Can You Replace RV Toilet With Standard Toilet? (Solved!)

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Well, you can replace the RV toilet with a standard toilet but you shouldn’t do that. Reasons you should not change the RV toilet are wasted water, increased weight of a traditional toilet, complicated installation, etc. You should keep in mind that if you want to change your RV toilet with a traditional one then you have to make significant changes to the plumbing and layout of your RV.

Key Takeaways

  • If you have RV toilets then you should use RV-safe toilet paper because this type of toilet paper is designed to break down quickly and dissolve in water
  • If your RV toilet has a bad odor, then chances are the toilet bowl is not properly cleaned after each use
  • RV toilets are typically smaller and more compact than standard household toilets so you should not flush tampons down an RV toilet
  • Charmin toilet paper is safe for use in recreational vehicles (RVs)

RV Composting Toilet, Pros & Cons

1. Less chance of bad odors
2. It is difficult for it to be obstructed
3. Lighter unit concerning other toilets
4. Less cleaning time than other options
5. Excellent shelf life
6. Low water usage is required for the operation
1. The urine tank should be emptied frequently
2. Requires a high budget in general
3. Requires additional cost for installation
4. Most of them offer an uncomfortable design

Can You Flush RV Toilet Paper In A Regular Toilet?

Can You Flush RV Toilet Paper In A Regular Toilet

Toilet paper that is specially used in an RV is usually specially designed. You will notice that this type of paper can disintegrate quickly. This aspect is one of the most important to prevent this paper from clogging a tank, a pipe, or the sewage system.

Also, you won’t have any problems if you decide to use RV toilet paper in a regular toilet. So using this type of RV toilet paper can be very appropriate during a trip. In other words, you will have the ability to use this toilet paper both in your RV and at a lodging site.

Why Does My RV Toilet Smell Like Urine?

You need to consider that the vast majority of RVs often have some sort of toilet problem. If your RV toilet has a bad odor, it could be a symptom of some kind of failure. Here, it would be advisable to hire a specialist to solve this problem definitively. So, the pipe could easily deteriorate during a trip.

The toilet could have a bad smell, as well as an RV shower. It’s quite common that these pipes need to be repaired from time to time. So, if you need to take a long-distance trip you don’t want to carry the smell in your vehicle. It is certainly worth hiring a specialist to have an RV in excellent condition. 

Can You Flush Tampons Down An RV Toilet?

It is necessary to mention that many people use the RV toilet as if it were a garbage can. So, keep in mind that throwing certain objects into a toilet can be highly detrimental to the plumbing. Even you should avoid throwing food and of course tampons. In particular, these objects do not dissolve when you decide to throw them in the toilet.

Additionally, if you want to throw all kinds of objects into your toilet as a habit, then you will need to spend money on repairs. All of these objects accumulate along the entire length of the RV’s plumbing.

Besides, it is increasingly difficult for the toilet to function properly. Along with this, the bad odors from all the clogging are building up, which of course only makes the situation worse.

Is Charmin Safe For RV?

Today, not just any type of toilet paper can provide excellent performance for your vehicle. Among them all, Charmin toilet paper may be the most appropriate choice if you don’t want to spend money on plumbing repairs.

Charmin Toilet Paper also provides you with the ability to maintain the life of your vehicle’s various parts. Keep in mind that the vast majority of RVs need some form of pipe repair at some point.

Therefore, you will notice that in a matter of a few minutes this toilet paper can dissolve properly. This allows the toilet to function more properly with each flush.

In particular, it is one of the best elements that will allow you to avoid the bad odors that can accumulate in the bathroom of your RV. Without a doubt, it is also a great way to get a much more pleasant ride at any time. 

Is Sewer Gas In RV Dangerous?

For one thing, all users agree that sewer gas is a very unpleasant factor in an RV. Therefore, it is necessary to do everything possible to keep the odors of these gases from entering the interior of the vehicle.

On the other hand, the bad odor of these gases indicates that there is some component that is very dangerous for people’s health. That is why people detect this gas as a bad smell.

Any other factor that has a bad odor in your bathroom could be harmful to your health. So, it is always preferable to have all the filters and water tank in good condition. It is also advisable to have the most appropriate water level in your RV.

If the vehicle’s pipes are in good condition, it will be much easier to eliminate fumes and odors. In this way, each of the next trips you make with your family will be more pleasant.

Can You Put Bleach In An RV Black Water Tank?

Can You Put Bleach In An RV Black Water Tank

You can make a solution by mixing one gallon of water and one quart of bleach. This is one of the most effective solutions if you want to do a really deep cleaning. Those people who only do surface cleaning in the waste tank do not have the highest results. Even the waste that accumulates could cover the entire interior of the RV with bad odor.

You can also incorporate other cleaning products that allow you to remove as much dirt as possible. As you apply a much more effective cleaning to your vehicle, then space will be healthier.

Conversely, bad odors in your RV’s bathroom are the indicator of accumulated dirt. Without a doubt, this is not only annoying to people, but it is also a factor that can be harmful to your health.

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Can I Use A Plunger On My RV Toilet?

A plunger will be sufficient depending on the exact location of the obstruction. Here, this tool is very effective as the obstruction is increasingly located at the top. So, here the suction force you can apply with this tool will be more than sufficient. Of course, this may not be enough if the obstruction is at a much deeper level.

In this case, you will be able to use some type of acid that can be effective against the blockage. Of course, not just any type of acid can be effective as you could damage the vehicle’s pipe.

Beyond that, it is really necessary to repair and remove any blockage in an RV toilet. Otherwise, odors and debris will build up inside the pipes. In other words, this can be very dangerous to people’s health.

Can You Use Costco Toilet Paper In An RV?

Today, a lot of people need to find efficient toilet paper for an RV. Among them all, Costco toilet paper can provide good results and prevent plumbing failures. Here, too, it is necessary to note that this toilet paper can be disposed of in a very simple and fast manner.

This is important so that pipe blockages can be avoided. Of course, in addition to this, it is necessary to correctly use an RV toilet.

Here, this means avoiding throwing away those objects that cannot be dissolved and are too big. On the contrary, a pipe could get clogged up with waste and odors that are annoying and dangerous to your health. 

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Does Vinegar Dissolve Feces?

Some cleaning chemicals can be effective in an RV toilet. However, when a blockage appears in the pipes many of these products simply don’t work. You can create your cleaning solution to efficiently clear the RV toilet.

Simply mix some vinegar with some baking soda. When you get these two components mixed, you just need to put them in the toilet. After that, you simply have to wait for this solution to clear the pipes. You don’t even need to do anything else to get good results. Some users decide to wait a few minutes and then use a plunger.

Is Special RV Toilet Paper Necessary?

Here, it is necessary to consider that an RV toilet is not the same as the toilet in any home. Therefore, if you do not have toilet paper designed for RV, it is not recommended to use regular toilet paper. If you have no other option, then you should avoid throwing regular toilet paper down the toilet.

The toilet paper designed for RV has a different structure and texture. You may notice that this type of toilet paper can disintegrate much more easily than normal choices. Also, the pipes in an RV are smaller than the pipes in a home.

This is why these pipes can clog much more easily. So, if you want to take care of the life of your RV, it is advisable to always have this type of toilet paper. Also, it will be much easier to avoid bad odors from your car’s bathroom.