How Much Does Maaco Charge To Paint A Car? (Find Out their Charges!)

Last Updated on January 15, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Well, the painting charge of Maaco can range from $300 to $1,000, and the full paint job of a car can range from $1,000 and $3,500.

Key Takeaways

  • At Maaco, they remove the old paint layer and add new paint to the car
  • The exact cost of Maaco paint depends on your specific needs, the type of paint, and the services you require
  • Compared to other traditional retailers, the service life of Maaco paint is lower but they are affordable

Main Features Of Maaco’s Paint Job

The Average Car Paint JobIn most cases, users need a budget of $300 for a Maaco painting job

Car Paint Used
The paint used by Maaco is of regular quality, although it is also low cost

Time To Finish The Job
In general, only three to four days are required to finish the painting work

Paint Job Lifespan
The life span of this paint job is often less than other higher-quality options

Specialized Paintings
Maaco offers specialized paints at the time of a painting job
Catalog Of Available PaintingsUsers can choose from an extensive catalog of paints of different qualities 

How Much Does It Cost For A Paint Job At Maaco?

When it comes to researching the best paint shops, Maaco is one of the most popular choices today because it is a national chain of paint shops. Maaco is very popular and generally recommended due to its affordable prices on most paint jobs. Anyway, many people wonder what the costs are in this case.

When compared to other paint shops, this national chain of paint shops can provide acceptable results at very affordable costs. This characteristic is what has made Maaco stand out among the options of these times. Approximately, a person who wants to paint an average car needs a budget of $300.

Of course, here the employees of these paint shops will take care of removing the old paint layer from a car for a more professional result. After that, lower-quality paints are often used compared to other retail stores. This is what manages to reduce the total costs. Even this convinces many users, as the paint is often too expensive these days.

Therefore, many users are satisfied with low-quality paint by getting an efficient low-cost paint job. Of course, it is the lifetime of the car paints used in Maaco names a great lifetime. Compared to other traditional retailers, the service life here is much shorter due to the low quality of the paint.

Anyway, it is a very convenient option for a large number of users at certain times. On many occasions, motorists often suffer from traffic accidents or damage to their vehicle’s paintwork. When this happens, many of these people do not have a large budget from one moment to the next. It is in these cases where Maaco’s paint jobs can be a solution.

The paint jobs performed by this national chain of paint shops can be completed in a very short time. This is another great advantage since the owners of the vehicles do not have to spend too much time without their cars. Anyway, here we can mention the potential costs of these painting works. 

1. Costs Related To Car Painting

We have mentioned here that a budget of $300 is the average cost needed for most of Maaco’s painting work here we must be more detailed. Some potential costs could appear depending on each paint job and its specifications. In turn, we can also mention other similar service providers here.

In this way, we can obtain an excellent price comparison so that each user can decide on the most appropriate option. One shop that can offer regular quality work is Car Respray. This car paint service provider requires an approximate budget of $300 and can go up to $900 with some special specifications.

However, this paint shop has the feature of using regular quality and economical paint in their paint jobs. This is especially true when a user needs to repaint their car. On some occasions, disagreement with the color is usually the cause. In other cases, a replacement of a chassis part or a major scratch are usually other important reasons.

For a similar or similar job, the service provider Earl Schreib can provide a similar result. So, a lot of users have mentioned that they needed a budget of $900 for medium-difficulty paint jobs. So, compared to these options, Maaco’s paint jobs are still very convenient when we analyze the cost.

In principle, it is necessary to consider that Maaco can provide a good quality service or acceptable quality with a budget of $300. Here, we are talking about a work of light or medium difficulty. It is also due to a painting job with a not-very-large extension. However, it is still a very affordable budget for the vast majority of vehicle owners.

Sometimes, more difficult or higher-quality paint jobs require a higher budget. That’s why some paint jobs require a budget of approximately $1,500. Here, it is possible to choose a higher quality paint job or a more comprehensive paint job that includes most of a car’s chassis. 

Some people may opt for a $300 budget and get a paint job with a somewhat limited life span. So, paint experts remember that a higher budget can get a higher quality paint job with longer life. $300 paint jobs may not last as long as the user needs.

The most complex and expensive paint jobs may take a week to complete. Either way, the user will have the possibility of obtaining a more appropriate and pleasing color. The brightness of the paint will be able to offer greater durability. In some cases, this is important depending on the type of car, as well as the range it belongs to. 

2. Advantages Of Choosing Maaco

Maaco’s painting workshops have become very popular in recent times. Of course, the paint is of regular quality and does not offer the longest life span. Despite that, a lot of people decide to attend these places because of the accessibility costs. Many people think that this is an excellent company for full-body accident repair work or for applying certain touch-ups.

Also, the costs are affordable, and in some cases, the services are offered for a cost of $99 or $149. This company constantly offers coupons with discounts to attract more customers. The great success of these paint shops can be noticed when we analyze a large number of paint shops throughout the United States.

Many people also have the right budget to own a Maaco franchisee. So, these new paint shop owners can work with the system of this company. Either way, it is one of the best options that vehicle owners choose as a temporary solution.

3. Additional Considerations About Maaco’s Painting Works

When it comes to using insurance coverage for a traffic accident, these paint shops are usually very convenient. It is possible to take advantage of insurance coverage to implement a full Maaco paint service. Compared to other options, a full-service paint shop from this company does not require several thousand dollars.

Instead, a budget of $1500 may be sufficient for car preparation, polishing, sanding, and all other stages of a full-service paint job. However, it is also necessary to consider that the total costs may vary depending on the location. Even the budget increases when the user decides to opt for high-quality paint.

4. Colors Must Match

One of the most important aspects when it comes to a painting job is that the colors must match. In general, this aspect is important when a painting job does not involve painting the whole chassis of the vehicle. On the contrary, this would be very simple if you only needed to use the same type of color to do all the painting work on a car.

When only one area of the vehicle needs to be painted, color matching can be a little difficult. The paint jobs performed by Maaco do not have a standard paint brand.

So, when only nominal paint is needed, some people may opt for a dealer paint service. However, in case of a traffic accident or emergency Maaco can be a good option.

5. High-quality Paints Or Special Paints

In the vast majority of cases, people have the possibility of opting for paintings specialized in Maaco. This paint shop company can offer many different types of paint. In this way, users can choose from a wide range of paints, such as metallic paints.

Of course, in this same way, personalized colors can also be obtained for much more precise work. In other paint shops, a user could have bad luck when trying to choose a color outside the conventional catalog. However, this is not the situation that usually happens in Maaco when hiring a specialized painting service.

Anyway, these special services require a budget that could exceed $1500. In many cases, users are satisfied with the results they can obtain from these special painting jobs. These special paint jobs are only a few cases, as most people opt for Maaco’s affordable costs.