7 Best Jack Knife Sofa For RV: Review and Buying Guide

Jack Knife Sofa For RV

Are you looking to make your RV cozier? Well, a jackknife sofa will do that and more.  When you’re traveling, the jackknife sofa offers itself a comfortable seat. And when … Read more

How Thick Should An RV Pad Be? (All You Need To Know!)

Thick Should An RV Pad Be

The average concrete thickness of an RV pad is 6 inches, with all other factors held constant. So if the RV is heavier, the concrete pad should be thicker. But … Read more

Cost To Build RV Pad (The Exact Estimates!)

RV Pad

The cost to build an RV pad is between $300 and $4000. For $300, you have a gravel RV pad. On the other end, the $4000 option is for a … Read more

Do Motorhome Propane Tanks Need To Be Recertified?

Motorhome Propane Tanks

A DOT cylinder or RV propane tank needs to be recertified. Whether it is used for a fifth wheel or travel trailer, it still needs this procedure. An inspection, cleaning, … Read more

Best Outdoor Speakers For RV (Ideal Options For You!)

Outdoor Speakers For RV

Recreational vehicles are often used for long journeys across many countries. Having the right music can be a significant factor in enjoying these trips. That’s why here we’ve reviewed the … Read more

The Longest 5th Wheel Camper

Longest 5th Wheel Camper

SpaceCraft 57′ is 57 feet long and in fact, it’s the longest RV ever manufactured and sold. This vehicle features 7 slide-outs, a carrying capacity of 8,000 pounds of cargo, … Read more

What Is The Commission Of An RV Salesman?

RV Salesman

In general, a salesperson selling RV cars can expect a commission rate of 20% of the net profit. So these people are likely to make between $200 and $300 on … Read more

Ford RV Converter Fan Not Working (Possible Solutions!)

Ford RV Converter Fan

There are some common reasons why a Ford RV converter fan may not work. One common reason is the defective fuse. Sometimes this type of problem occurs when the wearing … Read more

Garden State Parkway RV Restrictions (Explained!)

Garden State Parkway RV Restrictions

Well, there are no specific RV restrictions in the Garden State Parkway but the RV must follow the weight restriction. Moreover, Garden State Parkway has a maximum height limit of … Read more