Do Range Rovers Break Down A Lot?

Last Updated on February 11, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Range Rovers are the most desired luxury SUVs because of their sleek design and high capability. However, they break down a lot and are prone to expensive part failures. When buying a range rover, you need to dig deeper into your pockets to keep up with regular maintenance and cater for frequent repairs.

Key Takeaways

  • According to a recent survey by Whatcar, the range rover is on top of the list for the most frequent breakdowns for over 18,000 cars
  • Problem with the air suspension system is very common for Range Rovers like leaks, failed compressors, etc.
  • Many Range Rovers owners face problems with their engines like misfires, faulty turbochargers, etc.
  • Electrical problems are also very common for Range Rovers like problems with the infotainment system, faults with the car’s computer, etc.

What Are Some Common Range Rover Problems?

Some Common Range Rover Problems

If you love showing your style and elegance by the car you drive, you have considered owning a range rover. These vehicles have a sleek design that appeals to class people, but they come with a fair share of problems. Range Rover owners have numerous complaints regarding some issues that plaque the car. Some vehicles have also been recalled due to safety problems and faults. Below are some of the issues that are pretty common with range rovers:

1. Oil Leaks And Electrical Issues

Almost every range rover driver has experienced an oil leak that happens quite early: before 60,000 miles. Depending on your vehicle and how well it is maintained, an oil leak can either be an easy fix or a potential hazard. It is not always easy to tell which oil leaks are hazardous and which ones are harmless; you will need to schedule an appointment with your mechanic to check the problem. Oil leaks on range rovers could be on the valve cover gaskets or on the cooler lines, which are the significant parts of the range rovers’ internal systems.

Other than oil leaks, range rovers are also prone to head gasket failure caused by a frequently overheating engine that leads to coolant leakage or a clogged radiator. The most common signs of a failed head gasket are; loss of power reduced engine performance, and a rough running engine. Oil contamination can also indicate head gasket failure, a common problem in range rovers.  

Your mechanic will recommend installing a new gasket and filling it with new fluid to solve this issue. This process costs $120 on average, including $30 for parts and $90 for labor, but the cost may vary depending on your location.

2. Air Suspension 

Range rovers are equipped with superior air suspension to provide off-road power and a high-quality riding experience. Overuse and extra stress may cause problems with range rovers’ suspension. If you notice any issues with your range rover suspension, take your car for a complete diagnostic check to ascertain what the problem is. Sometimes, when your range rover has a suspension problem, you will see a message on your dashboard display reading “suspension inactive.” Suspension problems with range rovers typically occur after a few years of use and cost thousands of dollars to replace. The average cost of replacing air suspension springs is $1450, with labor costing $250 and spares costing around $1200.

3. Transmission Failure 

Automatic gear transmission on range rovers is quite problematic, with their gearboxes failing frequently. Sometimes you will notice your car become more reluctant to change gears; if you continue driving in this state, the problem will progress, causing faults on the gear monitor and some odd noises. Always contact your mechanic as soon as you notice signs of automatic transmission failure. The cost of repairing the transmission of your range rover will vary depending on the model and what caused the issue. On average, expect to spend around $1800 for a brand-new transmission. The labor costs will range between $80 and $190, depending on your location.

4. Steering Shaft Problems 

Another main problem that is common with range rovers is malfunctioning steering shafts. A malfunctioning shaft will cause loud and strange noises when you turn the wheel. If you ignore these sounds, they become louder and more frequent. Another indication of a shaft problem is difficulty turning the steering wheel, which slows down your reaction time and makes it riskier to operate your car. Your bearing might also be corroded from rust, making your steering twist loose and unable to hold the desired angle. Always take your vehicle to the mechanic if you suspect a shaft problem. The mechanic will verify if you need to replace the shaft, then replace it and top off any lost transmission fluid. They will also check the tire pressure and perform a road test to guarantee your safety on the road.

5. Parking Brake Failure

Several range rover owners have reported a parking brake failure, resulting in loud sounds when the parking brake is applied. The parking brake might get out of alignment over time, causing it to malfunction. If you notice any issue with your parking brake, it is advisable to consult a mechanic before you drive the vehicle again; this is because the brake plays a huge part in keeping the car stationary when parked. To repair your emergency brake, you might spend anywhere between $100-$600. The price will vary depending on the cost of labor and your location.

Should I Buy A Used Range Rover?

Should I Buy A Used Range Rover

Knowing that new range rovers are prone to breaking down a lot might discourage most people from buying a used one because you expect worse. However, it is not all doom with used range rovers; you can get an affordable used range rover that will last you several miles.

Used range rovers are cheaper because they depreciate pretty fast; if you find an excellent used range rover that comes with a factory warranty, you can buy it. But you will need to consider a few factors to ascertain that the car is a worthy investment. Some of the things to consider are:

1. Service History Of The Vehicle– when buying a used car, you need to ensure it has been undergoing the recommended maintenance schedule for range rovers. A well-maintained car will have a lesser chance of breaking down

2. How Many Previous Owners The Car Has– for used cars, the lesser the number of previous owners, the better since the car will be prone to minor wear and tear

3. Consult Your Mechanic- when buying a used car, it is always a good practice to seek your mechanic’s opinion. If possible, take the test drive with them since they might notice underlying issues that aren’t quite obvious.


if you love a sporty but fashionable vehicle, you must have considered getting a range rover. Range Rovers have a bad reputation for reliability and breakdowns that are expensive to maintain. However, you can buy a range rover and drive it for up to 60,000 miles without experiencing any significant issues. It all depends on how well you maintain the car and your driving habits. Do not be put off by the bad reviews; if the vehicles were so bad, they wouldn’t still be making and selling them. Go ahead and buy your dream car and maintain it to the best of your ability.