Motorcycle CC For Beginners With Chart

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According to experienced and professional riders, the ideal motorcycle cc for beginner riders is 250cc – 300cc. As a beginner rider it is not a wise decision to ride a motorcycle of more than 500cc.

Key Takeaways

  • 50cc-125cc bikes are considered starter bikes for beginner rides because these types of bikes are small and lightweight
  • If you are a beginner rider but looking for a bike for long trim then you can opt for bikes of 250cc-550cc
  • The Harley-Davidson Street 500 motorcycle is equipped with a 500 cc liquid-cooled, revolution X V-Twin engine for performance and speed
  • The KTM RC 390 has a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with a displacement of 373.2 ccs that can generate a top speed of around 160 km/h (100 mph)

List of Motorcycles For Beginners – Main Features

Honda Monkey

KTM Corner Rocket

Harley Street 500

Kawasaki Z125

Harley Superlow

Honda Grom

KTM RC 390

Kawasaki 300
Standard Mini

Standard Naked


Sport Mini Naked


Sport Mini









1 cylinder

1 cylinder

2 cylinder

1 cylinder

1 cylinder

1 cylinder

1 cylinder

2 cylinder








1. Honda Monkey

One of the vehicles that caused great sensations during the 60s in Asia was this motorcycle. About 50 years later, the great popularity of this motorcycle continued to grow. In recent years, Honda has renewed this model of motorcycle to offer excellent features to today’s users.

At the same time, the United States market is ready to receive the new design of this highly innovative and practical 125 cc motorcycle. It is one of the best models for a beginner to start riding. In principle, it is a motorcycle with improved and basic equipment, as well as ABS brakes.

Although it is not the best motorcycle for daily use, the truth is that many drivers can enjoy good times with this vehicle. So, if you enjoy a low speed this motorcycle certainly has a lot to offer. This includes a single-cylinder engine with fuel injection and a 4-speed transmission.

2. KTM Corner Rocket 390 Duke

For those looking for more speed and power, they can choose this model with a single-cylinder engine with fuel injection. In this case, a displacement of 373 ccs and a 6-speed transmission can be obtained. The minimum fairing is combined with a bare frame and standard type design.

This bike can even be ridden in a somewhat sporty style. Along with that, this ride also has a firm and acceptable suspension that is adapted to different roads. So, riders who enjoy a motorcycle on weekends can opt for this model to get good results.

Also, the speed that this model can offer is acceptable for beginners. In fact, on a highway, you can get excellent speed. In general, there is also an excellent space for extra storage and additional customization. So, it can be a good start for novice drivers.

3. Harley-Davidson Street 500

Without a doubt, we must mention a Harley Davidson model to complete our list of motorcycles. This model combines a standard and cruiser design with a cylinder capacity of 494 ccs. In this case, the 2 cylinder engine with fuel injection provides a 6-speed transmission. Therefore, this is a motorcycle with excellent design and power.

The 25-inch seat height is combined with a low suspension for excellent rideability. Besides, the 500-pound weight provides a high level of the ride for novice riders. So, if you want to enjoy the weekends or days to go to work, you can choose this bike for it.

If you want to take a long-distance trip the features of this motorcycle are more than acceptable. At the same time, this motorcycle provides several additional options such as a safety system and an anti-lock brake option. In particular, safety is not a useless feature when you want to take care of your new motorcycle.

4. Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE

When it comes to a daily commute or a few weekend rides, this Kawasaki motorcycle is an excellent choice. In this case, it is a sport-type motorcycle with a 125cc engine capacity. Here, the single-cylinder engine offers a 4-speed transmission and an affordable cost compared to other models.

Also, this is a motorcycle that is usually light and therefore very easy to ride. Of course, this vehicle cannot offer great power. Beyond that, Kawasaki’s level of ride and durability offsets this negative point. Also, the front fairing can make the wind feel a bit more during the ride.

Today, experts say this model is ideal when you’re a beginner. The average seat height is 31.7 inches although this can be adjusted to your convenience. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider that this model does not include an anti-lock braking system. Therefore, it is necessary to have a high degree of responsibility when driving.

5. Harley-Davidson Superlow

Another cruiser-type motorcycle with a 376 cc displacement is this Harley-Davidson model. In particular, the single-cylinder engine provides 6 speeds to deliver an acceptable level of power. The particularity of this motorcycle is its low seat height. So, for riders who enjoy a motorcycle cruiser, this model is a clear example of that.

The 25.5-inch seat height combines with an ergonomic design to provide a good level of riding comfort. So, drivers can feel like they’re riding for miles without suffering any pain from poor posture. It’s also not a too heavy bike to perform different maneuvers.

Whether you want to make quick, short trips or long-distance interstate travel, this motorcycle can be adapted to each of these options. Although the overall price of this motorcycle is higher than other brands, you will get one of the best Harley Davidson bikes for beginners.

6. Honda Grom

When we talk about the Honda motorcycle, another great classic model is the Honda Grom. As you may know, it is a motorcycle with a 4-speed single-cylinder engine in the transmission and a 125cc displacement. So, it is a motorcycle that represents a classic and has a lot of fans around the world.

Of course, the design of this vehicle is similar to a mini-bike. Beyond that, here are some sporty features you can enjoy from the first ride. Both the seat height and suspension are worthy of a sports bike. The affordable cost allows many users to enjoy this model.

In this case, a good seat height can be adapted to beginner riders who want to have fun on the weekends. While not ideal for everyday use, you can have a lot of fun with this vehicle. Also, it is not recommended to use this motorcycle on a highway, but in places where you can have fun.

7. KTM RC 390

When we talk about this motorcycle, we are talking about a sports model with a single-cylinder engine. In this case, the displacement is 373 cc while the transmission provides 6 speeds. In short, this is one of the best models for beginners who want a sporty ride. We can start by analyzing the complete fairing.

Drivers may notice that excellent dexterity and agility are obtained when entering a curve and cutting the wind. The large, wide tires are combined with a trellis frame that is lightweight and made of steel. So, if you have to go through several turns on a daily trip long-distance trip this bike is ideal for that.

Along with this, the rigid suspension provides better adaptability to the different roads you must tackle. You can even avoid the wind when riding thanks to the riding posture offered by this motorcycle. Here, both the footrest and the seat are higher than the average level. So, each of your next trips will take less time than with other models.

8. Kawasaki 300

Finally, another sports motorcycle with efficient features is the Kawasaki model. It features a two-cylinder engine with fuel injection and a 6-speed transmission. As a result, drivers can enjoy a displacement of 296 cc, which represents an acceptable power.

Additionally, the price may depend on whether the driver wishes to incorporate an ABS brake system. This can be ideal and highly compatible with the pretensions of a beginner as well as the complete fairing. Although it is a simple sportbike you will be able to enjoy different uses with this model.

Many riders require this motorcycle for daily trips or long-distance journeys. It can even be adapted to drivers’ needs on weekends. You will notice from the first use that the features of this Kawasaki are efficient on curves and different routes of each trip.

Beyond the good level of driving, the truth is that it is a motorcycle that is very powerful and light. Of course, it is not the most powerful motorcycle you will find in the market today. For beginners, power is more than enough when they want to learn the basics of riding a motorcycle.

Like other models, this motorcycle can provide a higher-than-average footrest and seat height. So, this can be very convenient when riding through tight corners. For increased braking capacity, the anti-lock braking system is an optional feature.

While this increases the price, you can get better driving safety. In short, this is a motorcycle that can offer excellent features for beginners who want to enjoy good roads from now on.