Where are John Deere Lawn Mowers Made?

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Well, John Deere lawnmowers are made in different locations around the world including the United States, France, and China. In the USA, John Deere has many manufacturing facilities in different states like Iowa, Georgia, Tennessee, etc. John Deere also has manufacturing facilities in Germany, Brazil, and India.

Main Factories Of John Deere Lawn Mowers And Similar Equipment

Horicon Works – Horicon, WisconsinRiding lawn tractors and zero turn lawn mowers
Greeneville Works – Greeneville, Tennessee
Gator utility vehicles, riding lawn tractors, walk-behind greens mowers, mower decks
Sabo – Gummersbach, GermanyConsumer and commercial lawn equipment

What Engine Does The John Deere E130 Have?

One of the most reliable and accurate machines available from John Deere is the E130. In this case, it is a machine that includes a cast-iron front axle with a fully welded steel frame. Besides, different aspects of the construction of this unit can convince a large number of users every day.

So, the power, durability, and reliability are more than enough when it comes to mowing the lawn. It is even one of the easiest units to use for the vast majority of users.

The wide range of driving speeds is combined with quality headlights and an ergonomic driving position. Also, the maintenance that must be applied to this unit does not require much time or effort.

To describe the engine, we must mention what the best characteristics of this lawnmower are.

1. A smooth-running V Twin engine with 22 horsepower is included.

2. Superior cutting can be obtained due to the deep platform design that optimizes the lift of the grass.

3. Here, you can use the lift lever with an improved platform design to easily lower and raise the platform.

4. The operating station is very comfortable and spacious for a better user experience.

5. Even simple and quick service can be applied to the 30-second oil change system.

6. Main Features of E130 Mower

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the manufacturer usually provides a standard warranty to protect this unit. In this case, it is a warranty that usually provides 120 hours or 2 years of use. This may be necessary to provide some peace of mind to the owners.

John Deere Easy Change Oil Change System

One of the newest implementations for a lawnmower is undoubtedly the oil change system offered by this unit. In this case, the manufacturer mentions that it only takes 30 seconds to change the oil in this machine. Of course, this is great news for owners who don’t want to spend too much time or effort on this maintenance.

In turn, this allows for the correct application of the oil change in this vehicle. In particular, it is not necessary to drain the engine oil that this unit already has. The moment the oil filter is removed, some of the engine oil and some of the contaminants captured are also removed. So, the task is much simpler than with other lawnmowers.

In particular, here only a new oil filter needs to be added next to the new oil to lubricate and protect the operation of this engine. The filter here in the body is an additional reservoir of engine oil. When this filter is replaced, then 0.76 liters of engine oil are also replaced. Here too, a large part of the contaminants captured in the liquid can be removed.

The lawnmower experts from this manufacturer claim that this is a different system than the traditional 100 series oil filter. Therefore, synthetic filter media is often used here as the main difference between the two oil systems. This new component has more oil flow capacity and more filtering capacity.

Therefore, the engine system has more oil volume for superior operation. Exactly here, 40% more volume of engine oil is included, which allows for filtration and improved engine lubrication. Users can see that not only is an excellent amount of time saved on vehicle-specific maintenance.

Beyond that, the oil change with this innovative system is much neater and cleaner. So, the amount of effort is much more convenient for many users. Beginning users who have not had many oil changes benefit from this highly innovative system.

This is why a lot of owners of old 100 series lawn tractors did not perform this maintenance. In this case, the effort was too much and the task was too complex to be performed by any owner with little mechanical knowledge. With this new oil system, the situation has changed and many owners can now perform oil changes without any problems.

To perform an oil change, you need to follow a few basic instructions in the operator’s manual or service parts box. The manufacturer mentions the possibility of accessing a recycling program to reuse the old oil filter and oil.

Some options for those are auto parts stores, auto service centers, authorized retailers, or local government recycling programs. However, the poor oil-change system is not the only good feature of this model.

Powerful Motor And Smooth Operation

This lawn tractor has a V-twin engine that provides 16.4 kW or 22 horsepower. This is more than enough to handle difficult bagging, cutting, and mulching conditions. Some end-users said that both the torque and power are excellent when considering the rest of today’s mowers.

1. In particular, better sound quality, less vibration, and more torque power are achieved thanks to the dual V-cylinder design.

2. A quick and effortless start can be obtained with the electronic ignition.

3. Any operator can avoid leaving the throttle lever in the choke position by mistake. A spring return function has been incorporated to ensure this protection.

4. The engine has a long life thanks to the cast-iron cylinder liners.

5. Fuel economy is combined with excellent power thanks to the head valves.

6. The time needed for each oil change is long and the engine’s life is extended. An oil filter has been incorporated for this purpose along with more effective full-pressure lubrication.

7. When work on a slope is required, this tractor is highly effective. 

8. This manufacturer’s 30-second oil change system allows for a much faster, more efficient, and cleaner engine.

Superior Performance Cutting System

Another special feature of this manufacturer’s mowers is the Edge cutting system. So, this provides a 107 cm or 42-inch cutting deck. So, owners agree that reliability, performance, and comfort when working with the grass are superior. 

1. First, a rolled edge is applied to the cutter deck. This simple feature can provide greater protection to the user and greater strength during work.

2. This mower has one of the best designs of the deep floor mower. This design allows the grass to be lifted and a clean, uniform cut is made over the entire lawn or garden. 

3. You can also avoid the accumulation of grass with the smooth bottom of the mower. Lawn clippings are evenly dispersed as you go. 

4. This unit also has additional protection to guard against rust. In this case, a two-stage powder coat and E-coat is used.

5. No tools are required at all to move from mulching to side discharge and rear bagging.

6. You can also get more safety and convenience than other mowers due to the blade-to-shaft design. This provides a unique mounting system for the mower blade.

7. One of the most convenient optional accessories is the mulch cover. No tools are required for the installation of this component. Of course, this is excellent for mulching with the standard cutting blades.

8. Another optional accessory is the high-performance mulch plug. So, you can get a superior result in your garden without much effort. 

Excellent Cast-Iron Front Axle

Another important feature of this mower lies in its front axle. Here, simply cast iron is used to prevent the rapid deterioration of this part. The manufacturer ensures that the front axle does not bend for any use in your garden. 

This includes a design similar to that of a car when it comes to the steering system. In particular, pinion and sector steering gears are included. Besides, a coupling rod is complemented by a unique drive link. All this can provide a very strong closed-turning system with very little effort. 

Moreover, the three lubricators of this unit are excellent at all times. Both in the central pivot and the steering axles, lubrication will be the most suitable. This is necessary to minimize component wear and provide easier steering.

Greater durability of the wheel axles is achieved with a diameter of 1.9 cm. Finally, the built-in blade design is another major advance of these mowers. The blade bolt with the correct torque makes the process of removing the grass easier. Owners of these units also have different blades available with different designs.

This way, each of these blades can be adapted to the bagging process or difficult fertilizing conditions. Either way, John Deere lawnmowers are among the most efficient and famous in the world.