Best Graco Car Seat Review

Last Updated on September 10, 2022 by John K. Clifford

Baby car seats are the best thing after sliced bread. Ask parent drivers; they’ll say yes.

If you’re looking for the best baby car seat, you’ll probably come across Graco. It’s a leading brand worldwide, thanks to its high-quality and well-priced products. Graco’s goal is to buckle up little ones in the safest way possible. That way, they help you, other parents, and guardians feel comfortable. 

That there should keep you hooked till the end of this review.

Today, we’ll look at six of the best Graco car seats. It was hard to choose, seeing that all Graco products are quality items. But here they are:

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Comparing The Best Graco Car Seats 

Before you buy, you need to consider some things. A car seat is a necessary purchase, and indeed, you don’t want to make any mistakes. Have your little one in mind to the end.

Here are some questions you should ask:

1. Is it tested and approved for kids?

2. Is it easy to install?

3. Will it grow with my child, or is it for a specific period?

4. Does it have side impact protection?

5. What’s its price?

To Save You The Trouble, Here’s A Table That Boils Everything Down:

BrandTested and Approved?Easy to install?Grows with the child?Side impact protectionPrice/Price Range
Extend2Fit Convertible Car SeatYesYesYesYes$169.59-$229.99
Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster SeatYesNot quiteYesYes$98.99-$158.99
4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car SeatYesYesYesYes$247.99-$272.79
Safety 1st Grow and For All-in-One Convertible Car SeatYesYesYesYes$139.99-$179.99
SlimFit 3 in 1 Car SeatYesYesYesYes$179.99-$211.19
Atlas 65 2 in 1 Harness Booster SeatYesYesNot quiteYes$124.19

Still difficult to choose?

Well, it’s time to see what each seat is all about. Buckle up, and don’t stop until you know my best pick right at the end. 

1. Best Rated: Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

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1. Product dimensions: 22.1 by 19.2 by 22.5 inches

2. Orientation: Rear and forward-facing

3. Item Weight: 19 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. An ample seat that fits in small spaces

2. Enough cushioning for your kid’s comfort

3. Easy to install and adjust

4. Cute look and versatile orientation

What You Won’t Like

1. Washing this seat’s cover may take a lot of time

If you want your kid safe while facing the rear, this is your Graco seat. It has a 4-position extension that adjusts to give more legroom. So, your little one can stretch their legs as much as they want.

Also, this Extend2Fit grows with your little one till they’re old enough to sit in the car. So, if you don’t want to buy another seat when your child grows, you know what to do. 

Other unique features are:

1. An integrated cup holder for your kid’s drinks

2. Storage pockets to hold harnesses while you sit your baby in and out

3. 6-position recline for max baby comfort

You can get this seat in two styles:

1. 2-in-1 for $169.59

2. 3-in-1 for $229.99

Also, it comes in many colors, which you’ll see when you go shopping.

Buyers say that it’s an exceptional product. It lasts longer and is comfy for babies. Also, it is a seat that can save your kid’s life, says this reviewer. With its LATCH system, it’s easy to install, and you won’t deal with any annoying re-threading.

Sounds nice, right?

2. Best Lightweight: Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat

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1. Product dimensions: 19 by 17.4 by 26.5 inches

2. Orientation: Forward facing

3. Item Weight: 10 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. Adapts to your growing child

2. Machine-washable covers and seat pads

3. Lightweight thus easy to carry around

4. No need to re-thread while adjusting

What You Won’t Like

1. It may be hard to use on leather bucket seats

However long your journey takes, this Tranzitions style will hold your child excellently. As a convertible, it moves from a harness booster to a highback and backless booster.

It’s sturdy and safe, and it won’t budge. This is a seat you can trust without having to look over your shoulder. Available in 5 colors, it comes in these two styles:

1. Without SnugLock Technology at $98.99

2. With SnugLock Technology at $158.99. It makes installation easier using the LATCH or the vehicle seatbelts.

One verified buyer says that this Graco seat is a lifesaver, literally. In an accident, it would cushion your child, making it one of the safest car seats. Another says that it comes ready for installation and is a dream to use it. The overall sentiment is that most customers like it, and you too will!

3. Best For Long-Time Use: 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

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1. Product dimensions: 20 by 21.4 by 24 inches

2. Orientation: Rear and forward-facing

3. Item Weight: 22.8 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. It gives you a 10-year lifetime, at the least

2. Transforms through 4 modes to take on your growing child (4 in 1)

3. Provides super protection in case of rollover, front, and rear crashes

4. Easy to install, thanks to the integrated belt lock-off

What You Won’t Like

1. It may not be suitable for newborns

This DLX model comes with the InRight LATCH system that makes its installation easy. In one second, you’ll attach the seat and hear an audio click that confirms secureness.

