Govee Interior Car Lights Review

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Govee Interior Car Lights Review

With Govee, your life becomes brighter. The brand creates high-quality LED lights and home improvement products. Today, we’ll focus on one of their lights, No products found.. (Official website)

These lights are a must-have for every driver, and that includes you. But before you buy them, let this review guide you.

Here, you will know the ins and outs of the product. In the end, you’ll see why you shouldn’t drive any longer without these Govee lights.

What Is The Govee Interior Car Lights Review?

These lights are an accessory that helps brighten your car’s interior. The strips give you super-rich color, meaning that your vehicle becomes decorative. At night, you and your ride will look like a moving party!

If you’re a person who appreciates beauty, you’ll love to see your car’s interior looking like this:

What Is The Govee Interior Car Lights Review

See that? That’s a whole new level of interior glow.

Are There Any Different Variations?

There are no variations of this Govee product. If you’re wondering about different colors, you can always change them on your phone.


There’s No products found., but we’re not looking at it today.

Who Are The Govee Interior Car Lights For?

If you love customizing your car, this is one way to go about it. LED lights make vehicles look better, and I’m sure you don’t want to be left behind.

How Much Do The Govee Interior Car Lights Cost?

From Amazon, the price is $19.99 at the time of writing. But you can pay under $10.00 with further discounts, coupons, and other perks:

Govee Interior Car Lights Cost

What Are Its Specifications?

Here’s a little table that brings together all the product’s specs:

Product Dimensions1.65 by 11.5 by 3.43 inches
Bulb TypeLED
Lighting ColorRGB
Control MethodControl Box and App via Bluetooth
Weight10.4 ounces
Voltage12 Volts

What Are Its Features?

So, what’s all about this item?

1. Multi-Colored (Millions Of Colors)

Yes, these lights open you up to over 16 million colors. Depending on how you like, you can customize the light effects using the app.

Unlike others, these lights give you creative freedom. Thus, this helps you stand out in a unique style.


2. Dynamic Music Mode

The strip lights come with a built-in mic system. It helps the lights sync smoothly with the music coming from your car. So, when your woofers are blasting your favorite song, the lights will dance to the tune too.

Those evening commutes and weekend getaways won’t be the same again. Instead, they’ll be a blend of song and color, and you’ll make long-lasting memories.

Dynamic Music Mode

3. Smart App Control

For you to manage the lights, you’ll need an app. Govee provides the Govee Home app and a control box for all that business. With those tools, you can manage the:

1. Color

2. Brightness

3. And music mode

That’s a very convenient control system. It’ll help you enjoy a rich and comfortable driving experience.

4. Two-Line Design

If you look at the four strip lights, you’ll see two smartly designed lines.

Two-Line Design

But what do they do? Well, they ensure your car is full of color without looking untidy. Indeed, you want the wires to snake around without being exposed.

5. Easy To Install

As long as you have a strong adhesive, the installation will take the shortest time. When snaking the light, include support clips.


These Govee lights can fit in any vehicle: a truck, car, or sedan. Since it needs a 12V power source, the vehicle needs to have one (very important). 

How To Use The Govee Interior Car Lights

From the user manual, here’s how you use this colorful product:

Prepare The Lights Before Installing Them

1. First, unpack the box. Then, check if all the listed items are present. Here’s the checklist:

a) 4 LED strip lights

b) One control box

c) One car cigarette lighter

d) One user manual

2. Then, power the lights up to ensure they’re working.

Installing Them

3. Dust or wipe the surface where you’ll install the lights. Do this until the area is smooth and clean.

4. Install the central box and the cigarette lighter in the central console.

5. Turn over the lights and peel off the protective film.

Stick the lights as the images shown below:

Installing Them

7. Press the strip firmly from one end to the other. Then reinforce those ends using screws and zip ties.

8. Finally, push the cigarette lighter into the socket and press the on button. If the button lights up, the strips have power running through them.

How to Control the Lights Using the Control Box

Here’s how the control box looks:

And here are its specific controls:

Here are the detailed functions of each button:

The On/Off ButtonIt turns on and offs the lights.
Color Changing ButtonPressing it cycles you through the nine primary colors.
The Music Mode/Brightness Adjusting ButtonIf you press once, you’ll enter the music mode.If you press and hold, you’ll go through the six levels of brightness.

Using The Govee Home App

Depending on your OS, you can use the Android app or the iOS app.


Your Android should be 4.4 or above, and your IOS at least 9.3. 

Once you download the app:

1. Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth.

2. Open the Govee Home app and tap the plus button on the top right.

3. Then, select the device list named H6114, which is this product’s model number.


1. Easy to install

2. It gives you millions of colors to choose from

3. Lights sync with your car’s music

4. It comes with a helpful app to better your experience

5. Looks tidy after installation


1. May cause electrical damage with the wrong power source

2. The adhesive may not stick in hot areas

What Buyers Say About This Product

Buyers don’t spare any pleasant words on these Govee lights. They say that the lights are bright and work very well with the music. It’s a fun accessory that will make your car look like a moving party.

Here’s how they look (from a verified purchase):

What Buyers Say About This Product

And another:

The major complaint is that installation can be tricky. You can easily get entangled with the strips, so do it carefully. Also, you may need extra adhesive if you live in hotter areas.

Final Thoughts

For their price, No products found. are amazing. It’s cool, and it’ll bring life to your rides when you buy it.

Since Govee believes in its products, it gives you a 12-month warranty. Also, they give you technical life support. Those two perks make it one of the best in the markets.

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Thanks much, and don’t forget to leave your comment below.