How To Sand And Polish Aluminum Wheels

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Aluminum is durable, but it can also get scratched. The article goes on to explain the different products that are needed, the process of sanding and polishing, and finally a few tips for polishing aluminum wheels in order to keep them shiny without getting too many scratches from daily use.

Process Of Sanding And Polishing Aluminum Wheels.

Process Of Sanding And Polishing Aluminum Wheels.

1. First, you should wash the wheel with soap and water to remove any brake dust or other contaminants. Remove any old lacquer, polish, or wax from the wheel with a cleaner.

2. Next, you should use a scuff pad to remove any imperfections on the surface of the wheel. Be sure not to scratch or gouge your wheel as this will make it difficult to polish later on. Once this is done, you need to use a buffing wheel and then some steel wool that has been dipped in white vinegar.

3. Next, wipe down your wheel with some type of degreaser. Use a polish that is designed for wheels made of anodized aluminum because these products are specifically formulated for them and can’t harm them unlike polishes made for steel that may contain chemicals that can damage your wheels.

4. After applying this polish on Aluminum wheels, start buffing it to make it shiny and clean.

5. The final step will be using a clear coat that needs to be applied with an air gun.

10 Safety Instructions To Keep In Mind While Sanding & Polishing Wheels

Safety Instructions To Keep In Mind While Sanding & Polishing Wheels

Sanding and polishing are very important parts of the automotive detailing process. However, if not done meticulously, it may end up damaging the car’s body. Sanding and polishing wheels is a very dangerous job. It can lead to accidents including hearing damage, respiratory problems, burns, cuts, and more. There are some safety instructions that you need to keep in mind while sanding and polishing wheels.

Here are 10 safety instructions to keep in mind while sanding and polishing wheels:

1. Always wear eye protection, gloves, and a respirator.

2. Do not use a power saw to cut metal wheels.

3. Never allow the metal dust to be blown into your eyes or onto your skin.

4. Do not use compressed air or an air hose to clean metal dust from your hands, face, hair, clothes, or work area because it may contain hazardous levels of silica dust particles that are invisible to the naked eye but can enter through the nose or mouth and cause serious health problems such as silicosis which is fatal if left untreated

5. Sanding creates hazardous levels of airborne particles so always work in well-ventilated areas preferably outdoors away from other buildings where the air movement is strongest

6. Make sure gloves are worn at all times

7. Wear protective clothing like goggles or masks

8. Use the right tools for the job like brushes or an air-powered hand sander

9. If a dust mask is needed then use it according to specification

10. Clean up any dust particles on the floor before leaving the workstation

11. Turn off any equipment before leaving the workstation

12. Use eye protection or glasses when polishing, depending on the chemical of polish being used

13. Clean up spills immediately with water only

14. Clean your hands after finishing the work session before eating, smoking, or touching another person’s skin.


As you can see from the above, sanding and polishing aluminum wheels is a lot of work. It is also time-consuming and very messy. So the best way to get the job done without all of that hassle is to hire a professional body shop to do it for you.


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