Can I Register My Car At A Different Address? (Step By Step Guide With FAQs)

Last Updated on January 15, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

In the United States, registration of a car can be done with any legitimate address. However, the driver’s license must be made using the address of the person’s residence. Therefore, here it is possible to register a car with a different address. In other parts of the world, such as the UK, this cannot be done as people are fined. 

Key Takeaways

  • If you want to register your car to a different address then you have to provide proof of address, such as a utility bill, lease agreement, or mortgage statement
  • In states like Delaware, Indiana, Mississippi, New York, etc. you have to register the car at the same address that is on the driver’s license
  • If you are living in a rented house, and have an office in a different location, then it is wiser to register the car at the new location

Car registration is a process to legally own a car. In most countries, people have to register their cars in the area where they live. When a person moves, he or she has to register the car in that new area. If they do not, then it will be illegal for them to drive the car.

If you are living in a rented house, have an office in a different location, or if you are away on long-term assignments abroad, you may want to register your vehicle at your new address. This can be done by changing your address of residence or by registering with the DVLA as a visitor. The process differs depending on whether you are using the online service or completing paper forms. Registering for the first time with the DVLA is done through their website. You will need your National Insurance number and email address when logging into their system then fill out the online form and enter information about how and when you obtained your car (this can be accessed by inputting its registration number) and upload two pictures of your car to the website.

Each state may have different rules for registering your car, however, you can always register your car in the state that you live in. You should also keep in mind the financial responsibility laws of that state, if you have any accidents or tickets, then it will affect your finances and driving privileges of the car.

Can I Register My Car At A Different Address

I live in Vancouver and I thought it would be a good idea to register my car in this city.

So, I went to the BC Motor Vehicle Act website and found out that registering my car can be done at any driver licensing office across BC. The process is very simple, all you need to bring is your existing driver’s license, vehicle insurance, registration certificate (if you have one), and proof of residence.

A step-by-step guide to Registering a Car At A Different Address

In this post, we will go through the process of car registration at a different address in detail.

Step 1: Check your eligibility criteria

Before you start any paperwork, research the eligibility requirements that you must meet to complete your car registration. Different states have different requirements for this procedure. For example, some states require you to register at your new location before registering it in the state from which you are relocating. Some states allow you to register both cars in one location and receive a single title for both cars under certain circumstances. In other words, each state has its own set of regulations and there is no regulation that applies across the board to every state.

Step 2: Get your vehicle identification number (VIN). You have to collect Vehicle Registration and Title (Unaltered and in the same name as during prior registration) along with Proof of Vehicle Insurance (in case it is not shown on your vehicle’s title).

Step 3: Change the address on your driver’s license and insurance card

Step 4: Fill out the back of your registration card and take it to a DMV office or mail it in

Step 5: Complete the necessary paperwork at DMV and receive a temporary registration permit (can take anywhere from 2-10 days)

Step 6: If you happen to be switching from one state to another, then this process may vary slightly because you will need an emissions certificate. Check with your State’s Department of Motor Vehicles for more information.

Facts That Affects The Registration Of A Car With A Different Address

Differences Between States
In some states, the address must be the same on the vehicle registration as well as on the driver’s license, while in other states a different address may be chosen.
Differences Between Insurance CompaniesIn insurance companies, the same as in the states, the address on the insurance policy may be different or the same as the address on the vehicle registration.
Possible DisadvantagesA different registration and insurance policy address can be a serious offense for some insurance companies.
Each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles modifies the vehicle registration address.
Grace DaysStates may provide a grace period to allow individuals time to change a vehicle registration address. 

Car Registration And Driver’s License Matching

On a few occasions, it is possible to choose any legitimate address to register a vehicle and the exact residential address on a driver’s license. However, most of the time, both the driver’s license and the vehicle registration need to have the same data. Therefore, most states require the matching of all these data, as is the case in other countries around the world.

Registering a Car in different location.jpg

Among all the necessary data, the home address of the vehicle owner must be the same on the driver’s license as well as on the car registration. It is also necessary to consider that a wrong address or zip code cannot be used when getting quotes from insurance companies.

Even, when a person chooses one of these insurance companies it will be evident that the wrong address was used. This can easily bring some inconvenience when hiring an insurance company. So, people who want to save money on an insurance company should contact a local agent. This way, good coverage can be obtained along with significant discounts.

