What Is The Cost Of Walmart Tire Rotation?

Last Updated on January 30, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

When it comes to tire rotation Walmart sets a price of $2.50 per tire. Also, the installation fee is $12 per tire. This installation includes valve stems, mounting, balancing, and lifetime rotation after 7500 miles. So, sometimes Walmart’s tire rotation is free of charge.

Key Takeaways

  • The exact cost of tire rotation at Walmart varies depending on the location so you should check the nearest Walmart for the specific cost
  • If you have a Walmart credit card then you can get a discount on the tire rotation service of Walmart
  • Walmart tire service also includes valve stems, mounting, balancing, etc.

Walmart Tire Rotation And Similar Services – Description And Costs

ServicesDescription – Cost
Tire Rotation
Does not include mounting or balancing for directional tires – $2.5 per tire
Tire Mounting Carry-in
Does not include general installation benefits – $10 per tire
Tire Mounting Specialty
Does not include general installation benefits – $15 per tire
Flat Tire Repair – TubelessRubber Manufacturers Association repair – $15 per tire
Lifetime Balance & RotationComplete balancing and rotation service – $14 per tire

What Are The Cheapest Tire Services: Sears, Costco, Sam’s, Or Walmart?

After a person has purchased high-quality tires, it is necessary to implement certain maintenance and services to these new tires. Among the most important components are overall performance, tread, grip, and tire life, among other aspects.

In many instances, tire purchases can be made online or in person at an auto parts store. That is why here the additional services when buying a tire may vary depending on the size chosen. Among the most important aspects to choosing a certain option are:

1. Disposal fees for old tires.

2. Manufacturer’s defect, road hazard, or mileage warranty

3. Rotation balance

4. Puncture repairs

5. Alignment and multi-point checks

6. Routine tire inflation 

The 4 auto parts stores considered here are the most popular and incorporate different costs when working on a given tire. All of these costs can vary as well as exactly what quality and results each person gets can vary. To find out if Walmart is the best option, or Costco, among others, we must speak of each auto parts store.

Costco Tire Service

This is one of the most popular auto parts stores these days due to its wide variety of services and products. Here, people can buy tires online. At the same time, one also needs to ship these tires to a local store so shipping and handling costs are included.

Tire installation per tire is $15. This service includes tire inflation with nitrogen, new rubber valve stems, mounting, and removal of old tires. The removal of old tires is a necessary service as these items cannot be disposed of just anywhere and anyhow.

Throughout the lifespan of the tire, users can perform rotations, pressure checks, and inflation checks. They can also get puncture repairs and a road hazard warranty could be included for added user confidence.

In any case, the service is usually of intermediate quality so the balance between cost and quality is balanced. People who can purchase tires at Costco can rotate tires at no additional cost over the life of the tire. That’s why most auto parts stores include this additional service.

Sam’s Club Tire Service

Members of this club also have access to the $15 installation package per tire. As with Costco, this auto parts store also includes a wide variety of additional services along with installation. Here, they usually include:

1. Road hazard protection

2. Scrap tire removal

3. Puncture repair

4. Lifetime balancing and tire rotation

5. New valve stems

6. Mounting and balancing

Beyond that, individuals can get a free reset along with tire service if their vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system. Moreover, one of the strengths of this option is its wide availability so that customers can access these additional services at any time of the day of the week.

These roadside tire services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike Costco, this option can offer all of these services free and included with the installation after the first three years from the date of purchase. So, this is an additional set of services that provides a lot of competition to the rest of the options.

Walmart Tire Service

Another of the most popular tire service options is offered by Walmart. In this case, it is not the most appropriate option even though the installation fee per tire is only $12. At the same time, the wide variety offered by the two previous options here is greatly reduced when it comes to the additional services included with the installation.

This includes valve stems, mounting, balancing, and lifetime rotation only after 7500 miles. Besides, after the first 50 miles, a new lug torque is incorporated. For some tire models, a limited warranty has been incorporated. Specifically, this warranty is for tread wear. 

Here, it is also necessary to consider that it is Sears, as well as Walmart, apply a certain additional fee when it comes to disposal. None of the packages of these four options include alignment controls.

It is also necessary to calculate that state environmental fees and sales taxes may vary depending on the option chosen to purchase tires. So, total costs may vary for each service and on each vehicle. 

Sears Tire Service

The installation package per tire at Sears costs $18.49. Of course, this installation package is available for those customers who wish to purchase new tires in this option. In this case, the services are included:

1. Multi-point inspection

2. Tire rotation

3. Lifetime balancing

4. New valve stems

5. Mounting

Accessing additional services such as road hazard warranty and brake assessment requires additional costs. So, it is not a very convenient option compared to the main competitors. Still, most people trust Walmart much more than other options.

This could be because Walmart incorporates a wide variety of accessories and parts available in each of its stores. This wider variety of products makes it easier for people to purchase certain parts for their vehicles. 

At the same time, it is necessary to consider the number of stores that each of these options can offer. In some remote locations, it is not possible to access these four competitors. Among them all, Walmart usually has a large number of auto service centers and auto parts stores. That is why many people consider it as the main option.