Ducati Reliability (Know the Reliability of Ducati!

Last Updated on January 2, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

In general, Ducati vehicles are very reliable. The average lifespan of a Ducati motorcycle is 40,000 to 80,000 miles but with proper maintenance, you can get more than 110,000 miles. You should follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to get the best performance from your Ducati bike.

Key Takeaways

  • Ducati is a well-known motorcycle brand and it is very popular for its high-quality and reliable vehicles
  • You should keep in mind that the reliability of a motorcycle mostly depends on how it is maintained and used
  • Adventurous bikers prefer Ducati bikes for their performance and agility
  • Ducati bikes require more maintenance compared to motorcycles of other brands which is a major concern for this brand

What Are The Bad Ducati Models?

Of course, this type of motorcycle is one of the most sought-after in general. However, a large number of users have mentioned that there are some models that it is preferable to avoid. Therefore, we can mention the five bad Ducati models. This way, users will be able to choose more precisely when buying their next motorcycle.

1. Ducati 748 Strada

In particular, this is one of the 1994 models that has some common characteristics. In this case, it is a 748 cc model that offers a leverage system and a cooling valve. The engine can offer 10400 revolutions per minute and 87 HP. So, it is possible to reach a maximum speed of 150 miles per hour.

So, the six-speed transmission system can be very useful. However, a lot of people have encountered a huge problem with the electrical system. In particular, there is a fault that is permanent in the relay. That’s why most owners of this motorcycle have had to go through the mechanic sometime. This simple reason makes it a generally unreliable motorcycle.

2. 2001 Ducati Monster 600

Another model that is not recommended when choosing a motorcycle is this vehicle. In this case, it is a motorcycle that is not recommended for any type of road or difficult surface. Here, you will notice that it is a set of limitations that may be too uncomfortable to ride anywhere. In turn, the maximum speed is not a strong point of this model.

Many users enjoy vibrations and power sounds when they start this motorcycle. However, users who love speed are quickly disappointed when they start accelerating. In particular, users can reach a top speed of only 80 miles per hour. So, this is quite a feather in the cap compared to other motorcycles.

3. Ducati Multistrada 1200

Here, it is possible to enjoy one of the most pleasant and innovative designs concerning motorcycles that exist today. However, the rest of its features are not as reliable. It is possible to enjoy the power of 9200 revolutions per minute and 150 hp. Also, the four-engine power modes can be adapted to different paths. These four driving modes are:

a) Touring

b) Sport

c) Enduro

d) Urban

So, it’s a certain level of versatility that users can take advantage of. Beyond that, the wind can be a major disadvantage when traveling at high speed. Therefore, the design of this motorcycle has not correctly contemplated this factor. Therefore, the pressure on the rider’s chest and arms can provide an uncomfortable ride.

4. Ducati 848 EVO

Users will be able to enjoy a maximum speed of 159 miles per hour on this motorcycle. Beyond that, the power is 10400 revolutions per minute and offers 115.6 hp. The 6-speed transmission is combined with a wet clutch. The most important thing to mention here is that users must face four common problems. These four problems are:

a) Low mileage

b) But the acceleration

c) Inadequate headlight

d) Ignition failures

Of course, this has brought some considerable inconvenience due to this persistent facet. Therefore, users should consider purchasing this model of motorcycle twice instead of more convenient ones.

5. The Ducati Cucciolo

Here we can notice that it is a bicycle with an engine that manages to reach 40 miles per hour at most. In turn, the unique dipstick engine is 48 cc and the transmission offers three speeds. Of course, this is not a vehicle model with great features and advantages.

In particular, the idea was a relaunch of the Ducati Cucciolo launches of 1946. Here, the vast majority of critics have agreed that this was an unnecessary relaunch. In particular, the technology is not at all innovative and efficient for today’s times compared to the ‘40s.

Which Are The Best Ducati Models?

Just as there are bad models of Ducati motorcycles, there are also the best options available on the market. So, it is necessary to mention the best 5 Ducati motorcycles for a more precise choice for the users. These are 5 motorcycles that are worth every penny.

1. 1987 Ducati 851

One of the best models of Ducati is this motorcycle manufactured in 1987. Here, the V-twin engine can offer 90° with fuel injection and 851 ccs. In turn, the power of 9600 revolutions per minute and 93 HP. So, it’s one of the best performances considering that its year of manufacture was in the ‘80s.

Other features complement this excellent performance. Here, the Marzocchi suspension, the Brembo brakes, and the Marvin wheels make users fall in love in general. Also, the tubular steel grille frame is mixed with a six-speed chain drive. So, this is a motorcycle that offers excellent features and a great history.

2. Ducati 900 cc Super Sport Twin

In this case, a 900 cc twin engine has been included in a motorcycle manufactured in 1972. This SS engine offers 6,500 revolutions per minute and a maximum torque of 57 lb-ft. The 90-degree V-twin engine offers excellent benefits and performance to users over the years. Besides, maximum power can reach 7500 revolutions per minute and 80 HP.

The seat height is 820 mm, with Brembo brakes and Showa suspension. The fuel capacity can provide 16 liters and a reserve of 4 liters. So, users can travel with this motorcycle for a long journey or for a long time. Even in the first year of mass production, this motorcycle has achieved excellent results.

3. 1970 Ducati 750 GT

This motorcycle can offer one of the most classic and elegant designs for users. The total production in 1971 was 4133 motorcycles of this type. Here, it is possible to find a two-cylinder engine instead of a 90° one. This engine is air-cooled to 748 ccs.

Therefore, the maximum power reaches 5250 revolutions per minute and 50 hp. There are even other features that combine with this power. In this case, the suspension of this motorcycle is one of the strong points. At the front, the hydraulic telescopic forks do an excellent job.

In turn, a swing arm with adjustable hydraulic dampers forms the rear of the suspension. The transmission is 5-speed and the top speed is 200 kilometers per hour. The fuel capacity is 17 liters and the dry weight of this model reaches 185 kilograms.

4. Ducati Desmosedici GP10

Here, we can see one of the motorcycles that have been manufactured for MotoGP. Along with this, the name also indicates that 2010 has been the year chosen for the manufacture of this motorcycle. The 4-stroke engine has four valves per cylinder, 90° V4, and is liquid-cooled. Also, the maximum power that this engine can offer is 230 HP.

The transmission offers 6 speeds and functionality to optimize academic performance. Besides, the manufacturing of this motorcycle ensures an optimal life span, along with excellent driving ability.

The top speed of 220 miles per hour combines a 16.5-inch front and rear wheel and a dry multi-plate slipper clutch. The result is more than suitable for speed lovers.

5. Ducati Streetfighter

Finally, another motorcycle worth every penny is this Street Fighter-style model. Here, the power delivers 9,500 revolutions per minute and 155 HP. It also offers 9,500 revolutions per minute and 85 pound-feet of maximum torque. Both the suspension and the rebound damping are of the highest standard for the most demanding users.

It’s even a model with a weight of 439 pounds of pure power for users. Even this model has some award-winning features. So, this is a very desirable motorcycle for users with a large budget.