Does A Tesla Come With A Sunroof?

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Some pre-2018 Tesla vehicles had the option of including a panoramic sunroof. However, as of 2018, this possibility is no longer available at least on the Model S. Instead, in 2020 many owners expect a much more formidable exterior design that is fresh and aerodynamic but above all very elegant.

Key Takeaways

  • Many Tesla vehicles have a panoramic sunroof as a standard or optional feature
  • Tesla vehicles that have panoramic sunroofs can be opened to allow natural light and fresh air into the vehicle
  • Tesla Model 3, Model Y, or the Model X don’t have any sunroof
  • Since November 2018, tesla has stopped producing cars with sunproof

Tesla Vehicles With Sunroofs

Tesla Does Not Have A SunroofTesla provided Sunroof as an optional feature until 2018; this option was removed thereafter
Tesla Has A Glass RoofToday, some Tesla vehicles include as an option the glass roof, like Model S, Model X, and Model 3
Reason To Remove The SunroofSunroofs have been removed from vehicles to simplify product offerings and lower costs for each model

Do Any Teslas Have Sunroofs?

Until before 2018, the Tesla Model S could provide a sunroof as an optional accessory. However, in that year some important modifications were applied to this car model. One of these modifications was to permanently remove the sunroof as an optional accessory that new owners could choose.

In recent months this manufacturer has decided to include another great feature instead of the sunroof. This is why the vehicles that are for sale today do not have a factory sunroof as a standard feature or as something optional. On the other hand, glass roofs are very popular these days for this manufacturer, so several Tesla vehicles include them.

Why Did Tesla Get Rid Of The Sunroof?

One of the main reasons mentioned by this manufacturer is the simplification of products and vehicles. So, the intention was to simplify the supply of Tesla vehicles to further increase customer demand.

In other words, this manufacturer intended to decrease the costs of the Model S and of each of the vehicles that also included a sunroof. Even today, the modification that eliminated this feature from the vehicles has not been included again among the available options. This was probably also due to the limitations in production capacity that Tesla still faces.

Do All Teslas Have Glass Roofs?

Today, this manufacturer has developed some of its vehicles with glass roofs. While Model 3 is not included here, Model Y is included for this feature. This feature will also be available in combination with a panoramic sunroof on this same vehicle. Beyond that, the bad news is that these features will be available sometime in 2021.

So, owners can only access the panoramic glass roof in this sport utility vehicle. Plus, it’s not your average glass. In particular, this glass roof has great technology to avoid the problem of direct sunlight. 

What Are The Features Of The Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model S is one of the few vehicles that will have a sunroof until 2018. However, as of this year, this option has been removed as one of the available options. Beyond that, this vehicle continues to be truly formidable with excellent features for users. 2012 was the first time a person was introduced to this model within the automotive industry.

From that point on, the amount of praise and success that this vehicle has garnered is more than important. It is even possible to get up to 370 miles of driving distance on a single battery charge. Considering the driving technology and performance of the vehicles on the market, this is one of the most formidable options.

Of course, this vehicle is not the only all-electric car on the market. While the competition is growing, the Model S remains one of the most innovative options for owners.

1. Exterior Design

Among the great amount of there or that receive this vehicle the characteristics of elegance and attractiveness never lack. Even the 2020 model has been the last innovative launch that values the exterior design. In particular, this vehicle continues to be a luxury sedan that owners will be able to obtain along with great technology.

As mentioned, in 2018 Tesla modified the design of this vehicle by removing the panoramic sliding roof. While this is bad news for many owners who enjoy this feature, the other advantages are numerous. Here, the aerodynamic, fresh, and elegant look that only this Tesla model can so vividly express is maintained.

2. Prices And Models Available

As with any vehicle model, Tesla offers several variants of the Model S. In 2019 many people may enjoy seeing the standard and simple range of this vehicle. Beyond that, the company withdrew this particular edition due to unknown reasons. Perhaps one of the reasons is the limited production that this manufacturer still has to face.

Today, it is possible to find this same model of vehicle in its long-range battery version. So it is possible to obtain a driving range that can reach up to 370 miles. Of course, this is far superior to other all-electric vehicle options on the market. In this case, a single battery charge is enough to get you through a major project.

For those users who enjoy a unique and formidable design, they can opt for the “performance” finish. In this case, people can get a driving range that reaches 345 miles. This is 25 miles less than the above-mentioned version. Beyond that, it remains one of the best options for owners who enjoy all-electric vehicles.

