Enovoe Car Window Shade Review

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The No products found. provides absolute sun protection. UV rays can beat roughly on the sides and make passengers think they’re melting. What Enovoe’s product does is ‘tint’ your side windows. That way, UV rays come in slowly, making the interior cooler and the experience bearable.

Key Takeaways

  • The Enovoe Car Window Shade has a universal design so it will fit most cars, SUVs, and minivans
  • This car window shade is very easy to install, you won’t need any tools to install it
  • This window shade is made of high-quality, breathable mesh material that provides protection from harmful UV rays
  • It has a foldable design so you can easily fold it for storage when not in use

What Is The Enovoe Car Window Shade?

1. This is a cover made of adhesive material and bears a dark, shaded color.

2. The front side feels like regular fabric.

3. The other ‘sticky’ side is clingy plastic, like the Saran wrap.

Are There Any Different Variations?

The only variations that Amazon offers are in terms of size. Our item is a 4-pack size, but you can also a 2-pack one.

Who Is The Enovoe Car Window Shade For?

Enovoe makes these sunshades for child passengers. If your child is on their baby car seat, this item covers the side windows. That way, the glare doesn’t make the ride uncomfortable for them.

But, you can use the items for other passengers, especially those with special needs. If someone’s on the backseat and can’t move freely, the sun may burn them hard. When you get the shades, you’ll protect them at their convenience.

Also, if your car doesn’t have tinted windows, you can try this product. 

How Much Does The Enovoe Car Window Shade Cost?

At the moment, Amazon sells this product at $11.87. If you want the 2-pack, you’ll pay $10.17. If you do the math, the 4-pack gives more value for your money.

What Comes With Your Purchase?

1. Four window sunshades (sizeable ones for larger sedans and SUVs)

2. A black storage pouch

3. A free eBook about child safety tips (in the heat)

NOTE: It comes in three sizes (Click here to watch the product video).

What Are Its Specifications?

Here are essential technical details you should know:

Vehicle Service TypeSUV, Passenger Car
Item Dimensions20.87 by 0.04 by 13.78 inches
Item Weight1.06 ounces

What Are Its Features?

What Are Its Features

Now, here’s what makes the Enovoe car window shade the best:

1. Excellently Protective

Enovoe uses a tough fabric in this car window shade. Because of its structural integrity, it blocks over 97% of harmful sun rays. Such UV light would otherwise cause skin irritation and damage.

So, buying this item means offering total protection to your child passenger.

2. Unique Design

These shades have a dual-layer design, meaning both sides are functional. And you don’t have to worry: they don’t create any visibility issues for the driver. 

3. Easy Installation And Removal

The items bear cling backs which allow for easy application. You won’t need any suction cups or adhesives, making your driving hassle-free.


Each of the four shades is 21 by 14 inches. Such dimensions cover most (if not all) windows. So, you don’t have to worry if your car has larger side windows. 

How To Use The Enovoe Car Window Shade

Installing these windows is as easy as ABC:

1. Unpack them from the storage pouch.

2. Place one shade on any side window.

3. Run your hand across it.

4. Repeat the process for the other three shades.


1. Blocks harmful sun rays

2. Easy to install

3. Made of high-quality material

4. It fits cars with large windows

5. Easy to store


1. They are too thin

Customer Questions & Answers

1. Does The Cling Technology Work Well In Extreme Heat, Over 105 Degrees? 

Yes, it can. The sunshades stick well in hotter areas, even over 110 degrees.

2. Can The Shades Fit A Honda RV?


3. Can It Warp A Tinted Window?

No, the shades won’t damage your tint.

4. Can It Work On The Back Car Window?

Yes, but you wouldn’t want to place it there. Many states forbid putting anything upfront or on the rear. If you do, you may have problems seeing. And if a cop pulls you over, that’s a ticket.

5. Are They Made In The USA?

No, they are straight out of China.

What Buyers Say About This Product

Satisfied customers say that this product eliminates the sun’s glare even if you don’t have children. They are a must-buy for anyone who wants to deal with UV rays. Also, it’s easy to apply and reapply them, and the storage pouch comes in handy.

Parent buyers say that these shades are highly functional. They protect their children from the sun and make their driving experience better.

One complaint says that since the shades are thin, they may slide down into the door. So, before you roll your windows down, take them off.

Final Thoughts

This Enovoe car window is not a bestselling product for nothing. Most people find it functional, and you too will. When you buy it, you’ll get absolute sun protection with no obstruction to your visibility.

If you’re a parent, this accessory will make your child feel better. And when they do, you’ll be at ease while driving. Who doesn’t what that?

Now, you’ve got all the info you need. If that item tickles your fancy, buy it here.

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