies to rent a car.

In particular, users will notice that Alamo has imposed a price of $12 per day. In this case, the same car may be used by two different drivers. So on the one hand, this is an excellent way to save some money on the total cost of the rental.

On the other hand, having two drivers can be more comfortable when traveling to different places. So, Alamo can adapt to the needs of different customers.

What Is The Best Car Rental Company?

In general terms, the vast majority of people consider the Enterprise company to be the best option when renting a vehicle. That is why it is one of the most coveted options when people want to obtain excellent service.

On the other hand, the company that provides the best customer service is Hertz. According to many people’s opinion, here you get the highest customer satisfaction from the company.

Additionally, National Car Rental can provide the best application along with the best website for all users. This includes one of the most user-friendly interfaces. Even all the important points that users need to take into account are explained in a very simple way.

Finally, Alamo is a company that has the best prices for the rest of the competition. Therefore, users who want good service at a low price opt for Alamo.

Does Enterprise Own Alamo?

Here, it is necessary to take into account that the parent company that covers several companies is Enterprise Holdings, Inc. which is a private holding company located in the United States.

Exactly, the headquarters of this company is Clayton de Saint Louis in Missouri. That is why some of the most recognized companies in the market are in charge of this capital company.

Therefore, companies like Enterprise CarShare, Enterprise Rent a Car, Alamo Rent a Car, and National Car Rental are part of the same company. In turn, each of these companies is specifically oriented to a particular target audience.

This is why users find many differences in companies like Enterprise and Álamo. Generally, businessmen need the services of Enterprise.

Additionally, tourists and people who want to enjoy a moment of leisure turn to the Alamo company. The services obtained by each of these companies also vary from one another. 

Is Enterprise Or National Better?

On the one hand, users should consider that both National and Enterprise are part of the same private capital company. Which, each of these companies does not compete with the other but is oriented to different target audiences.

Also, National Car Rental has obtained one of the highest ratings in many of its categories a few years ago. Therefore, this is one of the best indications for users to hire a safe and reliable service.

On the other hand, the company Enterprise has managed to get a second place just behind National Car Rental. So, this also indicates that it is another of the best companies available in the car rental market today.

This last company is also aimed at a certain target audience in particular. Here, the services are more numerous and are aimed at business people with high levels of wealth. Therefore, these companies do not provide the same services. 

When’s The Best Time To Rent A Car?

Throughout the whole year, the prices to rent a car can vary. Of course, it is necessary to consider the most important moments of the year, such as the vacation season.

Here, the demand for car rentals increases considerably, and therefore prices increase as well. There is even a large number of users who are not able to rent a car as there is no more availability.

To avoid all these inconveniences, it is advisable to book a car approximately 3 to 6 months before a trip. In this way, people are assured that they will have a vehicle at the time of the trip.

At the same time, the rental of the vehicle is much cheaper, since the reservation is not made within an important season. Users who wait too long to book a vehicle do not get these or other benefits.

What Is A Standard Car At Alamo?

When people want to rent a car in Alamo, they usually can access a Volkswagen Jetta. If the company does not have the availability of this vehicle, then there will be other models available that are similar. So, users can take this Volkswagen model into account to know exactly what they can get in a standard model.

Besides, these vehicles are usually efficient for a family of four, along with two medium and two large suitcases. That is why the Alamo company is mainly oriented to people who want to travel and enjoy their leisure time.

On the other hand, business people need additional services for which many of them do not contract Alamo. Instead, the best option here is Enterprise since the service is differential and of high level.

What Are The Alamo Luxury Cars?

Not everyone wants to rent a standard vehicle at Alamo. That is why here this company can provide some luxury units. Among the best-known luxury vehicles are the Lincoln MKZ and the Cadillac XTS. Along with this, people who need a bigger vehicle can then rent a luxury SUV model.

Generally, the most known models are the Cadillac Escalade and the Lincoln Navigator. Especially those who have a big budget have the advantage of being able to access these vehicles.

At the same time, a large number of people who make business trips want to maintain their company’s image with these vehicles. That is why some Alamo units seek to offer high quality. 

What Are Alamo’s Full-Size Cars?

Some people who travel for pleasure or business need to find a large vehicle. The standard model among Alamo cars is usually not enough. For all those people, Chevrolet’s Monte Carlo or Impala vehicles are the most popular. It could be that a very large group of people in a family decides to go on vacation. 

So, it would not be very convenient that this group of people needs to rent two standard-size cars. Along with this, it is also possible to find other vehicle models that are similar to this Chevrolet vehicle. Even the final price doesn’t vary much either, which is another competitive advantage of this company. 

Does Budget Rental Car Accept Debit Cards?

In general, people can present credit identification using today’s most popular credit cards. Even as an alternative credit identification some agencies also accept Visa or Mastercard, if it is a debit card. This way, these companies allow people to have easier access to car rentals.