Best Caravan Tow Ball Lock

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Sam’s trailer is sitting right behind the RV pad. He’s been driving the whole day, and now, he wants to rest. So he turns in early because tomorrow, he’ll be on the road again. But when he wakes up, his trailer is missing.

What just happened?

Caravan theft is a significant issue in countries where RVs are popular. In Australia, for example, insurance companies report over 500 stolen caravan cases every year. Sadly, most of them remain undiscovered and unrecovered.

But things can be different if you invest in a locking product. That’s because manufacturers have special caravan tow ball locks to help guard trailers. In this article, we bring you seven of the best ball locks.
But before we do, here’s a brief explanation of what those locks are.

What Is A Caravan Tow Ball Lock?

A tow ball lock is a protective item that prevents someone from hooking and taking off with your caravan. It is small-sized, easy to carry, and you can use it on different trailer types.

CarsAmazing 101:

Other names of the tow ball lock include coupling lock and tongue lock.

How Does A Caravan Tow Ball Lock Work?

To secure your caravan, the ball-like item goes over the coupling and locks in. Then, when you turn the key, the lock remains in place such that no one can attach it.

Here’s an image of how the locking happens:

With that in mind, here is a list of our candidates for the best caravan ball lock:

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How To Pick The Best Caravan Tow Ball Lock

As you buy, consider the following factors:

1. Fitment (fitting). Some ball locks have a universal fit, but others are specific to some couplers. So, check your trailer’s tongue size and have that detail in your mind.

2. Material. It is best to have a heavy-duty steel or aluminum lock. Those materials are robust, and breaking them would prove difficult for anyone. Also, they are rust-resistant, which makes for a long-lasting item.

Here Is A Table That Boils Every Listed Product Down Together With The Above Two Factors:

REESE UniversalSteelAluminumChrome Exterior1 lb.$20.13
TevlapheeNon-universalAluminum alloy1.96 lbs.$23.99
LCGP BlackUniversalAluminum bodySteel lock bar1.92 lbs.$20.99
JUSTTOPUniversalAluminum alloyYellow powder coating0.8 lbs.$18.99
AMPLOCKNon-universalHeated treated steelStainless steelDucted cast iron12 lbs.$265
TOPTOWUniversalOne-piece solid hardened steel1.8 lbs.$16.99
ImprovehandUniversalAluminum alloy1.87 lbs.$18.00 – $18.99

Now, see each of them and make your pick!

1. REESE Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock: Best Price For Quality

No products found.


1. Product dimensions: 9 by 3 by 9 inches

2. Weight: 1 pound

3. Material(s): chrome exterior, steel, and aluminum 

4. Fitment: Couplers of 2-5/16-inch, 2-inch, and 1-7/8-inch (universal)

What You’ll Like

1. It’s built to last

2. It has an adjustable ratchet design

3. Fits most couplers

4. Easy to install

5. It has a deterrent color

What You Won’t Like

1. It may get stuck on your ball

REESE, the manufacturer, constructs this lock with a robust aluminum body and a heavy-duty steel bar. It bears a ratchet design that supports up to 11 locking positions and fits most coupling locks.

Also, the maker uses a bright yellow coating to make it visible. So, whenever you check your trailer, you can tell whether it’s still in place or not. The item also has an advanced lock feature that resists drill-outs, picking, and prying.

So, when you partner with this product, you have an essential safeguard. To add, REESE sells it at a fair price of $20.13.

One buyer declares that the lock is simple enough and its quality matches the cost. Another says that it’s much easier to handle than a padlock. When you own it, you get peace of mind knowing that it’s keeping your trailer safe on the driveway. For price and convenience, this is the best option.

2. Tevlaphee Universal Trailer Ball Tow Hitch Lock: Best For Multiple Color Options

No products found.


1. Product dimensions: 7.4 by 7.36 by 3.23 inches

2. Weight: 1.96 pounds

3. Material(s): Aluminum alloy

4. Fitment: Couplers of 2-inch and 1-7/8-inch

What You’ll Like

1. Universal and adjustable

2. Secure

3. Easy to assemble

4. High quality

5. The maker has excellent customer service

What You Won’t Like

1. It may not fit a caravan stabilizer hitch type

This lock, too, bears a ratchet design that moves through 6 locking positions. It has a crescent lock cylinder designed to prevent any breakage. Also, it’s built sturdy, and you’ll love how easy it is to use.

It’s sold in three colors – blue, red, and yellow – at a fair price of $23.99. The lock comes with a set of two keys to prevent your trailer from falling into the wrong hands.

Most buyers say that this item is easy to use and less expensive than its competition.  Also, the manufacturer packs a list of instructions so you won’t have any trouble using it. It has a uniquely curved key, and the multiple colors give a buyer variety. Overall, it’s an excellent trailer lock that works and fits great!

3. LCGP Black Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock with 2 Keys: Best For Sturdiness

No products found.


1. Product dimensions: 6.34 by 6.06 by 3.31 inches

2. Weight: 1.92 pounds

3. Material(s): Aluminum body, steel lock bar

4. Fitment: Couplers of 2-5/16-inch, 2-inch, and 1-7/8-inch (universal)

What You’ll Like

1. It has a smoothly-finished black surface

2. Easy to install

3. Adjustable ratchet design

4. Corrosion-resistant

What You Won’t Like

1. Locking it may be a little tasking

This black trailer lock fits all types of couplers. It has a U-bar width made of aluminum, so you expect it to be tough. It swiftly adjusts so you can lock it in multiple fashions. At the store, it sells in a single black color for $20.99. 

