What Does the “Maintenance Required Soon” Message Mean In Toyota Prius?

Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

What do you do when the maintenance warning lights on your Toyota Prius pop up? Don’t panic. This message indicates that your car is due for service soon and you need an oil change. This light is designed to pop up about 5,000 miles after your last oil change for most vehicles.

Key Takeaways

  • If you see the “Maintenance Required Soon” message on the display of the Toyota Prius then it is a reminder that it’s time for routine maintenance
  • The computer system of the Toyota Prius usually shows the “Maintenance Required Soon” message for oil changes or tire rotation
  • This message works as a reminder to the driver that the vehicle needs a service and you should schedule a service appointment with a Toyota dealership or authorized service center

How To Reset The Maintenance Required Light On Toyota Prius

The maintenance required soon message has a light that illuminates for 3 seconds and flashes every 15 seconds. This light comes on when you have driven more than 4500 miles and remains on when you exceed 5,000 miles after the last reset of the maintenance data. When you take your car for the required maintenance, the technician is supposed to reset the data, and the message goes away until you’ve driven another 5,000 miles. If you’ve taken your car for an oil change and required maintenance, but they forgot to reset the data, here’s what you can do depending on the model year of your Toyota Prius.

1997- 2007 Toyota Prius Models 

1. Without starting the engine, switch the ignition to “on.”

2. Depending on the specific model of your car, press the “trip” button to display the full odometer mileage; ensure you double-check that it’s not showing trip mileage.

3. Turn the vehicle off completely, then press and hold the “trip” button

4. Continue holding the “trip” button as you turn the ignition on without starting the engine. Release the button when the trip meter is set to all zeros.

5. When you start your car, the message should have disappeared, and the light has gone off.

2008- 2015 Prius Models

1. Switch the ignition “on” without starting the engine – put your foot off the brake and press the Power button twice

2. Depending on the specific vehicle model, press the “trip” or “MPH” button to toggle the odometer display to “Trip A.” (The TRIP button can be found on the steering wheel and is used to scroll through the odometer)

3. Turn the vehicle completely off by pressing the power button once, then press and hold the “trip “or “MPH” button 

4. Continue holding the “trip” or “MPH” button while switching the ignition to “on” without starting the engine. Release the button when the trip meter is set to all zeros.

2016-2021 Models

1. Press the “power” button once and activate the hybrid system

2. Use the right and left arrows to select the “gear” icon on the information display screen.

3. Use the up and down arrows to select vehicle settings and press enter

4. Select maintenance system using the arrows and press enter

5. Select oil maintenance, then yes, and press enters to clear the message.

Besides an oil change, what else needs maintenance when the message “maintenance required soon” appears on your Toyota Prius dashboard?

Depending on your car’s mileage, you might need other services on top of the oil change. When you visit the garage, your technician will advise on the services due at that time.  It is advisable to check your owner’s manual for the scheduled maintenance, which lists when and what to inspect at different intervals. Always ensure you get your car serviced when you need to because ignoring these alerts could void your warranty. Below are some of the service intervals on a Toyota Prius, depending on the model.

1. Oil filter – 12 months or 10,000 miles

2. Engine oil- 12 months or 10,000 miles

3. Brake fluid– every 24 months

4. Antifreeze-first change at 100,000 miles then every 50,000 miles

5. Air filter- 48 months or every 40,000 miles

6. Spark plugs -48 months or 40,000 miles for nickel spark plugs and 60,000 miles for iridium and platinum spark plugs

Toyota Prius Maintenance Schedule

Toyota Prius Maintenance Schedule

Proper maintenance ensures your car stays strong for years to come; you need to keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and know the task you need to perform at every interval. Following a maintenance schedule ensures your car performs the best for years to come and keeps your warranty valid. Below is a schedule that shows you what to expect and what should be checked at every service appointment.

Scheduled maintenance Maintenance tasks being performed
5,000 miles All fluids checked
Wiper blades and brakes were visually inspected
Tires rotated
10,000 miles All fluids checked
Oil change Brakes and wiper blades checked
Tires rotated
15,000 miles All the above basic checks plus: Ball joints and dust covers inspectedSteering gear, linkage, and boots check
Mounting and exhaust pipe inspection. Condenser, intercooler, and radiator Engine and inverter coolant inspection
20,000 miles Oil change 
25,000 miles Tire rotation and routine inspections including fluid check, wiper blades, and brakes
30,000 miles Oil change and replacement of engine and cabin air filters
Rechecking all areas that were checked at the 15,000 miles
Checking automatic transmission for signs of leakage
Fuel lines, connection, and fuel tank band checked
Fuel tank cap gasket
Fuel tank vapor vent system hoses
35,000 miles Basic checks that involve checking fluid levels and adjusting accordingly
Wiper blades were inspected for any signs of aging
Brakes checked
Tires rotated
40,000 milesOil change 
45,000 miles Inspecting brakes, hoses, and brake lines
Ball joints and dust covers inspected
The cabin air filter checked
Driveshaft boots Engine and inverter coolant checked
Steering gear, linkage, and boots checked
The radiator, condenser, and intercooler checked 
Exhaust pipe and mountings inspected
50,000 miles Oil change 
55,000 milesTire rotation
Assessment of fluids and brakes
60,000 milesChecking all the parts and components, replacing air and cabin filters, and changing the oil. This maintenance appointment is comprehensive and takes more time compared to all others.

Common Warning Lights On Toyota Prius And Their Meaning 

Warning lights can cause panic when you don’t understand what that strange icon on your dashboard means. Sometimes, these lights remind us that something is on and other times indicate major problems that need to be checked. Let’s look at some of these lights, what they mean, and what to do when they pop up.

1. The Brake System Warning Light shows the word BRAKE in caps and indicates that the brake fluid is low or the braking system has malfunctioned. If you see this light, stop your car immediately and call for on-road assistance as it may no longer be safe to drive.

2. Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light- This shows an oil can image to indicate that the engine oil pressure is low; when this light pops up, you will need to schedule your car for service right away.

3. Charging System Warning Light- the battery icon is seen to indicate that the charging system is breaking. If this happens, stop the car right away and contact the nearest Toyota dealership.

4. ABS Warning Light indicates that the anti-lock braking system or the brake assist system is faulty and needs to be checked as soon as possible.

5. Tire Pressure Warning Light- This light appears as an open circle with an exclamation mark inside. It shows that some of your tires are low on air. When you add the recommended amount of air, the light should go off.

6. Low Fuel Light is the light you will see most often and appears when the fuel remaining is less than a quarter tank. When this light appears, you should fuel as soon as possible.

7. Check Engine Light is another common light that activates if there are any active faults with the emission equipment causing incomplete combustion and dwindled performance and fuel economy. When you see this light, visit your Toyota dealer as soon as you can.

Wrapping Up 

Your Toyota Prius dashboard comes with over ten warning lights meant to update you on what is happening with your vehicle. Some of them are just reminders to refuel your car or take the car for scheduled maintenance, while others indicate that something is wrong. If you want your car to last for many years, ensure you attend to these lights without ignoring them. If you don’t understand what a warning means, consult your manual or your mechanic as soon as they appear.