Can I Become A Mechanic Without Studying?

Last Updated on January 22, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

To become an automotive mechanic there are different ways nowadays. Of course, one of the most common ways is to study a career related to automotive mechanics. However, people can become a mechanic without studying. This means not studying a career but to start working directly as an apprentice in a mechanic workshop.

Key Takeaways

  • You may find it a bit difficult to become an automotive mechanic without studying because most reputable companies require some level of formal education and training
  • In order to become an automotive mechanic without studying, you will have to gather hands-on experience
  • You can gather hands-on experience by volunteering at a local mechanic shop or working as a car detailer
  • You can also look for entry-level positions in the automotive industry to gather hands-on experience

Becoming A Mechanic Without Studying – Main Facts

Learning Curve
The learning curve in a mechanic shop without experience and training is usually much more arduous
Initial Job Position
The entry-level job with no education or experience is apprentice mechanic, which is the lowest-paying job
Possibility To Work In A Machine ShopA person with no education or experience is less likely to be able to work in a machine shop
Minimum RequirementsSome employers require a high school diploma as a minimum education
Efficient AlternativesAn efficient way to work in a machine shop is to obtain specific certifications from ASE

Becoming A Mechanic Without Studying

The easy answer is that it is possible to become a mechanic without the need for a specialized school. Many people decide to continue their studies after high school. In these cases, one can opt for many automotive institutions that teach auto mechanic courses. However, not all people are willing to go through this process.

So, in these cases, it is possible to become a mechanic without studying in one of these institutions. In any case, the reality is that the learning process will have to be carried out in one way or another. The mechanics of any vehicle has certain principles. The design of the mechanics of a car must also be learned.

On the one hand, an educational institution is a much more comfortable place to carry out the learning process. People can also choose to start working in a mechanic shop without experience or preparation. Here, the difference is very wide due to the working conditions that each one will be able to find.

Those who have studies and training in automotive mechanics also have many hours of practice in this regard. So, all these hours of practice prevent these people from having to go through the lowest jobs. On the other hand, the person who has no education or experience will have to start at the lowest rung.

Most commonly, a person with no experience or education starts as an apprentice in a machine shop. Here, the person receives the lowest pay of all those who work in a machine shop. Besides, the different machine shops have different types of training. Of course, this training is really necessary to become a mechanic in the future.

In other words, people who do not wish to acquire training and practice in an educational institution may opt for the path of experience. In this case, it is a matter of gaining experience starting from the lowest position in a machine shop. Not everyone can access an educational institution to learn auto mechanics.

However, people who can access this type of educational institution will be in better working conditions when competing in the job market. That is why it is always advisable to have certifications within the automotive mechanic industry. The time needed to reach high salaries in this job market will be much shorter. 

Best Ways To Become A Mechanic

As we have mentioned, there are different ways to become an automotive mechanic. One of them is to start working in a mechanic workshop as an apprentice without experience or training. However, the road is too arduous to be able to access a good salary in this labor market.

So, other ways can offer better working conditions. Here we can mention some of them so that each person can make the best decision when becoming an auto mechanic. 

1. GED Or High School Diploma

High schools can offer different specializations according to different geographical areas. Of course one of them is somehow related to auto mechanics. In these cases, people can opt for specializations that provide communication skills, reasoning, science, and a good level of mathematics.

Of course, physics and mathematics are important to become an auto mechanic. However, communication skills are equally important. A mechanic needs to establish good, fluid relationships with his or her customers. Those mechanics who do not have good communication skills can hardly obtain growth in their mechanic shops.

As communication skills are superior mechanics will be able to get a larger number of customers. Also, an employer is much more likely to hire a person with a high school diploma. This is considered to be the most basic level that one must have to work in a mechanic shop.

However, a person without a high school diploma will still be able to become a good mechanic. However, the road without a high school diploma will be much more arduous and difficult. 

2. Auto Mechanic Certifications

Today, several different educational institutions relate to the world of auto mechanics. These educational institutions offer very useful courses to be able to learn how to become a mechanic much more easily. Some of these institutions offer ASE certifications.

These types of certifications are one of the most important when working in a mechanic shop. In turn, these certifications cover different aspects of auto mechanics. While not as comprehensive as a full degree in auto mechanics, it is still an excellent start. The certifications for specific areas are:

1. Engine Overhaul

2. Engine Performance

3. Brakes

4. Heating And Air Conditioning

5. Steering

6. Manual Drivetrain And Axles

7. Suspension System

8. Electrical Systems

9. Automatic Transmissions

10. Light-Duty Diesel Engines

In some states, the determined focus on environmental improvement may change some things. In California, mechanics are required to be EPA-certified in coolant handling. Otherwise, mechanics are not allowed to handle or dispose of automotive coolants. 

Additionally, large companies in the automotive industry can also offer excellent specific training programs. Of course, each company’s training programs are aimed at learning the specifics of their vehicles. However, it is still another alternative that can provide good results.

Finally, there is always the possibility of attending a trade school for excellent training and skills. Of course, this option is not always available to everyone as it requires a certain budget. However, mechanics who go through a trade school are in a better position to get better wages.