Best Motorcycle Jacket Brands

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Some of the best Motorcycle jacket brands are Alpinestars, Dainese, Icon, BMW Motorrad, Fox Racing, REV’IT!, Joe Rocket, Klim, AGV Sport, Speed, and Strength, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The Viking Cycle Ironborn Jacket is made of durable and protective textile material and has CE-approved armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back for added protection
  • Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket has a removable thermal quilted liner which is very convenient
  • The FLAVOR Men Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket is made of high-quality brown leather and features a removable hood for added convenience
  • The Milwaukee Leather SH1011 Leather Jacket is made of high-quality leather and features a classic police-style design with side lace detailing for an adjustable fit

Jacket Regular Size Chart

SizeChestShoulderSleeve Length
99 cm
107 cm
115 cm
122 cm
130 cm
137 cm
145 cm
45.5 cm
48 cm
50.5 cm
53 cm
55.5 cm
58 cm
60.5 cm
64 cm
65 cm
66 cm
67 cm
69 cm
71 cm
72 cm
63 cm
65 cm
67 cm
69 cm
71 cm
73 cm
73 cm

1. Viking Cycle Men’s

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Among the best options in the market, motorcyclists can choose this jacket and this particular brand. Here, it is simply a jacket specially designed to offer excellent airflow. Even this can be regulated so that you can adapt to different climates throughout the year. Also, the inner zippered lining can be removed for a better result.

An excellent number of pockets have been incorporated into the exterior and interior. Also, these pockets have zippers for sturdy storage of all your items. Of course, your smartphone can be stored properly and safely.

You will notice that this jacket provides the desired fit thanks to the adjustable velcro. So, a wide variety of users will be able to get the perfect fit along with the ideal size. Even here, high-quality materials have been used so that you are properly protected throughout the trip. 

Both the quality and the design of this jacket provide the appropriate resistance for any trip with your bike. You will have removable armor on the spine in shoulders and elbows.

Besides, this jacket is highly durable and water-repellent. Therefore, the rain will not be a problem when you are riding. By removing the removable armor you will be able to wear this jacket without driving.


1. Easy to use

2. Water repellent

3. Excellent airflow


1. Intermediate protection armor

2. Flavor Men Jacket

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Another option that can offer excellent style to many bikers is this brand. In this case, it is a combination of 100% cotton for the padding, a polyester lining, and 100% real leather for the rest of the structure. So, you can also use this jacket as a turtleneck jacket without wearing it on a motorcycle.

Once you are already in possession of it you will be able to notice the great number of advantages that this unit can offer you. Three chest pockets have been incorporated to be able to store a large number of important objects. In this case, you will be able to count on your identification documents and your smartphone at all times.

On the other hand, the two-hand pockets are an excellent option when the weather is too cold and you do not have gloves. Also, the two internal pockets provide more storage capacity for different cards or your wallet. So, you’ll be able to get a lot of storage space when you start your trip.

In this case, the resistance level of this jacket is intermediate and sufficient for some trips in your vehicle. Along with the adjustable hem, cuffs and high collar are features that can be adapted to the style of different motorcyclists.

All these adjustments are perfect when it comes to hot days or the summer season. Finally, the wind resistance is excellent, which won’t be a problem on your next trips. You can get this great biker jacket in a variety of designs.


1. Efficient wind resistance

2. A large number of pockets

3. Soft and high-quality materials


1. Does not include heavy armor

3. Milano Sport Gamma Jacket

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All those motorcyclists who want a lightweight and versatile yet rugged option can opt for this jacket. In this case, it is necessary to consider that it is a waterproof jacket. So, the problem of rain or water will not affect you in the least. On the contrary, this jacket can also be adapted to high-temperature weather conditions.

The thermal padded lining is removable and provides more or fresher when you need it. This provides zippered vents in the back and chest. It’s even a black and red design to give riders the best personality. Those with a sporty or powerful bike can complement their design with this jacket.

Additionally, armor has been incorporated here to protect the shoulders and elbows. Even this removable armor so you can use this jacket in normal conditions. So, as you will notice this is a jacket that is widely versatile and fits any trip in your vehicle.

Finally, we can mention that here we have used a set of high-quality materials. That is why the lifespan that this jacket can provide is one of the most appropriate.

Without a doubt, you will be much better protected when you are driving your vehicle on the road. On the other hand, it is recommended to remove the armor for washing by hand or in a washing machine to this jacket.


1. Removable armor for shoulders and elbows

2. Removable thermal lining

3. Waterproof jacket


1. A low number of pockets

4. Milwaukee Ladies Leather Jacket

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Here, the women bikers also have a brand that has designed a jacket especially for them. In this case, it is a jacket made of excellent quality cowhide. At the same time, this jacket has a thickness of 1.2 mm for excellent protection. So not only can women get great style.

