How Long You’ll Take To Change A Tire

Change A Tire

Well, how long it will take for you to change the tire totally depends on your skill and how efficiently you are working. Usually, it takes 20-30 minutes to change … Read more

How To Tell Which Tire Sensor Is Bad (Exactly!)

Tire Sensor

To tell which tire sensor is bad, you have to fill all the tires first. Once every tire is full, start releasing the air one by one. When you are … Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Tyre And A Wheel?

A Tyre And A Wheel

A tire is rubbery while a wheel is metallic. A wheel connects the tire to the car but it doesn’t touch the ground. Tires touch the ground. Rim is a … Read more

What Cars Have The Most Expensive Catalytic Converters (& Scrap Value)?

Cars Most Expensive Catalytic Converters

Usually, the most expensive catalytic converters are used in high-end luxury vehicles or sports cars. The most expensive catalytic converters are used by brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, … Read more

Which Catalytic Converters Are Worth The Most?

Catalytic Converters

Well, the price of the catalytic converters varies depending on the size, quality, and features. So, which catalytic converter will be worth your money totally depends on your needs. Some … Read more

What Kind Of Grease Do You Use On Brake Caliper Pins? (Explained!)

Brake Caliper Pins

You should use high-quality, high-temperature grease on brake caliper pins. You should use grease that is specifically designed for use on brake components. You can either use lithium-based grease, molybdenum … Read more

Are Brake Pads Sold In Pairs? (All You Have to Know!)

Brake Pads

Brake pads are sold in pairs regardless of the model and brand. According to many professionals expert, it is wiser to replace both brake pads on the same axle at … Read more