How Long Do Motorcycles Last? (Motorcycle Lifespan!)

How Long Do Motorcycles Last

Well, the lifespan of a motorcycle depends on quite a few things but a well-maintained motorcycle for well over 200,000 miles. Usually, the lifespan of a new motorcycle is 100,000 … Read more

Is The 6.8 V10 A Good Motor? (Unbiased Details!)

Is The 6.8 V10 A Good Motor

The 6.8 V10 is a very reliable motor and it is mainly used in large trucks and SUVs. This motor offers strong power output and it also has excellent towing … Read more

Can I Use Automotive R134A In A Refrigerator? (Full Details!)

Automotive R134A In A Refrigerator

No, it is not recommended to use automotive R134A in a refrigerator. Automotive R134A is a refrigerant and it is mainly used in automotive air conditioning systems. Using automotive R134A … Read more

Can You Jumpstart A Car With Electronic Ignition?

Yes, you can easily jumpstart a car with electronic ignition. The process of jumpstarting a car with electric ignition is quite similar to jumpstarting a car with a traditional ignition … Read more

Why My Car Only Starts In Neutral? (Find out Why!)

Why My Car Only Starts In Neutral

There are many reasons, your car might only start in neutral. If your vehicle has a clutch interlock switch then it prevents the engine from starting unless the transmission is … Read more