Moving To Another State

Some data must be updated when a person decides to move to another state for good. In this case, the information that needs to be updated pertains to both the insurance company and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It may even be necessary to obtain a new driver’s license and vehicle registration when a person moves to certain states.

The Department of Motor Vehicles in 8 states, in particular, does not require the vehicle registration and driver’s license to match. Thus, in these states drivers only need to prove with some data and documents the residency in that state. Of course, this residence of the person must coincide with the address where the vehicle is registered. These states are:

1. Delaware

2. Indiana

3. Kentucky

4. Maine

5. Mississippi

6. New York

7. North Dakota

8. Pennsylvania

Many of these places offer 30 days as a grace period to allow each person time to properly register their car. However, the grace period may also vary from state to state. So, a person who decides to make a permanent move to another state should check this before embarking on the trip. In this way, many problems can be avoided. 

Registration And Licensing Requirements

As mentioned above, each state has certain registration as well as licensing requirements that must be met. Each county may also have some important specifications to consider. Either way, there is a set of information and documents that each person must have, including:

1. Valid Driver’s License

2. Certificate Of Title Or Bill Of Sale

3. Proof Of Residency

4. Current Odometer Reading

5. Safety Inspection Scores Or Emissions

6. Proof Of Minimum Liability Automobile Insurance

7. Payment Of Related Fees

In almost all states, the owner of a vehicle must have contracted with an insurance company in his or her name. However, the primary driver is often not the one who is responsible for contracting with an insurance company. So, there may be some exceptional and special cases that the state may consider.

Car Registration Requirements.jpg

In other situations, the primary address of the primary driver or owner of the vehicle may be required. This primary address must be on the vehicle registration to meet the requirements of each state. Either way, the local DMV should be consulted at any time for more complete information. 

Registration And Insurance Match

In the United States, the vast majority of insurance companies make it a requirement that all information on the driver’s license matches the insurance policy. In other parts of the world, a different address between the insurance policy and the automobile driver’s license may have some consequences.

However, on many occasions, this does not exactly invalidate the insurance coverage of a car. In any case, it is always much more advisable that all data match between the insurance policy, the driver’s license, and the car registration. In this way, several unforeseen events that may arise later on can be avoided.

Here, we can provide a quick and easy answer by saying that the vehicle registration must match the automobile insurance. In a large number of cases, an insurance company requires that the owner of the vehicle be the person who takes out insurance on the car.

Along with that, the address on the driver’s license and car registration must match the address for the insurance policy. Of course, along with the address, the full name on the insurance policy, driver’s license and car registration must also match. Otherwise, the insurance company could consider the wrong data as a serious fault.

However, there are also exceptional cases here where there are different addresses or different persons. In any case, it is also highly recommended to consult each special situation with a local insurance agent.

These agents are aware of each of the necessary updates about the data that people must provide before hiring an insurance company. When a person discusses a particular situation with an insurance agent, this specialized person will know the best course of action.

Can I Register My Car At A Different Address In The UK?

In the UK vehicle owners must register a car with the same address as the driver’s license. This is also the case when taking out insurance in the UK for a car. Here, the address chosen for the car registration, the insurance policy, and the driver’s license must be the same.

Moreover, this is a procedure that can be done free of charge in most cases. Therefore, the tax address for each vehicle must be the same as the address on the driver’s license. When a person changes their residence address without informing the DVLA, they will have to pay a fine. Typically, the fine received can be up to £1000.

Does The Car Title Need A Current Address?

At the time a vehicle needs to be registered, the owner of the car will need to provide their current address. This is necessary in all cases where vehicle registration is required. Of course, on some rare occasions, the vehicle owner may enter a different address. However, this does not relate to the title of the car.

The back of the car title may have a different address from the current address of the vehicle owner. Also, the person is generally not required to change the title of the car or to change this part of the car title. Thus, the most important thing is always how a vehicle is registered with the DMV in each state. 

When this is not done correctly, some requirements that each state or each county may impose are not met. So, this can only bring consequences and fines to the owner of a vehicle.

Many of these fines or consequences are very common when a person decides to move to another state different from the one they were living in before. So, before moving it is necessary to check the requirements of the new state.