Costco Car Battery Warranty

Last Updated on January 15, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Usually, Costco car battery offers a 24-month free replacement warranty on their car batteries. So, if there is any problem with the car battery within the first 24 months of ownership then Costco will replace it for free.

Key Takeaways

  • Costco also has a 36-month pro-rated warranty on their car batteries so if there is any problem with the battery after 24 months then you will get a pro-rated credit to purchase a new battery
  • You will have to take your vehicle to the nearest Costco service center for servicing
  • Costco doesn’t install car batteries, they can replace the battery when needed
  • You have to provide the defective Costco battery to get the free replacement battery

Features Of The Costco Car Battery Warranty

Documentation Is RequiredTo take advantage of Costco’s car battery warranty, the user must have proof of purchase and all additional requirements
The warranty Can Last 36 HoursIn most cases, the warranty covers 36 months from the day of purchase, although this may vary depending on each car battery
Costco Does Not Perform InstallationsA Costco store does not perform the installation procedure, although it can help you find a service center
Costco Automatic Program
Costco’s automated program provides all the information the user needs to find a service center to perform the car battery installation
Old And New Costco Battery Delivering the old battery, when buying a new battery from Costco, avoids the user having to pay the refundable fee

Will Costco Replace The Car Battery?

Today, there are several car stores that users can choose from in general. Of course, this allows Costco to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to getting some kind of part for a car. So, a lot of motorists need to purchase different parts including the car battery.

Many people even have a certain membership to get even lower prices. This can be an excellent saving when it comes to buying a needed car part. However, many people who want to buy from Costco wonder if Costco will install the batteries they can afford.

At other times, many people believe they should perform the battery replacement procedure themselves. So, here are some helpful tips for getting a new battery in a vehicle.

1. Car battery installation by Costco

In general, Costco is not in the business of installing car batteries. Of course, interstate batteries, as well as a wide variety of automotive implements, are available at many of these warehouse stores. These interstate batteries are perfect when it comes to various recreational vehicles or road vehicles. 

Additionally, it is also possible to get a wide variety of equipment that is not only related to automobiles. Many people can even get lawnmowers and other gardening equipment. However, Costco does not assist with the installation of interstate batteries. So, each user must do the installation privately.

Beyond that, the service that Costco can provide is tire service, beyond fuel service. Tire service is the only specialty automotive service that Costco provides today. However, a large number of people have the option of having a new vehicle battery installed. This procedure is usually very simple, as it does not require many tools.

With just a few basic tools and a few minutes, a new battery can be installed in a car. Besides, most manufacturers usually include in the owner’s manual to complete this procedure. So, it is not necessary to hire a professional for this procedure. Many people can save money by replacing the battery themselves. 

In many cases, a person who purchases a battery from Costco needs to pay a refundable fee. Of course, this fee can be avoided when the person carries their old battery. This way, Costco can recycle or dispose of it. No matter what Costco does, the user will be avoiding the refundable fee.

However, Costco can also provide the guidance any user needs. Users who do not wish to install the battery themselves can find help from Costco. Although installation is not performed here, an automatic program from Costco will be able to guide each user.

In particular, this automatic program is specially designed to provide directions to the nearest vehicle service locations. Therefore, each user will have the possibility to hire an expert for the battery installation without wasting too much time. In any case, it is still a very simple procedure, and it is not necessary to hire a professional. 

2. Warranty for Costco car batteries

Every Costco car battery sold comes with a limited warranty. In most cases, this warranty provides 36 months. Of course, in some special cases, this warranty may be extended or shortened. Either way, the average warranty is usually 36 months because the life of each car battery is calculated.

A Costco car battery can be replaced if its unit has been sold with a factory defect. This requires the user to keep the sales receipt to prove that they have purchased a car battery from Costco. As with all other cases, this requirement must be met to use the warranty on these Costco car batteries.

Depending on the case, a user has the possibility of obtaining a partial refund or a completely free replacement. In this case, it depends on the exact moment a Costco car battery is damaged. So, it is really necessary to comply with all the terms of the warranty and check the time that has passed since the day of the purchase of the Costco car battery.

3. Costco Car Program

To complement the services that Costco can offer, a program for cars with a good level of efficiency has been developed. This is a maintenance program that is carried out by a Costco professional. In particular, it is a network of service centers and is only available to those who are members. 

First of all, members of this service center network have significant discounts on some services and spare parts they need. This is an excellent feature for people who need to buy a new car battery or some other important part of their vehicle. However, it is necessary to consider that the service centers are not part of Costco.

Instead, these service centers are simply affiliated with the Costco auto program. Beyond that, it remains one of the best options for people to incorporate excellent maintenance and parts replacement. So, some of the service centers that are affiliated with this program may install a Costco car battery.

Overall, Costco’s automated program can provide an extensive amount of auto services that it includes:

1. Brakes

2. Alignments

3. Technology Installation

4. Cooling And Heating

5. Mileage Milestones Maintenance, Among Other Options

In some cases, it is possible to use special discounts when choosing a service center to install the Costco car battery. So, every day there are more and more users who are attracted by a great set of benefits at the moment of being a member.

Although you can’t use the discount every time, Costco’s automatic program is perfect for installing a new car battery. Additionally, Costco’s auto program can provide comprehensive information on the best service centers near each Costco store.

Also, it is possible to find out the general reputation, labor, and parts cost for a given task, as well as general information on each nearby store affiliated with the program. 

What Is The Costco Car Battery Warranty Policy?

Costco’s car battery warranty policy is very similar to other well-known auto stores. In principle, any user will always need proof of purchase for a Costco car battery. Otherwise, it would be impossible or very difficult to prove that a user has purchased a car battery from Costco.

In the same vein, different data and related information such as a receipt may be required. Of course, keeping information and receipts for all products that anyone uses can be a bit of a hassle. However, storing these few pieces of paper does not take up much space in a home and saves a lot of money in some special cases.

There are a lot of people who discard all these papers and information immediately after making a purchase. In many cases, the batteries could have some kind of failure after about 24 months. Therefore, those people who have directly discarded the proof of purchase and related information will not be able to take advantage of the battery warranty.

However, it is not always possible for users to obtain a free replacement of the car battery. Beyond that, users could take advantage of an important discount on some guarantees depending on the time that has passed. Anyway, keeping the paper receipt or proof of purchase is important to save money in the future in case of an emergency. 

Additionally, it is necessary to consider that the user must hand in the old battery to purchase the free replacement battery. Beyond that, delivering a vehicle’s old battery to a Costco store always provides a certain benefit.

This can be very useful when a user wants to buy a Costco car battery. Here, the user will be able to avoid paying the refundable fee when purchasing a Costco car battery.

From this point on, Costco will take care of recycling the buyer’s old car battery. While this is not a large amount of money, it is still acceptable for money saving.