What Occurs If The Axle Breaks In The Middle Of Driving?

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

If the axle breaks in the middle of driving then it could result in an accident. In this type of situation, the vehicle lose control because the wheels on one side of the vehicle stop working.

Key Takeaways

  • If the axle breaks while driving then it becomes very difficult to steer or brake the vehicle
  • If the axles of your vehicle is broken then it can also damage the other parts of your vehicle
  • If the axle breaks while driving then you should immediately stop the vehicle

Main Facts In A Broken Axle 

Previous SymptomsWhen turning a vehicle, you may hear a squeaking or knocking sound in the transmission, which is a symptom of a damaged axle.
Defective CV JointThe most common problem with a broken axle is usually found in a defective CV joint.
Lack Of LubricationThe joint can break due to a lack of lubrication and grease leakage.
Partial Loss Of ControlWhen an axle is failing, one of the wheels loses power, and the car turns only to one side.
Total Loss Of ControlWhen an axle breaks, the two wheels get out of sync, and the car loses control completely, leading to a fatal traffic accident.

Can You Drive A Car With A Broken Axle?

First of all, it is necessary to consider that the axles are responsible for transferring the power from the engine to the wheels. The engine power is directed to the transmission, and thanks to the axles, this power allows it to move to the wheels. This operation can be noticed in all those cars that have front-wheel drive.

Vehicles with rear-wheel drive have a different operation. The engine power is directed to the transmission and then to the differential located at the rear. When the corresponding axle is broken, it means that the vehicle cannot be driven. In many cases, the car will be completely unsafe from the first few meters.

Especially when both axles are broken, the vehicle will be completely unusable. Even if people want to use the car anyway, the breaks will be more than enough to be unable to go anywhere.

People can detect if one of the vehicle’s axles is close to breaking completely. It happens when the vehicle’s driver turns a corner on the street. It is possible to hear a squeaking or clicking sound and feel a bump in this turn. It is one of the most evident signs or symptoms indicating that an axle is damaged and breaks.

Most of the time, professional mechanics say the problem is in the CV joint, damaged. Grease can leak out if the boot that protects the seal has accumulated damage. Along with the oil, a collection of debris and dirt that should not be there will also leak in.

The joint can easily break down because the grease is missing and the necessary lubrication to be able to withstand the movements of the mechanical parts. A vehicle can still be driven if only the axles are failing. Of course, this is not recommended as driving this vehicle only increases and aggravates the damage.

A condition or traffic accident can occur here because the axles can break at any time while driving. It is very dangerous as the vehicle driver will lose control of the car, endangering the lives of many people. Instead, mechanics experts recommend diagnosing this part of the vehicle and implementing the proper repairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Axle?

Once a vehicle’s axle is broken, it is necessary to apply the required repairs. A vehicle with a broken axle is an unsafe vehicle to drive at any time. The costs for a front axle are not the same as when a rear axle hurts.

1. Repair costs for a rear axle: $799 and up

2. Front axle repair costs: $550 and up

Of course, each make and model of vehicle needs a specific budget for these types of repairs. Larger vehicles and many luxury or high-end cars will need a larger budget. Beyond that, it is a set of repairs that must necessarily be done to use any vehicle.

People are not entirely sure if bent axles need to be repaired. The only possibility of resolving this situation is to completely replace the bent axle. Conversely, a bent axle that is fixed does not have the same ability to transfer power from the transmission to the wheels.

In any case, the costs mentioned above do not consider any taxes or fees that may apply. It is because different states or counties may use additional fees and taxes. 

When we refer specifically to front axle repair costs, the user will probably need between $500 and $600. To this cost must be added the fees and taxes of the area in which each vehicle owner lives. The labor needed to implement these repairs is usually between $50 and $140 depending on the difficulty.

When it comes to the cost of repairing a rear axle, the amount will probably be between $700 and $800. In this case, the labor required may be similar to what is needed to repair a front axle. In addition to considering the additional fees and taxes, delivery between $50 and $100 should be considered.

Is A Car Totaled If The Axle Is Broken?

Some vehicles with damaged or broken axles are not destroyed. When one of the axles of a vehicle breaks, the related parts’ damage must be taken into consideration. On many occasions, it is more than enough to replace the axle that has been damaged along with the nearby parts.

Usually, a car is considered when the repair costs are higher than the costs necessary to acquire a new vehicle. It is not a situation that happens when the axles of a car have broken. In any case, it is not possible to repair a broken axle either, since, in most cases, it is necessary to replace these parts completely.