iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Review

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The iOttie store is one of the fanciest brands, thanks to its refined products. iOttie sells car and bike mounts and products for wireless homes. Today, it brings you one of the best cellphone automobile cradles.

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 is the cellphone mount you want to buy. As one of the best-rated items, it helps you to stay safe while driving. Your experience on the road will change with this item, but not before you read this review.

So, stick around till the end to know all about this universal smartphone solution.

What Is The iOttie Easy One Touch 4?

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 is your smartphone holder when you’re in the car. It sticks on the dashboard or windshield surface to help you navigate while driving. 

In short, it keeps you and your passengers safe.

Are There Any Different Variations?

Apart from the Dash and Windshield style, there are two other Easy One Touch 4 variations. They are the Air Vent and the CD Slot.

Here’s how they look like:

1. Air Vent

2. CD Slot

The Latest Model: One Touch 5

iOttie also has a newer model, which is an upgrade from our product. Here’s how the Easy One Touch 5 Dash and Windshield looks:

Who Is The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 For?

Car mounts are a must for all drivers, but here are a few scenarios that need this item:

1. If You Use Your Phone For Navigation, you should have a car mount. Instead of having your phone and the wheel, this mount will handle your phone. You’ll be able to focus on the road and give voice commands.

For better navigation, iOttie also provides Android users with the DriveSmarter App. It helps you find your last parking location.

2. If you love carpool karaoke, this item will grip your handset and let you sing without worry.

3. Anyone who’s looking for a desk mounting solution should stop at this Easy One Touch 4.

How Much Does The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Cost?

At the time of this writing, here are the costs from Amazon and the official iOttie website:

ModelStyleAmazon PriceiOttie PriceSavings
Easy One Touch 4Dash and Windshield$22.95$29.95$7.00
Easy One Touch 4Air Vent$17.97$24.95$6.98
Easy One Touch 4CD Slot$19.95$24.95$5.00

As you can see, you’re better off getting the mount from Amazon.

What Are Its Specifications?

From the product information section, here are the details:

ModelEasy One Touch 4
StyleDash and Windshield
Product Dimensions3 by 5 by 9 inches
Comes WithDashboard mountDashboard pad
Weight6 ounces
Country of OriginKorea

What Are Its Features?

So, what does this item bring to the table? Let’s see:

1. Quick Lock-Release Technology

This model bears the patented Easy One Touch Mounting System. This feature allows you to remove and mount your smartphone using only one hand. If you’re driving, this feature comes in handy.

Or would you rather drive with both hands off the wheel? I doubt it.

2. Adjustable Viewing 

This item comes with telescopic arms. Its arms extend up to 8.3 inches, and the mount pivots 225 degrees. That helps you to view your phone in both portrait or landscape mode.

3. Universal Mounting

This automobile cradle holds most phones. Any case combinations of width 2.3 and 3.5 inches will fit perfectly.

4. Strong Suction

The mount has two essential items:

1. A single-use dashboard disc

2. A reusable suction cup

That combo provides your phone with a powerful hold. With that superior adhesive strength, you won’t have anything to worry about.


The mount is compatible with most devices. But, there’s this list you should look at:

Devices Compatible with the iOttie Easy One Touch 4
iPhoneAll 12SEAll 11All XAll 8All 7All 6All 5All 4SamsungAll S21All S20All Note10All S10All S9S8Note 8All S7All S6S5S4
Google PixelAll 4All 2Google PixelAll 3

Don’t worry if your phone is not on the table. The product title mentions Nokia, LG, and Huawei too. As long as your phone is between 2.3 and 3.5 inches in width, this mount will serve you well.

How To Use The iOttie Easy One Touch 4

Before you install, you’ll need to assemble the item. Use these steps:

1. Connect the mount cradle with the ball joint.

2. Tighten the knob.

3. Then, choose a location to place it. That can either be the dashboard or the windshield.

Dashboard Choice

1. Choose a specific area on the dashboard or any other flat surface.

2. Then, wipe all the debris or dust present.

3. Take the dashboard pad and peel off the film.

4. Then, stick it to the location you choose.

Windshield Choice

1. Like with the dashboard choice, choose your preferred location.

2. Then, wipe the surface clean.

3. Press the suction cup onto the suction cup.

4. Finally, push the locking lever down to engage suction.

If you wish to reuse the suction cup, rinse it under warm water. Then, leave it to dry. That way, you’ll restore the tack suction.

How To Engage The Easy One Touch Mechanism

1. To mount your smartphone, press the locking side arms in all at once.

2. Then, press your device against the special trigger button.

The arms will close in and lock the device automatically. The smartphone will then stay intact throughout the journey.

3. To release the smartphone, press the side arms again.

4. Then, retrieve your device using one hand.

If the instructions are unclear, check out this user guide.

If you want a video guide, watch it here.


1. Easy to install

2. Made of quality material

3. It has impressive suction power and strong adhesion

4. Durable

5. It has a reliable mounting system


1. The suction cup may come off during warm weather

2. Vibration from the road may make your phone slide forward 

What Buyers Say About This Car Mount

‘Even in the worst conditions, the mount holds your phone supremely.’ That’s one of the solid 5-star reviews. Other buyers say that it’s convenient to release and insert the mount. That means you’ll enjoy an easy-to-operate item.

Also, the mount is neither shaky nor creepy, meaning it is solid to the core.

The only recurring complaint was about the mount melting off under extreme heat. So, while using it, shield it from direct sunlight.

Final Thoughts

That was the iOttie Easy One Touch 4, one of the best in the market! Among other similar items, it’s the most expensive. Check this table out:

Car MountBrandPrice
Easy One Touch 4iOttie$22.95
Car Phone Holderhelloleiboo$10.99
Universal Cell PhoneVICSEED$22.00
Car Phone Magnetic HolderLISEN$12.99

But, as a bestseller, you’re safer buying it than any other mount. So, go for it and enjoy all its benefits.

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