Additionally, this jacket is perfect to be protected when women are riding their motorcycles. Besides, the wind will not be a problem due to the excellent structure of this unit. Even the cold will not be a problem for women due to the cross front design. This front goes all the way up to the neck and the flaps can also be fastened.

Some of the exterior parts have a silver material to provide the perfect style. Also, a large number of pockets have been included on the outside and inside. So, women can enjoy excellent storage space for all important items. Also, the zippered lining is combined with sleeves that also include a zipper.

Although this jacket does not include additional armor, the truth is that leather is highly efficient in providing protection. Of course, this is a jacket that is not as heavy as the options that include armor. That is why women will enjoy excellent use when using this option. Besides, the design of this jacket can be adapted to a large number of women.


1. 1.2 mm thick leather

2. Efficient design against cold and wind

3. A large number of exterior and interior pockets


1. No additional armor is included

5. Milwaukee Leather Men’s Jacket

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Of course, we should also mention this same brand as one of the best jackets for men. The design is very similar between the Milwaukee women’s jacket and the Milwaukee men’s jacket. That is why men will be able to enjoy a 1.2 mm thick cowhide. As we have mentioned it is an excellent thickness to provide lightweight protection.

In this case, it is a jacket with an easy-fit design to fit any biker’s style. Among the best features, this jacket provides two lower zippered pockets. The rest of the pockets can provide you with more storage capacity. 

And the cross front provides efficient resistance to wind and cold. So here too, men can enjoy a variety of motorcycle rides without worrying too much about the weather. In the same way, this cross-design can provide excellent protection and a high level of warmth in the interior.

However, it is necessary to consider that no additional armor has been included somewhere in this jacket either. So, motorcyclists will be able to count on lightweight protection considering only the 1.2 mm thickness. So, if you want to enjoy a light and flexible style you can choose this jacket for your next motorcycle trip.


1. 1.2 mm thick protection

2. A large variety of pockets

3. Crossed front to avoid the cold


1. Lightweight protective jacket 

6. Decrum Leather Coat For Men

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Once again, in this case, the motorcyclists will have the possibility to enjoy real leather of excellent quality. This aspect is one of the most important when traveling protected on a road.

In this case, this jacket can provide excellent protection and design for the entire body of the rider. At the same time, the high quality of the materials is another important aspect.

In this way, you will be able to obtain the protection that is light and appropriate. On the front, you will notice that multiple pockets with internal lining are included. So, the cold will no longer be as important a problem as before. Also, button closure can be easily adapted to the needs of many users. 

In just a few steps, you’ll be able to find the ideal size to enjoy this jacket on your next trip. Even a lot of bikers have mentioned that this jacket can provide excellent durability. So, this means proper protection no matter where you go with your vehicle. Certainly, the style of this jacket can be complemented with the current clothing you have. 

Additionally, it is a design that can be adapted to a wide variety of situations in addition to a motorcycle trip. You will have the possibility of using this jacket for work, as party clothes, for a formal meeting, in informal gatherings. and a variety of different occasions. Without a doubt, this is one of the best investments to complement the style that your motorcycle offers you today.


1. High-quality leather

2. Lined pockets

3. Versatile and flexible design


1. No zippered pockets

7. Shima Hunter Men’s Jacket

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For those bikers who enjoy a powerful motorcycle, they require a jacket that is up to the task. In particular, this vintage leather jacket for men can be an excellent and ideal choice. In particular, you will enjoy an excellent design combined with a high level of protection. So, it is worth giving this jacket a chance.

You will be able to count on protection with armor, elbows on the shoulders, and the back. This armor has been manufactured with materials that are lightweight and highly resistant at the same time. Besides, high-quality natural leather ideally complements the entire structure of this jacket. So you can enjoy an excellent style.

To provide excellent protection and comfort, this jacket has a perfect width adjustment system. So, you will notice that this jacket is very elegant and comfortable at the same time. The design of this jacket can adapt to different models of motorcycles. That is why it is one of the most chosen of these days.

Even some elastic areas are incorporated to offer a high level of mobility. A good level of mobility is important when you must perform dangerous maneuvers at any time during the trip. Finally, this jacket includes a discreet and practical zippered pocket to store various personal items. The other two pockets you can use to keep your hands warm.


1. Reinforced jacket

2. Comfortable and elegant design

3. Excellent freedom of movement


1. Only one zippered pocket

8. Dickies Men’s Jacket

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Those with a medium power motorcycle can opt for a lightweight and comfortable jacket. In this case, the jacket is made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. So, it is not only comfortable to wear but also very easy to wash. After a machine washes, you will be able to continue with your travels taking advantage of this jacket.

In principle, this jacket can provide a widely versatile design for a variety of situations. This is why it is not just a jacket to be used on a motorcycle trip. It’s even a perfect work jacket that includes a front zipper for easy operation. In turn, color retention is excellent due to the quality of construction.

