Main Issues And Solutions With The Car Power Window Switch

Last Updated on January 23, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

There are some problems that are pretty common when it comes to the electric window switch. Some of the typical issues are that any window stops working, only one of the windows works, just the main switch can be used, or the window works from time to time. Below we mention the best solutions for these problems. 

Key Takeaways

  • If the car power window switch breaks then it will prevent the window from moving
  • If there are any electrical issues with the car power window switch then it will prevent the window from moving
  • If the window regulator is damaged then the window may not move properly
  • If the window glass is cracked or not properly sealed then it will prevent the window from moving

Common Issues And Solutions With The Car Power Window Switch

None Of The Windows WorkIt is usually due to a blown fuse or a faulty relay, so they must be replaced.
Only One Window Stops Working.The window switch that stops working is the deteriorated part that is no longer serviceable, so it must be replaced.
Only The Main Switch WorksHere, the switches on all windows should be replaced and cannot be used except for the main switch.
Intermittent Operation Of WindowsThe switches may be in intermittent operation so that the windows can only be opened and closed a few times; the solution is to replace the buttons and check the fuses and relay. 

Common Issues And Solutions With The Car Power Window Switch

The vast majority of vehicles today have power switches to open and close the car windows. So, it is pretty common to find different problems related to this type of component. Below, we can mention the main issues and the most straightforward solutions that can be implemented in these situations.

1. No Window Works

It could happen that in a vehicle, any of the windows stop working for good. It can be pretty evident since the windows do not respond to any switch located inside the car. The moment people press the power window switches in different ways, there is usually no response.

One of the most common reasons for these situations is that there is some significant power loss considering the vehicle’s entire electrical system. Here, it is simply a blown fuse or a faulty relay somewhere in the electrical system. However, it may also be likely that the main switch used to lower and raise the windows is not functioning correctly.

When it comes to the blown fuse or faulty relay, it is necessary to replace these parts. This task can be quickly done by skilled labor by hiring a mechanic specializing in vehicles’ electrical systems. On the other hand, when it comes to the controller’s main switch, the best solution might be to replace the part.

In general, this solution can be much simpler to implement as it is a part that can be replaced in a relatively straightforward manner. Here, any solution is implementing the right features by replacing the deteriorated and damaged parts. The same solution can be implemented on any other switch in the accessories that work together in the electrical system.

2. One Of The Windows Stops Working.

It is not always the case that all the windows stop working for good. In some cases, just one window stops working, so this may indicate an obvious problem. Related problems may include a faulty power window switch, a defective motor, a fuse problem, or a bad relay.

To determine the real problem in all of them, a professional mechanic might be the best option. Of course, some amateur mechanical users might be able to detect the problem. However, experienced mechanics are much better used to find the problem and provide a good solution.

In this situation, it is most common that the window switch has deteriorated and is no longer functioning correctly. So, here too, it may be sufficient to replace the button with a new one. All those switches that are already again worn out are not enough to establish the necessary connection.

Besides, as with any other vehicle component, such switches have a particular service life. So, it may be more than enough to replace the specific switch of the vehicle window to open and close the window that was not working anymore.

3. Only The Main Switch For Any Window Works

It is a very similar problem to the previous situation where one of the windows stops working. The only difference, in this case, is that it may be a more generalized problem to all the windows in the vehicle. Any of the switches that open the vehicle’s windows could deteriorate to some extent.

It means that it may be necessary to check the operation of more than one switch. When the main switch works but the rest of the buttons do not work, the problem may not be a faulty fuse or relay.

Here, it may be more than sufficient to replace each of the window switches that cannot be used. So, the user should replace all controls except the main switch. On most occasions, the main switch is usually the least used switch.

Passengers tend to open and close the windows more frequently compared to driver. It means that the secondary switches could have more wear and tear in use. 

4. Windows Only Work On Some Occasions.

Finally, a widespread problem in the vast majority of vehicles is that the windows can only be opened or closed on some occasions. So, this is an intermittent operation that needs to be checked. Also, any of these problems can occur at different times depending on the deterioration of the parts.

In this case, it may be a problem with the switch. Here the damage is not definitive, although it may be considerable enough to cause intermittent operation. It is the step before finding a breaker that has completely died. To avoid emergency cases, this breaker should be replaced before it fails.

There are many situations where people have to climb out of the window of their vehicles. So, it is not advisable to be at the mercy of the intermittent operation of these switches. The erratic operation could also be due to a deteriorated fuse or a relay with some damage.

Either way, this is an excellent time to replace some of these parts and get proper use. In other words, not only is it convenient to operate, but it can also be beneficial in times of emergency.