Do You Need A Motorcycle License For A Honda Grom? (Find Out Why!)

Last Updated on January 2, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

If you live in the USA, then you will need a motorcycle license to drive a Honda Grom. In most USA, states, you can ride motorcycles of under 50 cc. However, Honda Grom has a power of 125 ccs so you will need a motorcycle license.

Key Takeaways

  • You will have to pass a written test and a road test to get a motorcycle license in the USA
  • Depending on the state where you live, you might have to meet the minimum age restriction to obtain a motorcycle license
  • You can contact the local department of motor vehicles to find out the specific requirements to get a motorcycle license

Honda Grom – Pros & Cons

1. The small design of this bike is an excellent advantage when finding parking.
2. This motorcycle provides a high level of fuel efficiency.
3. In general, the level of mechanics of this motorcycle is palatable compared to other motorcycles
1. Luggage space is often a major drawback compared to other motorcycles  
2. Riding this motorcycle is much more dangerous on highways or in cities with heavy traffic.
3. The life of this motorcycle is not superior to other models of motorcycles

What Are The Characteristics Of The Honda Grom?

In this case, it is one of the most compact motorcycles of all those that exist in these times. In particular, it is a model that has emerged in the year 2014 and has gained great popularity.

However, a large number of people interested in this motorcycle do not know what the main characteristics are. With a displacement of 125 cylinders and a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour, this motorcycle is worthy of analysis in the following three points.


To begin with, we must mention that it is a scooter-style motorcycle. However, the main difference with most classic scooters is that this motorcycle does not offer a lot of storage space.

Although, at a high speed this vehicle can reach a level of maneuverability is usually higher than other models. So, this is an advantage and a disadvantage that users should consider.

In particular, users usually consider that this motorcycle is the preferred one for monkeys. In other words, this vehicle is usually considered more like a toy than a real vehicle. The Honda Z series was the real monkey’s vehicle. In this case, they were small motorcycles that were built between the 1970s and 1980s.

These mini motorcycles could offer 50-capacity engines and fairly thick 5-inch tires. Also, the seat was usually 22 inches high. Also, these motorcycles were used in the previous century to offer some fun to the spectators. However, here is a different vehicle that is worth considering.

In this case, the only similarity between the groomed motorcycle and the previous mini motorcycles is in the similarity of the thick tires. This new scooter requires these tires to provide an optimal level of stability and balance. Therefore, there are no other similarities between vehicle models. Here, it is possible to find a seat height that reaches 30 inches.

Additionally, the 20-inch tires are much larger compared to the Z-series motorcycles. Thus, these characteristics are more than sufficient for an average person to drive in relative comfort. In particular, this type of vehicle is a combination of styles between a scooter and the rest of the classic motorcycles.

Even in the year 2017, the Honda Grom had a new LED headlight and a much more aggressive and formidable style. So, year after year, this small motorcycle continues to reap more followers who decide to buy it. It is also necessary to mention that fuel consumption is among the highest levels of efficiency.

One of the disadvantages is that this vehicle does not achieve high speed. That’s why you should consider the roads you should cross with this vehicle. Of course, this is not an ideal motorcycle for driving on a busy highway. You should also consider that the low power is combined with too light a weight.

You should consider these last two aspects before driving next to a big truck. So, this is a motorcycle that could be useful when your job is not a long distance away. Another aspect you should consider is the specific route you will need to take. With a quiet, medium-distance path this motorcycle could be ideal for getting to work every day.

In turn, you should consider that storage space is only limited to what you can carry in a backpack. In other words, you will have more than enough space for yourself. To settle for this vehicle we must again mention that the Honda Grom can achieve a higher speed than other average power scooters.


Another quite peculiar aspect of this motorcycle is the design combined with the chassis. Here, the frame has been reduced to a minimum so that this motorcycle has a balanced design. Besides, a single spine is used to form the steel frame. Even the exceptional boxed swing arm is articulated with the engine design.

So, the articulation of these components is appropriate for the rear suspension. However, this is a more appropriate swingarm that is different from the one we can find in most scooters.

So, also the center-mounted monoshock is located next to the swingarm. In particular, it has 4 inches of axle travel. You may even notice a 47.2-inch wheelbase and a special steering head design.

Here, this component is configured to hold the inverted front forks that have 31mm at exactly 25 degrees. So, this allows for 3.18 inches of travel.

Also, most users are surprised when they notice that USB forks have been included in such a small motorcycle. So, the cast wheels incorporated in this motorcycle are 10-spoke covered by 12-inch rings.

In particular, the profile of the rear is 130/70, and the profile of the front is 120/70. You may even notice the control that this motorcycle can provide you with in between.

The weight is 229 pounds wet and the brakes usually provide good results overall. The rear has a 190mm disc and the front disc is 220mm. This requires a two-piston caliper that connects the front disc with a caliper for the rear.

In other words, this is a set of features usually found on full-size motorcycles. Excellent fun can be obtained by driving this particular vehicle. However, this is not a motorcycle that should be taken too seriously. This means that you should consider the limitations of this vehicle for driving in the most appropriate places.


Another of the most relevant aspects of this motorcycle is the efficiency of the drive train that has been incorporated. Here, you will have a specific capacity of 124.4 cylinders. In particular, the 57.9 mm stroke is combined with a 52.4-millimeter diameter. This is why it is officially established that this is a 125-displacement motorcycle.

At the same time, the relatively low level of the compression ratio is 9.3 to 1. Here too, air cooling has been chosen for the maintenance of the engine during operation. Also, a too-vulnerable or large radiator is a disadvantage to the style has not been included.

No inexpensive and inefficient hub-type system has been incorporated. Instead, a cam in the head operates two-seat valves in the head. Thus, it is through rockers that are mounted on roller bearings that the engine operates. On the other hand, the design of the engine also allows the piston to last longer next to the bore.

This has been achieved by reducing the inherent friction in the system through the arrangement of the cylinder. Here, the displaced cylinder moves the center of the pitcher away from the center of the crankshaft. This is a feature that professional owners have noticed from the very beginning.

In short, this is a small motorcycle that is highly reliable in terms of mechanics and handling. This is why this model has gained great popularity in recent years. Besides, the final cost of this motorcycle is usually not much higher than other models in the same category.