Additionally, we can take into account that this jacket is highly functional and water-resistant. That is why rain will not be a problem when you are driving. Also, the level of resistance and durability, in general, is usually appropriate for a lightweight jacket. So, you will not feel heavy when using this option.

Finally, another plus point is the efficient wrinkle resistance for a much easier brother-in-law. Although no inner armor is included here, the fact is that the protection is light. The level of protection is sufficient for those riders with a small vehicle. However, it is not the best option for motorcyclists with a really powerful vehicle.


1. Wrinkle resistance

2. Water resistance

3. Excellent shelf life


1. Only suitable for small motorcycles

9. Vulcan VNE98431

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Among the best options in the market, we can mention this motorcycle jacket with an excellent variety of features. In this case, high-quality leather has been used to manufacture the whole structure of this jacket. This material is one of the most resistant that can provide at the same time a great life span.

At the same time, the design with Velcro tab collar closure means a Mandarin style collar. This is usually the design that bikers want most. The best part is that this jacket can provide a high level of comfort and protection at the same time. Here, the wide variety of pockets give you excellent storage capacity.

On the other hand, the removable armor offers you the protection you need for any trip with your motorcycle. This protection is included for your shoulders, elbows, and back. In particular, this can provide you with excellent shock absorption, an ergonomic design that is given to the rider’s body, and a great deal of free movement.

Finally, this jacket can absorb moisture and resist abrasion. This makes it one of the most resistant and adaptable options for various harsh conditions. Even the reflective piping provides a high level of visibility when driving at night. So, you can be very comfortable and efficiently protected on any trip with your bike.


1. High strength removable armor

2. Excellent moisture absorption

3. High level of visibility at night


1. Intermediate level of adjustment

10. Xelement CF751

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Finally and very importantly another of the jackets that can provide an excellent combination of style and protection is this unit. Here, a lot of bikers will be able to count on a jacket that is highly resistant to abrasion. It is also a completely waterproof option thanks to the lining included in the middle of this unit.

Additionally, we can mention that the removable armor provides adequate protection that the motorcyclists need. Of course, this protection is not only for the shoulders and elbows but also for the spine. It is a protective armor that has been manufactured with polycarbonate. That is why it is a lightweight jacket that is also very resistant.

Even the mesh lining included here offers excellent moisture absorption. So on very hot days, perspiration will not be a problem for this jacket. You will also be able to use this same unit when you are not riding your motorcycle. So, the design of this unit can be perfectly adapted to different situations.

Finally, the pre-curved arms give the rider the level of mobility needed to ride efficiently. That’s why a large number of motorcyclists claim that this jacket offers an excellent riding position. Also, an optimum amount of pockets provides you with optimum storage capacity. Therefore, riding with this jacket will be a before and after.


1. An excellent number of pockets

2. Breathable and waterproof jacket

3. Highly durable armor


1. Intermediate level of mobility 

Buying Guide

For you to make a better decision on your next jacket, you should analyze the most important aspects. These four aspects will be the definitive ones to have the best option.

1. Quality Of The Materials: In principle, the quality of the materials can indicate to you the level of durability and useful life that you can obtain. A jacket made of high-quality leather can be one of the best options for motorcyclists.

2. Protective Armor: Not all jackets include protective armor. Some options may include elbow and shoulder armor only. The best options protect with shoulder, elbow, and back armor. Of course, the latter option offers the best protection for motorcyclists. 

3. Waterproofing Level: A jacket with 100% waterproofing can be efficient when it comes to rain. It’s the only protection some of your items can have. So, your wallet, your keys, and your smartphone don’t ruin the waterproofing on a jacket is important.

4. Moisture Absorption: Moisture absorption can be a secondary aspect but very useful on a hot day. This way, you can prevent excessive sweating from ruining the integrity of the jacket.

5. The Number Of Pockets: The most efficient amount of pockets depends on the number of items you want to carry when you ride. Some options only offer one zippered pocket. The best options may include more than one pocket on the outside and inside of the jacket. 


1. What Is The Best Motorcycle Jacket For Protection?

As mentioned, the best motorcycle jacket should include protective armor for the shoulders, elbows, and back. Besides, the entire jacket should be made of high quality, durable leather.

2. Which Brand Has The Best Leather Jackets?

In this case, we have considered the best brands in the market. In most cases, you will enjoy a leather jacket with excellent features for good comfort and protection.

3. Which Brand Of Jacket Is Best?

To find the best brand of motorcycle jackets, you should consider the protection and comfort you can get. In particular, the best brand will be the one that gives you a high level of protection when traveling on a motorcycle. 

Final Words

After analyzing the best motorcycle jacket brands, you will be able to find the best option without much effort. A jacket with armor is an important item if you want to avoid serious injury when traveling on a motorcycle. 

Even motorcyclists are the drivers who suffer the most traffic accidents. So, you will be much more protected with one of these options.