Also, we can mention that this same version of the vehicle only needs 2.4 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour or 100 kilometers per hour. Beyond that, here it is important to take into account the difference between the prices of each of these versions.

For those who wish to go further with the vehicle, they should count on $81,190. On the other hand, people who enjoy the high performance of the vehicle should count at $101,190. Simply put, this is an unusual difference of $20,000 for the same model of vehicle. So, the decision should be really serious and people should consider their needs. 

3. Performance And Engine

One of the real strengths of this vehicle is specified in the engine. As we have mentioned, it only takes 2.4 seconds for this vehicle to reach 60 miles per hour or 100 kilometers per hour. It’s a truly impressive performance when you compare this electric car to any car on the market.

In other words, a racing engine has been incorporated herein as a family sedan. Besides, both the engine and the front-wheel-drive unit have been improved and updated in the 2020 design. As if that wasn’t enough, you can get a slightly tighter ride in the corners but a high level on the highways. To this end, we can note the performance offered by the air suspension.

This type of suspension is adaptable and seeks to adapt to the different roads that the driver travels. Here each of the front and rear axles has a dedicated electric motor. So, not only does this vehicle include all-wheel drive, but the functionality of this feature is exceptional. 

Moreover, the performance combined with acceleration on the two Model S’s truly unparalleled. Here each of these vehicles has different driving modes to provide a much more enjoyable experience formidable for any user. The initial boost of acceleration is combined with a zero sound level when you use the vehicle. Impressive.

4. Interior Design 

As is the case with most Tesla vehicles, this model is aimed at simplifying interior design. In the 2020 model, the interior becomes much more spacious as well as luxurious. Of course, it is not possible to find the highest level of luxury when we compare this vehicle with some Mercedes Benz or others.

However, the design is still superior to most vehicles that are in the luxury sedan category. In this case, we can enjoy a really big touch screen to handle a lot of controls. This is the same thing that allows us to eliminate as many manual controls as the classic design of any car.

Beyond that, some people criticize the screen as too big because of the discomfort it presents to the driver. When it comes to pressing the buttons on the right side of the screen, the driver often has to bend over. This can cause some discomfort while driving. 

If we add this detail to other disadvantages of the interior the result is not negative. However, many owners enjoy driving this luxury sedan. So, this is another example that combines excellent technology and unparalleled design, along with operation free of emissions to the environment. 

5. Fuel Efficiency

In short, we must mention that the fuel economy of this vehicle greatly exceeds most of the competition in the market. At the same time, the driving range of this model is formidable and manages to convince most owners. Here, the maximum range you can get with the Model S is 370 miles. 

That’s why it’s one of the best all-electric cars when it comes to driving distance. Also, we must consider that the manufacturer is continually investing money in battery research and development. So, these numbers can easily be improved in a few years just by replacing the batteries with new ones.

Besides, Tesla also continues to develop new battery charging stations in various parts of the world. People with a Model S 2020 can opt for “V3 Supercharging”.

In this case, it’s an innovative battery charging station that promises to reduce the time needed to recharge the battery by 25%. So, the advantage of having a Tesla vehicle is that progress continues to be made year after year.

6. Additional Considerations

Finally, it is necessary to mention that some additional features are also included in this vehicle. In particular, the information and entertainment system is one of the most technological at the moment. Also, this vehicle has some safety features that offer greater protection to the driver and passengers. These features are:

1. Adaptive Cruise Control Available

2. Semi-Autonomous Driving Mode

3. Standard Lane Change Warning

4. Standard Automated Emergency Braking

Besides, Tesla’s comprehensive warranty package protects the vehicle’s hybrid components as well as the powertrain. Beyond that, coverage does not include protection for the bumper or scheduled maintenance packages. So, this could be a small disadvantage for some owners.

Each owner can get an 8-year powertrain warranty regardless of the number of miles the driver has driven. Additionally, the regular limited warranty includes 50,000 miles or four years of use. In turn, scheduled maintenance is not a courtesy that Tesla has chosen to include in the sale of these vehicles.

Instead, the Model S can be used with unlimited supercharging. Even the use of Tesla chargers in this category is found throughout the country and is free for these vehicles. So, the limitations in warranty coverage and scheduled maintenance are compensated in some way. 

In short, it is one of the most advanced technology and performance vehicles among all-electric cars. Also, battery charge times are increasingly faster when comparing the Model S 2020 to previous models. While the interior is not as luxurious as other options, many owners will be fascinated by driving this vehicle.