What Are The Causes Of Rear-Wheel Wobble?

Last Updated on January 29, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Different suspension problems and unbalanced wheels are the most common causes of this problem. In addition, wobbling wheels are a clear negative sign that needs to be checked immediately. The direction of the wheel can provide the necessary impression for the user to notice this problem and apply the essential maintenance.

Key Takeaways

  • If your rear wheel has loose or worn bearings then it can cause the rear-wheel wobble problem
  • Loose steering head bearings are also another common reason for rear-wheel wobble
  • If there is any damage to the suspension system then you can face the rear-wheel wobble problem
  • If your rear wheel wobbles then you should immediately address the problem to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle

Common Causes Of Wheel Wobble – Chart

Common CausesDescription
Misaligned SuspensionAn out-of-shape suspension can cause a vehicle’s steering wheel to turn slightly to the right or left, preventing the driver from following a straight line.
Kerb StrikesHitting a curb can cause some damage to the suspension system. This usually happens in a parking lot or at high speeds, which shapes or bends a tire.
Poorly Balanced WheelsWheel imbalance is one of the most likely causes when the user has not hit a curb.
Damaged SuspensionSuspension is often damaged in different situations and requires immediate repair or replacement of components.

Common Causes Of Wheel Wobble

Regardless of the vehicle, wheel wobble is a terrible sign in any car. This can cause the driver to have some problems and obstacles to keep the exact vehicle straight. So, this means that this is a problem that can also be felt through the steering wheel. 

This is a serious situation that needs to be examined. It is recommended to have an expert mechanic to detect the real problem and apply the most appropriate solution. Other reasons may cause the wheels to wobble. Checking out each of the following issues will allow users to detect the problem immediately. 

Misaligned Suspension

The suspension system can have various issues that affect the vehicle’s functionality from different sides. One of them is undoubtedly finding the wheels wobbling. It can be easily noticed that a suspension system is damaged when the driver must make a great effort to keep his vehicle in a straight line.

In this type of situation, the wheel’s alignment is incorrectly configured or performed. Some shocks to the vehicle can also generate a bad alignment of the suspension or wheels. In most cases, users may notice that the car turns slightly and automatically to the right or the left.

When the user notices this, the appropriate solution can be implemented in just a few steps. It is instrumental in detecting this inconvenience in time and having the correct answer. This prevents the problem from getting worse over time as it can be dangerous. Even the costs required for repair will also be much higher.

Kerb Strikes

Hitting with enough force on the street or the road can generate various damages to the vehicle. A prevalent situation happens when the driver of any car hits a curb strike on the highway or street. This situation will most likely cause considerable damage to the suspension or some of the wheels.

In some cities, curbs are much more critical in structure than in other cities. In fact, in some cities, such as Singapore, curbs can be up to 150 mm high. Here, we can find up to 50 mm vertical while the rest slopes towards the pavement using an angle of 70 degrees.

This increases the chances of a vehicle owner miscalculating and getting the wheels scratched. This situation can happen when parking and is increased when the driver is not very experienced in parking situations.

In other words, the most severe damage does not occur in parking but occurs at high speeds. With sufficient speed or force, the wheels can be damaged in a definite way producing some errors or problems. Here, it will be more evident to find vibrations in the steering wheel and a wobble, and a deformed or bent tire. 

In very few cases, the vehicle owner can use the spare tire and continue using his vehicle without inconvenience. With high speed, probably, the vehicle’s suspension system has also been damaged along with the damaged tire

Poorly Balanced Wheels

Wheel wobble can also be explicitly found when the wheels are unbalanced. To avoid this situation and prevent wheel wobble, you should go to a tire shop to have the wheels balanced or change the tires that are already too worn or damaged.

This will give you the possibility to avoid wheel wobble at high speeds. After proper maintenance, the wheels will deliver smooth and precise movement on any road at high or low speeds.

When there is no deformation from hitting a pothole or curb, unbalanced wheels could be the cause. To balance the weight of the whole assembly, small weights are attached to the wheels. Of course, a professional mechanic is also needed to perform this procedure.

Damaged Suspension

One of the last most common reasons for finding a wobble in the wheels is a damaged suspension. As we have mentioned, all it takes is a forceful blow to a curb or improper use of the vehicle along its uneven surface.

Damage to the suspension system is somewhat difficult for most mechanics to deal with. The suspension system is not the same on all vehicles, and the differences between the front suspension to the rear suspension must be considered.

All or only some of the arms of the suspension system could bend with the right shock. Even the brackets could also be damaged, producing wheel wobble that is either slight or severe.

Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the entire suspension system with balanced wear and functionality on all four wheels. A detailed and thorough inspection of the front or rear wheels may be necessary. This will provide an adequate driving level avoiding any probability of suffering any accident.