Also, this Graco masterpiece has the ProtectPlus designation. Graco has tested it rigorously for safety, and it meets set standards. That should make you feel confident as you strap your little one on the seat. Available in 9 colors, it comes in these three styles:

1. DLX at $247.99

2. With Graco’s TrueShield Technology at $272.79

3. With the SnugLock Easy Install at $271.99

Customers say that this is a great car seat for several stages of growth. Also, it’s easy to wash, and it bears a nice compact size. For proper installation, one buyer suggests you read the manual. That way, you won’t make any mistakes. Finally, it fits in most cars and has maximum versatility. It’s not a 4 in 1 for nothing!

4. Best For Convenience: Safety 1st Grow and Go All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

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1. Product Dimensions: 23.75 by 19 by 25 inches

2. Orientation: Rear and forward-facing 

3. Item Weight: 18.6 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. It extends through 3 modes, from rear to forward, then a belt-positioning booster

2. Has side impact protection to keep your little one safe

3. Easy to clean

4. Few steps adjusting the harness and headrest

5. Keeps baby comfy on every ride

6. Bears a parent-friendly design

What You Won’t Like

1. You may need help to tighten it

This item has a Quickfit harness to make installation and changing easy. Without the fussing, re-threading won’t be a problem. How about that for convenience!

The seat has multiple recline options to ensure your kid is comfortable. So, the baby can lean back during the journey as they please.

Graco provides eight colors and two styles of this product, and here they are:

1. Original for $139.99

2. 4modes for $179.99

One customer says that their child slept through a car accident. How about that for the feedback! It shows that the seat keeps your child safe, thanks to Graco’s high protection standards. If you’re looking for a top-quality seat without busting your budget, go for this Grow and Go. You don’t find better car seats for under $200! 

5. Best For Small Cars: SlimFit 3 in 1 Car Seat

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1. Product Dimensions: 21.5 by 19.9 by 25.5 inches

2. Orientation: Rear and forward-facing 

3. Item Weight: 19.47 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. Converts into three modes to take on your growing child

2. Engineered with ProtectPlus to make it safe

3. It doesn’t need re-threading

4. Multiple reclining positions

5. Its frame is steel-reinforced to keep the seat stronger for longer

What You Won’t Like

1. Quite challenging to install

This Graco car seat bears a slim design, making it the perfect option for tighter backseats. So, if you’re driving a compact car, you’d better pick this one.

Like other Graco models, this one has multiple headrest positions. They help the little one to stay comfy. Also, you’ll like the push-button that makes it easy to secure the seat. If you’re a caregiver who needs to fit three car seats across the back, this is it.

Graco makes this item in 5 colors and these two styles:

1. SlimFit for $179.99

2. SlimFit w/ 3-Across Fit for $211.19

One reviewer says that even after their car was totaled, the seat held up. That’s safety at its best! Another says if you buy this Graco SlimFit, you won’t need another down the road because of the booster mode. So, expect to be pleased by this space saver.

6. Best For Little Kids: Atlas 65 2 in 1 Harness Seat

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1. Product Dimensions: 19 by 22 by 25 inches

2. Orientation: Forward facing

3. Item Weight: 16.6 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. It comes with a storage compartment to store unused straps, all for your convenience

2. Has cup holders to keep your drinks, but mostly your kid’s 

3. Adjustable headrest (up to 5 positions)

4. No need to re-thread when adjusting

What You Won’t Like

1. t might not work best if your car doesn’t have a LATCH system

Like all the others, this Atlas 65 grows with your child. It starts with the forward-facing harness and moves into a highback booster. How about that for growth?

Although it has fewer reclining positions, they’ll keep your child comfy all the same.

If your child is under 18 months, you’ll like this one. Graco especially recommends it for toddlers, and its technology is not as complex.

It comes in a single color and style and will cost you $124.19. If you look at the others, that price tag is attractive. 

One customer says that it’s easy to install and the quality of materials is excellent. Also, it’s durable since Graco designs it very well. You’ll love the cup holders, and your kid will enjoy the comfort.

Final Verdict

The point:

All Graco seats are the best.

It’s hard to draw the line, seeing that all the seats use the same technologies. But, you won’t go wrong with Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat. It’s well-rated, and the 2-in-1 style is well under $200.

That’s quite affordable, seeing that other non-Graco brands sell their seats for more than $200. That should tickle your fancy, and No products found. where you should click to buy.

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See you in the next one!