Customers say that it is an excellent tongue lock. It’s simple yet effective, and you’ll like how sturdy it feels. Also, it’s easy to latch, and it provides reliable theft protection.

4. JUSTTOP Universal Coupler Lock: Best for Customer Experience (You Can Specify Your Vehicle)

No products found.


1. Product dimensions: 9 by 9 by 9 inches

2. Weight: 0.8 ounces

3. Material(s): Aluminum alloy, yellow powder coating

4. Fits: Universal

What You’ll Like

1. Easy to install

2. Coves a small footprint 

3. Corrosion-resistant

4. Weatherproof

5. Made of high-quality materials

What You Won’t Like

1. Nothing, so far

This caravan ball rock resists drill-outs, picking, and prying, making it one of the toughest on this list. So if your trailer is in storage, you can trust that it will guard it against tow-away theft.

To use, you’ll only need to push the locking bar into the U-shape, which is an easy task. You’ll enjoy the yellow powder coating as it’s the perfect color deterrent. So, for a low price of $18.99, you get a quality product. 

On this list, this is the only ball lock that gives you the option of selecting your vehicle:

Once you fill in the year, make, and model, it tells you if your car, RV, or trailer will fit the tow ball lock. For example, this selection…

…bring this result:

Indeed, that feature improves your shopping experience.

5. AMPLOCK U-BRP2156 RV/Trailer Coupler Lock: Best For Security (Unique, Heavy, And Robust)

No products found.


1. Product dimensions: 7 by 6 by 8.5 inches

2. Weight: 12 pounds

3. Material(s): Heated treated steel, stainless steel, ducted cast iron

4. Fits: Couplers of 2-5/16-inch only

What You’ll Like

1. It fits your trailer’s shape

2. Has good rust resistance

3. Robust

4. Unique key code has control and ID system

What You Won’t Like

1. It’s ten times heavier than all the rest

In the market, this is the most reliable and durable tow ball lock. You can tell by its materials that it stands for a long time without breaking. In different climates, the lock won’t lose its sharpness because of the resistant metals. In addition, it has a unique swivel design that prevents traction when you lock it. 

The unique feature of this product is the key. It has a disk-based lock coupled with an ID key system. To understand how that works, look at this installation sheet.

The makers only sell a single variety of the AMPLOCK at a daunting price, around ten times all the other products. Anyway, let’s hear what the verified purchases say.

One buyer declares that this is the lock you buy when your first trailer is stolen. He says that no one can compromise it with any drive-up hand tools. So, if you’re looking for total security, this is your option. Another customer says that the item is massive and formidable, and another says that it is the Fort Knox of trailer locks.

Although you may laugh when you first see the $265 price tag, you will appreciate its beefiness and the secureness it provides.

6. TOPTOW 63507 Universal Fits: Best Pocket-friendly Item

No products found.


1. Product dimensions: 8.23 by 6.54 by 3.54 inches

2. Weight: 1.8 pounds

3. Material(s): One-piece solid hardened steel

4. Fits: Couplers of 2-5/16-inch, 2-inch, and 1-7/8-inch (universal)

What You’ll Like

1. Fits universally

2. It has an easy-to-operate lock

3. Adjustable ratchet design

4. Solid and durable, thanks to the materials of making

What You Won’t Like

1. Moving the lock may be troublesome.

You can adjust this lock’s design through 11 positions to get the utmost security and safety. You’ll like the exclusive black finish, thanks to the electro coat paint. Apart from improving the lock’s look, the color makes it long-lasting, durable, and reliable.

TOPTOW sells this coupling lock at $16.99 and only provides a single type.

In the review section, one buyer says that it keeps someone from stealing your possessions. It works as the maker describes and even better with an out-of-date trailer tongue. The only caveat is on handling–things can get complicated.

7. Improvehand Trailer Hitch Lock: Best for Ease-Of-Use And 

No products found.


1. Product dimensions: 6.46 by 6.06 by 3.15 inches

2. Weight: 1.87 pounds

3. Material(s): Aluminum alloy

4. Fits: Couplers of 2-5/16-inch, 2-inch, and 1-7/8-inch (universal)

What You’ll Like

1. Like others, it has broad compatibility

2. It’s made of high quality, premium material

3. Easy to operate

4. 30-day warranty

5. Long-lasting

What You Won’t Like

1. It may be hard to latch around the hitch

This lock can fit any truck, trailer, or SUV, so don’t worry about compatibility. Like others, it has up to 11 locking positions and is made of premium materials. The steel and aluminum alloy guarantee that the lock will stand the test of time. Also, it’s convenient to use since you won’t need any tools to install. If any problem comes about, you have a 30-day window to bring up the issue.

This Improve hand product comes in two types:

1. Blue for $18.99

2. And yellow for $18.00

Those two colors are electroplated to help the lock resist terrible weather.

One customer says that it fits excellently over the ball and works as advertised. However, another says that while the lock won’t stop someone from stealing your trailer, it will make it harder. Still, expect it to work and fit perfectly.

Final Verdict

If you round all the locks up, you’ll see that they share the same structures and features, except the pricey AMPLOCK. My pick is the No products found., which Amazon rates highly. An excellent towing ball lock should fit universally, last longer, deter theft, and REESE checks all those boxes.

If you remember Sam, then you know that he’ll need a tow ball lock, at least for his next trailer.

If you’re willing to spend more, consider the No products found.. For $265, you’ll get an item that is miles ahead of the others.

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Much love, and see you in the next one!