Motorcycle Gang Games (Find Out All the Motorcycle Gang Games!)

Last Updated on January 9, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Some of the most popular motorcycle gang games are Tourist Trophy, Road Redemption, Trials Evolution, MXGP3, Grand Theft Auto V, Driveclub Bikes, Valentino Rossi: The Game, MotoGP 18, Isle of Man TT: Ride on the Edge, Ride 3, etc.

Top 10 Most Popular Motorcycle Gang Games

Tourist TrophyPlayStation 2, released in June 2006, for users over 3 years of age
Road Redemption
Linux, Windows, and macOS, released in October 2017, for users over 16 years of age
Trials Evolution
Xbox 360 and PC, released in April 2012, for users over 12 years of age
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC were released in May 2017, for users over 3 years of age
Grand Theft Auto VPlayStation 4, released in October 2015, for users over 18 years.
Driveclub BikesPlayStation 4, released in October 2015, for users over 18 years of age
Valentino Rossi: The GamePlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One were released in June 2016, for users over 3 years of age
MotoGP 18
PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, released in June 2018, for users over 3 years of age
Isle of Man TT: Ride on the EdgePlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One were released in March 2018, for
users over 3 years of age
Ride 3PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One were released in November 2018, for
users over 3 years of age

The 10 most popular Motorcycle Gang Games

1. Tourist Trophy

While it’s not the game with the best graphics, it’s certainly one of the options for those who love motorcycles. It is a game with many similarities to Gran Turismo. However, here it is simply a world full of motorcycles. Therefore, people who enjoy this game can access a lot of content.

This content is displayed throughout a very complete arcade mode. Of course, a large amount of features in this game is insufficient compared to today’s games. So, the variety of tracks and paths that this game offers is very limited compared to today’s games.

Anyway, it is one of the really necessary games for motorcycle fans. Beyond being a racing game with few motorcycle gang features, it is still a good choice. Anyway, here having fun is still an acceptable option since motorcycles are included.

2. Road Redemption

In principle, we must mention that it is a game with some rough and somewhat irregular details. So, it might not be the best option for users who enjoy highly realistic and perfect graphics. Anyway, the concept is one of the most fun and exciting when we talk about motorcycle games. 

It is one of the most modern versions compared to the great classic Road Rash. Those who enjoyed this classic in the 90s will also be able to enjoy all the excitement of this game. In particular, there are some aspects that are classic in a motorcycle gang.

People who want to win need to advance and beat their opponents when possible. At the same time, this game is not only about getting to the finish line first in a race. Here, too, it is possible to progress through motorcycle gang tasks. To earn money and improve weapons or characters, it is necessary to succeed in challenges such as murder and robbery. 

3. Trials Evolution

If you want to enjoy motorcycle racing while you ride through a lot of obstacles, then try out this game. However, people who do not have much patience should refrain from enjoying or knowing this game. Here, it is necessary to perform a lot of pirouettes to overcome a wide variety of obstacles.

Of course, the difficulty of these obstacles increases as the player progresses. Some people may even feel a little frustrated when they get stuck in certain specific obstacles. Either way, it is a game that allows you to enjoy great adrenaline that only motorcycles can offer.

Even a wide variety of techniques and new motorcycles are unlocked as the player progresses. In other words, it requires great persistence to be able to enjoy and be a master at overcoming obstacles. While a few aspects of motorcycle gang are included it is a different game that many people can enjoy. 

4. MXGP3

In particular, this game manages to combine dirt tracks, different circuits, and roads, covered stadiums, racing motorcycles, ramps, and much more. In a few words, it is one of the most complete games to enjoy the typical motocross races of today. The quality of the graphics manages to surpass enormously most of the competition.

In principle, any player starts in the rookie range by choosing the normal race mode. Additionally, the player can progress and move up in rank when he manages to win a certain amount of races. Also, the big news is that the official drivers and real manufacturer locations are included here. So, the player can feel in the real world of motocross racing.

Of course, motorcycles can also be improved and perfected to continue progressing in the game. In turn, weather conditions can be somewhat unpredictable and change the difficulty of a race. So, this generates a higher level of realism and entertainment. Although it is possible to find some defects, the truth is that this game is one of the best motocross racing games. 

5. Grand Theft Auto V

All the people who know this game can intuit what motorcycle mode is all about. Here, it is possible to enjoy the wildest and most realistic part of a biker gang. Also, the player will have to go through a lot of missions with a good degree of realism with some of today’s biker gangs.

Of course, this is a game that not only includes motorcycles but a wide variety of vehicles. Anyway, it is a game mode specially designed for people who enjoy motorcycles. At the same time, the realism of the graphics with the design of the missions or objectives excellently complements each other.

Here, it is even possible to create a motorcycle club and be the president. Along with this, it will be necessary to earn money and protect the properties of rivals. It is also possible to set up the exact appearance of the club members as well as how to gain influence on different territories. Either way, it takes great skill, as it can be easy to crash a motorcycle in this game. 

6. Driveclub Bikes

Players who enjoy competing in motorcycle races in various locations around the world will enjoy this game. The number of available motorcycles that a player accumulates can increase when he manages to win trophies and races. The graphics and the different details of each race are of a high level.

Anyway, there is also an online competition not to play only with artificial intelligence. So, it will be possible to face other clubs of players from any part of the world. People who enjoy realistic games at high speed should know this game. 

7. Valentino Rossi: The Game

In this case, it is one of the games very similar to MotoGP. Here it is possible to focus on the great legend that represents Valentino Rossi within the world of motorcycles. Therefore, each player will be able to take a very complete ride along the whole trajectory of this motorcyclist.

Besides, the content is highly varied and the possibilities to enjoy this game are more than wide. Anyway, those players who enjoy the competition of MotoGP will also be able to enjoy this game. 

8. MotoGP 18

Without a doubt, this game is one of the classics that brings together all the necessary components of great motorcycle racing. It includes more than 70 renowned riders, a great variety of motorcycles, and different tracks when competing.

Also, game modes and difficulties can be adapted to different types of players. Beginning players can choose the time trial mode to improve their skills. In short, the best of MotoGP can be enjoyed in this game with excellent graphics. 

9. Isle of Man TT: Ride On The Edge

Although this is a game with difficult controls, the graphics are unbeatable. In combination with this, the gameplay that is possible to enjoy next to the tracks and motorcycles is unique. Here, it is possible to enjoy different game modes that satisfy the desire for fun for the players.

Those who enjoy professional motorcycle racing can enjoy this game. Although the classic aspects of motorcycle gangs are not included here, it is still a game of great adrenaline and entertainment.

10. Ride 3

With a variation of more than 30 manufacturers and 270 different bikes, this set is one of the most complete. Players also have the possibility of enjoying 30 different roads and tracks in various locations around the world. Of course, each player can set their profile, riding style, clothing, and modification of each bike.

The graphics, the game modes, and the artificial intelligence system generate great fun and challenge for any player. It is even one of the latest motorcycle games to come out to the delight of motorcycle fans.