Recycle Car Batteries Walmart

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Walmart offers a recycling program for old vehicle batteries for customers who wish to purchase a new battery from the store. Customers who turn in their old battery to Walmart will enjoy a discount when purchasing a new battery. The discounted fee might not be high, but it is still a good saving for Walmart customers. 

Recycle Car Batteries Walmart – Main Facts

Refund Of Basic Rate
By turning in an old battery with the purchase of a new battery, customers will not be charged the basic fee of $5 to $9.
Recycling Program
Walmart is part of a recycling program and therefore takes in customers’ old batteries.
Battery Reuse
Through the recycling program, Walmart uses its customers’ old batteries to market new units.
Battery Disposal
Walmart’s auto battery recycling allows customers to get free disposal of their old batteries.
Battery Check And InstallationWalmart Auto Care Center tests and installs customers’ new batteries, and takes over old batteries for recycling

Does Walmart Take Old Car Batteries?

Walmart stores are well known for delivering an excellent inventory of automotive supplies for vehicle owners.

So, people can hand in their old battery to Walmart and get a new one. It is a recycling procedure that Walmart carries out to comply with certain legal regulations. Besides, there is a certain disposal policy for Walmart’s car battery exchange.

If you wish to unload your old car battery for a new one, it’ll be done free of charge at Walmart stores. In fact, in most of the stores, Walmart employees are prepared to carry out this process effortlessly. However, it is mandatory to meet some requirements to give out your old battery to Walmart.

First of all, it is necessary to know that Walmart charges a basic fee every time a customer buys a new battery without turning in an old battery. This fee is not usually the same in all states as it may vary a little. Anyway, this base fee ranges from $5 to $9, so it is not a lot of money compared to the price of a new battery.

Walmart offers free disposal of the old car battery. This is helpful because, in some states, the disposal of a battery must be done by meeting certain requirements. Otherwise, it is a substantial thing that pollutes the environment.

In this way, landfills do not get too filled up with old car batteries. When a customer delivers their old car battery to Walmart, they no longer have to deal with the recycling process.

Also, Walmart can refund the base fee when each customer purchases a second new car battery. However, the customer can avoid paying the base fee when turning in the old car battery. From there, Walmart can use each customer’s old battery to begin the recycling process.

To do so, customers must apply for a refund at the Walmart customer service counter or a Walmart automotive department. In turn, the customer has the option of using this refund as a discount on an upcoming replacement battery or collecting a cash refund. When the first option is chosen, the individual must have the original purchase receipt.

Does Walmart Test Car Batteries For Free?

Walmart stores not only have a lot of automotive supplies for the customers. Additionally, a person can get other services at Walmart Auto Care Center. In this regard, this is a special service that Walmart provides to all the owners who have purchased any Automotive product or piece from them.

Therefore, those who have purchased a battery at Walmart will have the chance to visit this site. So, people who buy a new battery at Walmart do not need to do the installation themselves. Walmart Auto Care Center takes care of testing and installing the new battery.

Moreover, this entire process is performed free of charge as long as people purchase an auto battery at Walmart. To do so, each customer must have the purchase receipt of the new battery that he/she has bought from them. However, Walmart only sells three types of batteries exclusively.

Therefore, these three batteries sold at Walmart cannot be found in other automotive stores. Of course, not all Walmart stores that sell automotive supplies also have this auto service center. So, before buying a new battery at Walmart it is necessary to check what services each Walmart store can offer. 

In general, the larger Walmart stores can offer all the services needed for car care. Walmart supercenters can test and install the new battery that a customer has purchased at this store. As we mentioned, employees will be able to test and install a car battery completely free of charge. 

Beyond that, customers are required to have purchased the car battery at Walmart. At Walmart Auto Care Center stores, employees do not stock new batteries or supplies. No vehicle supplies or components are stocked at these locations.

So, customers who have purchased a part at Walmart can come in to take advantage of the services at these service centers. Generally, people who use these Walmart service centers mention that there is always a certain delay that they have to wait for.

A large number of people rely on Walmart stores for buying supplies as well as for the installation of these same automotive supplies. So, the wait could be 20 minutes or as long as 45 minutes to test the battery.

However, those who do not have a Walmart service center nearby can opt for a multimeter to test a battery. This is the way to check the proper functionality of a battery after purchase. In case of any failure, Walmart will be able to provide a free replacement when the customer meets all the requirements.

Additionally, the installation procedure is usually not very difficult to get. People who are far away from a Walmart service center could perform the installation process. Very little time and effort are required here. The entire process consists of only a few steps found in the instruction manual that comes with the new battery. 

Is EverStart Maxx A Good Battery?

A large number of people choose to opt for Walmart batteries because of the great advantages and features that each unit can offer. Walmart exclusively sells three types of batteries that are not available at other automotive stores. This exclusive marketing has provided great success for the 3 batteries that customers can find at Walmart.

One of the most recommended units that fit most of today’s vehicles is the EverStart Maxx battery. In each of these batteries, it is possible to find affordability and reliability from the first day of use. Compared to the cost of each unit, the advantages gained from these batteries are usually very convenient. So, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular options these days.

All those people who are on a tight budget opt for this battery. In this way, they can carry out a quick battery replacement. Mostly, a quick car battery replacement is necessary for many. Perhaps, the obvious reason is the permanent expiration of an old battery in a vehicle. When this happens, it is necessary to have a new battery.

At the same time, this type of battery is reliable and it offers assurance for a long time users. In combination with this, Walmart also offers recycling to receive customers’ old batteries. When customers turn in their old car battery, they can avoid paying the basic fee by purchasing this new battery from Walmart.

However, this basic fee is refunded only when the customer does not turn in their old battery and returns to purchase a second new Walmart battery. Besides, Walmart superstores have automotive service centers. At these locations, Walmart employees are responsible for testing and installing each Walmart customer’s new batteries. 

That is why this greatly facilitates the battery replacement that anyone can get when purchasing a new unit at Walmart. Either way,

By purchasing one of these batteries at Walmart, customers get a lifespan ranging from 3 years to 5 years of use. The exact duration depends on several important factors such as weather and frequency of use. Also, Walmart usually includes a warranty which depends on the type of battery.