Are Motorcycles Safe? (Know the Safety Options of Motorcycles!)

Last Updated on January 3, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Well, riding a motorcycle is more dangerous compared to other types of vehicles like cars, SUVs, etc. This is because a motorcycle has only two wheels and it is very difficult to maintain the balance of a motorcycle.

Key Takeaways

  • Whether riding a motorcycle is safe or not depends on quite a few things like the experience of the rider, riding habit of the rider, speed of the motorcycle, condition of the motorcycle, etc.
  • Motorcycles are more prone to crashes and provide less protection to riders compared to other types of vehicles
  • While riding a motorcycle you should wear protective gears to reduce the risk factors
  • While riding a motorcycle, you should follow the traffic laws and signals as well as maintain the maximum speed limit

Protective Elements Of A Motorcycle

HelmetThey are mandatory and can prevent fatal accidents by protecting the driver’s head
Eye ProtectionThis protection protects the visibility of insects or strong winds
JacketA jacket keeps your vital organs protected in case of an accident
GlovesThe gloves protect your hands and keep your fingers warm for excellent mobility
PantsPants protect your legs at all times just as a jacket protects vital organs
BootsThe boots have a steel toe, highly resistant and anti-slip sole for maximum utility

How To Drive A Motorcycle Safely?

Riding a motorcycle is not as simple as it may seem. Of course, it is a vehicle that provides excellent fuel efficiency and good fun for the driver. However, it is necessary to know some useful tips to optimize safety and protection. This way it is possible to reduce the risk when driving this vehicle.

Some reports from insurance companies claim that driving a motorcycle is 30 times more dangerous compared to other vehicles. Here, the probability of suffering a fatal accident is much higher due to the different factors involved. Below, we can present some important tips for you to avoid these problems.

1. Prepare Yourself

In principle, you should consider preparing yourself efficiently before riding a motorcycle. This means having all the most appropriate safety features. Regardless of the temperature or your appearance, you should not ride a motorcycle without certain safety features. These items can protect you from an accident.

Also, you should avoid using sandals, lightweight shirts, or shorts because they are not options that can protect you. If you wear jeans, you should know that they are not appropriate in case of an accident. Some of the most recommended items are;

1. Protective Glasses

2. Some Type Of Helmet

3. Jacket Made Of Protective Materials

4. Reinforced Boots

5. Pants With Hard Materials

In particular, all these objects are intended to protect the motorcyclist from any unforeseen event. It is even necessary to ride with a helmet with a certain design. In a large number of countries, riding without a regulatory helmet is forbidden. Therefore, in addition to being in danger of your life, you could also be fined.

2. Staying In The Comfort Zone Is Good

Contrary to what is often said about the comfort zone, staying in this area when riding a motorcycle is good. You should know exactly what your riding skills are. Otherwise, you could easily run into a dangerous situation. In turn, it is advisable to choose the size of motorcycle that is most appropriate for you.

In particular, it should be easy to reach the controls and handlebars, and get on and off the vehicle. The roads you ride should not be too difficult at first. This way, you can ride in relative comfort for as long as it takes. As you gain more experience, you will be able to optimize your riding skills.

3. Checking Your Motorcycle

It is important to apply all necessary maintenance to each of the components of your vehicle. It is also recommended that you take a look at the various important components of your vehicle. In this way, you will know if everything is under control to start a new journey. In this case, it is important to check the lights, the mirrors, and tire pressure.

You should also check the floor for any oil or fuel leaks. It is also advisable to investigate for loose bolts and similar potential hazards. If you maintain it properly, you will have solved half the problems. Therefore, if you use your motorcycle wisely, your downtime will be limited and you will have solved the other half of the problems.

4. Driving Properly

It is necessary to use each of the implements that make up your motorcycle. Of course, this refers mainly to the mirrors of your vehicle. There are a lot of motorcycle drivers who do not use them at all. So, this generates a great number of accidents every day. The most important thing here is to keep an eye on your surroundings.

The most experienced motorcyclists know how to use their mirrors at the most important moments. In turn, you must know exactly where to look on the different streets or corners you cross.

In other words, this means not relying on the skill of other drivers. You must know that your skill can fail, as well as the driving skill of others. The difference is that you have very little protection in your vehicle.

4. Driving Cautiously

In combination with the above, it is necessary to drive in a state of alert at all times. A small distraction could be very dangerous depending on the road you are on. Here, we can include the caution to be taken when entering a curve. Also, keep in mind that other drivers could make mistakes in these places.

On the other hand, when you must cross train tracks you must consider the paint on the ground. Some paint is often spilled at these locations and is slippery for tires in general. This is the same defect that occurs with white lines at traffic lights. So, you will want to get to these places at the most appropriate speed to break in time.

5. Mind And Emotions Alert

While it may seem like a small thing, riding a motorcycle in a bad mood is not recommended. Of course, a bad mood is not recommended to drive any vehicle. In the case of motorcycles, the danger can be increased. As we have mentioned, the problem here is the little protection a motorcycle provides to the driver.

So, a bad mood increases the chances of making driving mistakes. This situation is much worse when your skills are at the novice level.

In particular, your mind and skills are the only things that can protect you from the dangers of the road. So, it might be better to wait in a good mood and avoid an injury, an accident, or a much worse situation.

6. Analyze The Forecast

Knowing the exact weather at the time you will use your motorcycle can be very helpful. In this case, the important thing is to avoid some weather conditions that could be dangerous. In particular, it is recommended that you avoid ice or rain. These factors are not only a problem when ice or rain is falling. Also, rain or ice is a problem when they are on the road.

In particular, the road can become too slippery for your vehicle. So, maintaining the balance and stability of your motorcycle will be much more difficult. When it’s raining, visibility decreases significantly. In short, the chance of having an accident in these weather conditions is high. So, you should avoid riding in bad weather.

7. Think Twice Before Transporting A Passenger

Of course, you can transport a passenger on your motorcycle. When a man rides a motorcycle, it is tempting that the second passenger is a beautiful woman. Beyond the beautiful scenery, it is necessary to have all the appropriate safety elements. In this case, the second passenger should have protective footwear and clothing.

You will even need to have a second helmet to avoid accidents or fines. In turn, the second passenger must know how to ride a motorcycle. This includes knowing how to keep your balance during the ride and when turning a corner.

This way, you will be much better protected and safer when riding with a second passenger. It’s even a good idea to practice a few feet before making a significant trip with a second passenger.

8. Knowing How To Use The Brakes

As with all other motorcycle maneuvers, the brakes must be used correctly. In principle, you should check that the brakes are working properly before you start the vehicle. Also, you should not use the brakes roughly when you are at high speed.

The use of the brakes should be adapted to each situation you find yourself in on the road. In fact, in some cases, the brakes may lock up if you use them incorrectly. In particular, this can lead to some accidents during the trip. Some reports claim that improper brakes cause more than 30% of fatal accidents.