Are Hankook Tires Good?

Last Updated on January 20, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

In general, users who have used these tires say that they offer great quality and performance. The cost-benefit ratio is very balanced considering that this is a tire with excellent service life. Although it is not the best option on the market, it offers good performance and excellent results in several vehicles. 

Key Takeaways

  • Hankook tires offer a balance of performance and durability at a reasonable price
  • Hankook tires are known for producing high-quality tires for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks
  • Hankook tires are one of the most affordable options for those who do not have a huge budget for good tires

Hankook Tires – Main Features


One of this manufacturer’s models can offer the durability of up to 100,000 miles; most of this manufacturer’s tires offer the durability of 50,000 miles.

Cost-Benefit Ratio
The price/quality ratio is usually very balanced considering the characteristics of these tires.
CompatibilityCompatibility is usually very broad, especially in sedans and SUVs.
Available Sizes
Among the available sizes, the most common tires are 15, 16, and 17 inches.
Efficiency LevelThe level of efficiency is usually in accordance and includes a smooth ride and low sound level. 

Are Hankook Tires Any Good?

Considering the main tire brands on the market today, Hankook tires are one of the most reliable options. Although it is not a tire of excellence like Continental or Michelin, the characteristics of these tires are still formidable.

In this case, different tires with different treads may have different life expectancies. Beyond that, the number of tires in different sizes means a wide availability for different sized vehicles such as trucks or different sedans. 

Within the tire market, this manufacturer is relatively new compared to all the other manufacturers out there. The creation of this manufacturer took place in South Korea in 1941. When this manufacturer was created, the rest of the main brands of these times already had more than 50 years of working in the market.

In these times, the rest of the manufacturers were dedicated to the manufacture of rubber for roads and the design related to these products. However, this manufacturer has well established itself by providing acceptable life guarantees and efficient performance across the board. That is why it is one of the most popular options when choosing tires.

At the same time, this manufacturer emerged as one of the most affordable options for those who do not want to spend a lot of money but want to get a good tire. Today, we can find excellent tire sizes for trucks, sport utility vehicles, sedans, and crossovers. When it comes to getting a sedan tire the prices are usually affordable.

82 is the average and approximate price for a tire compatible with a full-size sedan. At the same time, you need to consider that the average price for this same tire on the market might require a budget of $102 for the same tire and the same size. Of course, there are also some cheaper options such as Cooper Tires and Nexen Tires. 

Either way, this manufacturer continues to provide an excellent ratio between the cost of the tires and the quality offered in each unit. For larger vehicles such as some full-size sport utility vehicles, the price may increase a bit. In these cases, a person might need to budget approximately $139.

Here again, this is the second brand on the market that can offer a good tire for these vehicles at an affordable price. Anyway, the manufacturer Cooper can provide similar sizes of tires with an average cost of approximately $118.

When we are talking about a normal size truck each of the necessary tires may need a budget of $181. In this case, we are talking about $22 less than the average cost of truck tires on the market. Compared to the manufacturer Cooper, this price is only $2 higher and the quality is efficient and reliable. 

Still, this is not as competitively priced as what Continental truck tires can offer. Beyond that, the average warranty on the service life of most tires from this manufacturer is usually appropriate. At best, people who purchase the Optimo H727 tire can get a lifespan that could be as long as 100,000 miles.

Compared to the lifespan of the rest of the tires on the market, we can mention that this durability is one of the longest. Here, we can also find three other manufacturers that can offer a tiring life of 90,000 miles. In most cases 80,000 miles is the maximum lifespan that tires usually offer when they are mid-range or some high-end tires.

So, people who rely on Hankook tires can get extensive durability and reliability when driving their vehicles. This manufacturer has put special emphasis on providing extensive durability to stand out within the tire market. 

On the other hand, the tread of most Hankook tires typically has a tread life warranty of approximately 59,000 miles. That amount of service life means that this is the durability that is 3500 miles close to the average level offered by most manufacturers. 

In some cases, we can find high-performance tires that offer up to 40,000 miles. So, also tires from many other manufacturers that are at an average level only provide 50,000 miles.

We can also note that each of these Hankook tires is available in combination with a 30-day road test period. So, this is an average feature that most tire manufacturers tend to incorporate. Of course, not all of them offer a road test period, so they may be less reliable.

In these thirty days, each customer can analyze and evaluate the results and performance that each tire can offer. Of course when the customer is not fully satisfied then he can return the tires and get his money back in return. This can happen if the tires do not offer a smooth ride level or produce a high level of noise when the customer is driving.

The most common tire sizes that this manufacturer can offer among its wide availability are 15, 16, and 17-inch units. In any case, we can conclude that Hankook tires offer excellent reliability and acceptable durability on the road. 

In combination with this, the cost of each unit is usually very affordable concerning the quality features they can offer. This is why it is a solid and efficient tire when you need to replace all four tires on a vehicle at an average cost.

While there are far superior tires on the market, we can determine that this manufacturer provides an acceptable tire that delivers good results for a fair price. 

Are Hankook Tires As Good As Michelin?

In principle, it is necessary to consider that Michelin is one of the tire manufacturers that today leads much of the market. This manufacturer has the possibility of expanding its range of tire manufacturing for vehicles such as:

1. Bicycles

2. Scooters

3. Motorcycles

4. Sports vehicles 

5. Luxury vehicles

6. Passenger cars, among other types of vehicles

Michelin is not only responsible for the manufacture of tires that are used in everyday life or the vast majority of vehicles in a city. This manufacturer is also in charge of developing tires specially oriented to the automobile industry, for example:

1. Rally Racing

2. MotoGP

3. Le Mans

4. Formula 1

Thus, the performance, safety, and durability of Michelin tires are some of the most adequate, among all the tires that exist today. Among all the characteristics of Michelin tires usually include quiet operation, comfortable ride, and the highest performance in various weather conditions.

On the other hand, Hankook tires have been one of the most popular choices for some years now. Unlike the beginning of Michelin in 1889, this manufacturer started in South Korea in the middle of the last century. Beyond the lesser experience of this manufacturer, the truth is that it has become very popular since its presence is found in more than 180 countries.

This type of tire is especially characterized by technology, but also by the safety, performance, and creative designs of each model. Besides, this manufacturer usually provides different models to cover a large part of the vehicles that exist today. So, much so that there is a growing number of loyal customers who rely on Hankook.

In any case, the characteristics and performance that Michelin has today are almost unbeatable for the rest of the manufacturers. However, Hankook tires have proven to offer good characteristics when an everyday vehicle needs replacement tires.

Also, the lifespan can allow a person to get a great value tire for the budget that each of these units requires. Of course, this is a highly valued feature when people need to get replacement tires.

It is even necessary to consider that Hankook tires are usually very efficient in dealing with different weather conditions. As long as you have the exact tires a driver will be able to traverse a road in wet weather or dry weather getting a good grip on the ground. 

Another of the most important points is that Hankook tires are usually not very noisy on different types of roads. Even if it is an off-road vehicle there may be the ideal tire from this manufacturer to achieve an ideal level of traction.