Main Places To Buy Car Paint

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Seventy-four percent of the automotive paint market is dominated by five major companies. These companies are PPG, BASF, Axalta Coating Systems, Nippon, and Kansai. The products of these companies can be found online and also in the most popular large auto parts stores. They even market not only car paint but also coatings and other similar products. 

Main Locations Of The Big Car Paint Companies 

CompaniesMain Locations


Pittsburgh, PA, US (HQ) 1 PPG Pl. Adrian, MI, US. 961 Division St.Alexander, AR, US. 11605 Vimy Ridge Rd.Atlanta, GA, US. 1377 Oakleigh Dr.Barberton, OH, US. 4829 Fairland Rd.


9800 Kellner Road, Huntsville, AL 35824100 Bridgeport Road, West Memphis, AR 723013550 John Hopkins Court, San Diego, CA 921211101 North Madison Street, Quincy, FL 3235225 Middlesex/Essex Turnpike, Iselin, NJ 08830

Axalta Coating Systems

Houston, TXOrrville, OH
Nippon726 Locations
Kansai11 CCA, Phase 5, DHA, Lahore, PK6-14, Imabashi 2-Chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka, JP

What Budget Is Required To Buy Car Paint?

On a lot of occasions, people want to change the paint color of their car to get a better look. However, it could also happen that a traffic accident or some simple dents have damaged the clear coat and the paint layer of a vehicle.

Specifically, the actual damage to a car is one of the aspects that determine the final cost to be faced by the car owner. Also, the difficulty of the work in combination with the quality of the materials used are other factors to take into account. In this case, many people may attempt to do a paint job without being professionals.

With skill, patience, and the right tools this job can be done without inconvenience. However, most people do not always have these three main factors in place. So, in a lot of situations, the only option will be to have a professional to be able to tackle this specific job.

Of course, if it is a simple job such as a scratch or scuff the job can be done by an amateur. There are very versatile and efficient products that can be applied in a very simple way. Anyway, this is not usually the most common case so below we can mention the three main types of work done by professionals. 

1. Basic Level Painting Work

In this case, it is the painting work with the basic quality and of course an accessible budget. Intermediate-quality materials and surface work are usually used. Most likely, synthetic enamel paint is used and the application of a few coats on a car. 

At the same time, painters or car painting professionals do not usually consider the non-visible parts. On the contrary, painting the non-visible parts would require a much more comprehensive job that does not fall under the entry-level category. People who wish to hire an entry-level paint job need a budget that can start at $300 and go up to $900.

Many times, these paint jobs are useful in the event of an unforeseen event such as a traffic accident or sudden damage to the vehicle. Even those who are not covered by their insurance company will need to hire a paint job at a very affordable cost.

2. The Standard Level Paint Job

Unlike the previous level, here we can find some additional considerations in the final result. Along with the previous steps, here we also include the removal of rust from the vehicle and sanding of the bodywork. Of course, this allows for obtaining a much smoother surface ready for the paint layers.

Even the finish has a higher aesthetic level and higher quality. To hire a standard-level paint job, a budget between $1000 and $4500 is required. Although this is a wide budget range, there are many factors involved in the final cost. One of them is undoubtedly the quality of the paint used.

3. High-Level Paint Job

This level of paintwork by a professional is the highest level that can be achieved for a car. In this case, it involves applying extreme sanding until the metal layer is exposed. In doing so, you also need to remove the dents and all the rust that may be present on the metal. 

Once this procedure is done, up to 24 coats of premium-quality paint can be applied. Generally, high-quality paint is used, as otherwise, a standard-level paint job would suffice. A job in this category may require a total of one month to complete the procedure.

Of course, an adequate budget is also required as the best materials need to be used. Sometimes, a budget of up to $20000 may be required for the same car.

4. Automatic Do-It-Yourself Painting

All those people who wish to do their paint jobs on a vehicle can opt for automatic DIY painting. This happens because some professional jobs to be applied for old cars require a very high budget. That is why many people decide to do the work themselves to cut costs.

A budget of $200 can be more than enough for the essential materials. These materials are available at many auto stores and hardware stores across the country. Beyond this, no more money is required, just time and effort.

However, the budget for materials can increase when users want to do a more complete and higher-quality job. Among the tools and materials needed we should include:

1. Primer

2. Standard Quality Gloss Paint

3. Foam Brushes

4. Painter’s Tape

5. Paint tray

6. Sandpaper

7. Mineral Spirits For The Cleaning Process

Finally, you also need a well-ventilated and clean place, such as a well-organized garage. The top five companies that market auto paint are available in a wide range of locations.

Whether they are at their locations or different auto parts stores, the paints from these companies are available to everyone. Of course, these same paints can also be purchased online at digital marketplaces or manufacturers’ sites. Even this last option does not require the person to go to an auto parts store.