Motorcycle Club Ranks

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Every motorcycle club has a hierarchical structure that consists of various ranks and positions. Some common positions of a motorcycle club are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Road Captain, Sergeant-at-Arms, Member, Prospect, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The “president” is considered the leader of a motorcycle club and he/she is responsible for making all the decisions of the club
  • Every motorcycle club has a treasurer who manages the motorcycle club’s finance
  • The main responsibility of a motorcycle club secretary is to keep all the club records, arrange meetings, as well as handling correspondence
  • Road Captain is a very important position within a motorcycle club because road captain is responsible for planning and organizing group rides and events

Most Dangerous MC Club

Motorcycle ClubsFeatures
Bandidos Motorcycle Club● They are present in 13 countries and have up to 2500 members in the United States.
● This club is usually identified with the transport and distribution of marijuana and cocaine.
● They are usually identified with the production, transport, and distribution of methamphetamine.
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club● They have over 230 chapters in the United States and more in 26 countries.
● Some officials indicate that this club is involved in the production and distribution of methamphetamine.
● They also handle the transportation of heroin, ecstasy, LSD, cocaine, and others.
Mongols Motorcycle Club● It has a large membership and is one of the major criminal threats in the Pacific regions.
● Some members of this club are involved in murder, intimidation, and assaults as part of the defense of the territory.
● Violence is this club’s most important means of enforcing its rules.
Outlaws Motorcycle Club● Homicide, prostitution, explosives, kidnapping, and arson are some of the crimes of this club.
● This club has operated since 1935 where it was created in Chicago.
● The Outlaws and Hells Angels are two rival clubs.

Hierarchical Structure of a Motorcycle Club

1. Founder

Usually, the founder is perhaps the most important person for a whole motorcycle club. In principle, this is the person who creates a certain group and begins a chapter in the history of the club. If it is an active founder, the functions are the same as in the case of a president. So, there can also be more than one founder.

When there are one founder and one co-founder or simply two co-founders, the functions can be divided. Here, it is most likely that one of them will be president while the other is vice president. The founder almost always has a vote when electing officers.

At the time of a founder and co-founder’s death, then the highest officers of the executive committee elect a new president and/or vice president. Besides, the executive committee usually consists of a secretary, the vice president, and the president.

2. President

The president of a motorcycle club is the president of the executive committee as well as the executive director of a chapter. So, all matters involving the club with other people such as a business or an outside organization are handled by the president. Here, it is the president who makes the main actions and decisions.

In turn, the vice president takes the role of the president when the latter is not available to make certain decisions. Also, a president can only vote when there is a tie on a certain decision. The president also represents the entire motorcycle club in commercial contracts. A president is also responsible for promoting the life of the club among family members and members. 

3. Vice President

In particular, the president usually coordinates the committees and oversees the plans of the Club’s events. He is also the person in charge of transmitting information between chapter members and the president.

So, he has an intermediate position so as not to overload the president with functions and tasks. So, the vice president is not only in charge of replacing the president in certain situations.

The Vice President is informed by various concerns or comments from other committee members. Of course, the Vice President must take over each of the President’s functions when the President is absent for any reason. In short, it is the member who is the second in command within the entire organization or motorcycle club. 

4. SGT At Arms

When it comes to respecting the rules and laws of the club, this member is the one in charge of this task. Each of the club’s events is kept in order by this particular member. The person who fulfills this role must also ensure that all committee orders are carried out quickly and efficiently.

Besides, the moment this person sees a bad attitude from a member, a report must be made to the committee. Members who are removed from the Club must deal with the SGT at Arms.

This person will be in charge of removing the colors and patches whenever a member resigns, or is accused of something serious. In a nutshell, it’s about enforcement and security in general.

5. Road Captain

Each of the club’s races is planned by the road captain. In turn, this member must inform the secretary about each of the plans involved in a race well in advance. Within a single race, the road captain has a certain higher rank.

When the President and Vice President are not present at a race, the Road Captain has the highest rank. So, in these cases, this person is in charge of leading the formation of the club on the trip.

When the president is on the run, the road captain is in charge of going to the front along with the president’s group. While there is a race, the road captain is in charge of making sure that all the rules of the club are followed, as well as being in charge of maintenance.

6. Secretary

When it comes to maintaining correspondence between outside organizations, written reports, and club records the secretary is responsible. In this case, this person is responsible for taking notes at each meeting and filing each paper at all committee meetings. So, the most important thing is the administrative organization.

The secretary is also responsible for reporting special dates and times when a normally scheduled meeting is not established. Also, the secretary reports on the elections of new members. Also, the written correspondence of the club is specially handled by the secretary. So, he is one of the most important members of the organization.

7. Treasurer

All financial records of a motorcycle club are organized and maintained by the treasurer. Besides, this person is primarily responsible for paying all Club expenses and bills. Appropriate written records are also maintained for more efficient control. The collection of income from each of the club’s operations is also performed by the treasurer.

Payments due from each of the club members are reported by the treasurer. Even when it comes to annual meetings about the financial status of the club, the treasurer can provide a written report.

Thus, the treasurer is responsible for collecting every single due and fine from all club members. In short, he is the most responsible person because he is the one who handles the money. 

8. Enforcer

When it comes to forcing members to follow the rules and laws of the club, the enforcer is the main figure. In general, the enforcer protects each patch holder from various problems that may arise. In turn, when a conflict arises, the Enforcer is responsible for protecting the reputation of the club at all costs.

In the presence of a fight in any form, the performer is the main person in charge of helping each of the club members. So, generally speaking, it is a person who is really brave and with an imposing personality. Beyond the fact that it is combat that includes weapons or simply punches, the executor is always there to help others.

9. Prospect

Many people want to join a certain motorcycle club. For these people to enter the club, they need to earn the corresponding patch.

Of course, these people have no say in the executive committee meetings, as they are not part of the club yet. To get in, these people have to take care of different tasks, regardless of whether they are illegal or not.

Prospects may have different types of household chores, such as protecting motorcycles during a meeting. On the other hand, it may be necessary to promise loyalty to all members as well as to the club. Once prospects have completed certain tasks, they can join the club as long as they have gone through a procedure to do so. 

10. Member

Once prospects have gone through a certain process and completed certain tasks, they can become part of a motorcycle club. From there these people begin to become members or also called patch members. In this case, the main authorities of the motorcycle club give them a patch with the complete logo of the club.

So, members can start using this patch on a motorcycle or a vest. In other words, a person begins to be a member once he or she graduates and stops being a prospect. In addition to using the club colors, members can also attend meetings. Sometimes members can also be called attachments or patches.

11. Chaplain

All the spiritual needs of the club are supervised by the chaplain. When a member goes to jail, the chaplain is responsible for protecting him as much as possible. Also, weddings and funerals are conducted with the chaplain at the head. 

Also, the chaplain is the main member to decide when a prospect should receive his patch. In many cases, the chaplain may be a member of a religion or receive training before taking on this position