What Is The Slowest Car In GTA 5?

Last Updated on December 26, 2022 by Leepu Da Maxim

When we consider all the vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto 5, the slowest is the tractor (28.50 miles per hour). The initial acceleration and top speed are the lowest in the whole game. So, it wouldn’t be a good choice for those who need to get away quickly.

Key Takeaways

  • Fieldmaster is the second slowest vehicle in the GTA 5 and it is the modern version of the old, rusty tractor
  • Excavator is a decorative vehicle but you can use it on various difficult and uneven surfaces
  • Dock Handler is another slow vehicle that you will find on the city docks
  • You can purchase Garbage Truck for $1,000,000 in the online version

GTA Vehicle Slowness Ranking

GTA Vehicle NameSlowness Ranking
Dock Handler5/10
Tow Truck6/10
Dump Truck7/10
The Rhino8/10
Armored Truck9/10

Slowest Vehicles Based on Vehicle Classes

Vehicle ClassNameSpeed
AutomobilesStanley Tractor28.50 miles per hour
MotorcyclesFagio Mod74.25 miles per hour
BoatsBuckingham Tug18.50 miles per hour
HelicoptersWestern Company Cargobob99.5 miles per hour
PlanesRM-10 Bombushka84.50 miles per hour

Other Slow Vehicles

1. Fieldmaster


If at any time you want to take a quiet walk, then this vehicle is one of the best for it. However, the most important thing here is that you must count on too much patience, as it is the second slowest vehicle. When we look closely, it is a more modern version of the old, rusty tractor.

The John Deere 7810 tractor has been taken as a reference. That’s why we can see a lot of similarities and a realistic design here. On the other hand one of the main differences with the tractor is that the Fieldmaster could puncture the tires. So, it doesn’t seem to be a very useful option in this game either.

2. Excavator


Here, the range of vehicles cannot be complete without the option used for construction. Of course, it is only an almost decorative vehicle, as it does not provide any benefits. We can notice that it is another of the slow vehicles. However, you could get some use out of it on various difficult and uneven surfaces.

In this sense, its large tires give you the possibility to overcome a lot of obstacles. On the other hand, if the police sirens start to sound, do not expect to escape on the excavator. Of course, you will have access to a good level of destruction, as the excavator can pass over many fast cars.

3. Lawnmower


When you can run faster than a vehicle, then we’re not talking about a very fast machine. That’s what happens with this option when you get the maximum speed. In other words, here you will only get to move even slower than when you simply run with your legs.

Even though mowing the lawn is not an activity in GTA 5, then we can say that this is a useless vehicle, And since it doesn’t provide any special skills, we still don’t understand the actual usefulness of this vehicle. If you see a lawnmower in your path, simply ignore this and move on.

4. Dock Handler

Dock Handler

Here, another of the slow vehicles is the dock handler which of course is located on the city docks. Unlike the previous options, we can mention that this vehicle is a little more useful than the others. It is even a vehicle that the player must necessarily use in one of the main missions.

At the same time, the player may encounter a lot of disappointment and frustration during this mission. On the one hand, it is not only a slow vehicle, but the acceleration seems to be uneven at times. According to some internet users, it is a useless vehicle to which a mission was added later. 

5. Towing Truck

Towing Truck

Luckily, we can name this very slow vehicle, but at least it has some sort of relevant purpose. Here, this vehicle is not within the main mission but in a secondary mission. So, Franklin will have to use this tow truck and help other drivers who need it.

Also, the main difficulty, in this case, will be that it is rather slow and somewhat difficult to drive vehicle. Besides, it is not the only tow truck that can be found in all of GTA 5. When the player investigates the Paleto Bay area, other tow trucks similar to the main option can be found.

6. Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck

Here, we can find another vehicle that can offer very few benefits or advantages for the player. This is more of a vehicle that brings a little more realism to the game. In other words, any real-life city has to have a truck to pick up the trash. That is why it is not convenient to pretend to gain speed with this particular option.

It can also be a dump truck that is only useful when it is on a construction site. In turn, since it is a slow and uncomfortable option to use, it is not very common to see this vehicle on the street. You can purchase this useless vehicle for $1,000,000 in the online version.

7. The Rhino

One of the most expected options in this ranking of slow vehicles is the tank. No one can expect a tank to be able to offer great acceleration or speed. It is also possible to get this great vehicle for 1.5 million dollars in the online version. Beyond that, it is a much more useful vehicle than the previous options.

Of course, since it is a tank it is possible to do a lot of damage in a very short time. This vehicle alone can generate a lot of chaos throughout the city. That is why it is one of the favorite vehicles of users who want to have a lot of fun. Besides, all users have used this vehicle at least once.

8. Armored Truck

Armored Truck

Here one of the advantages is that it is possible to find approximately $3,000 inside this truck. Beyond that, it is not recommended to opt for this vehicle to acquire a high escape velocity. That is why this is a truck that we should add to our list of slower vehicles.

When the player tries to steal this truck, then he can instantly win a 2-star search. From there, the most useful tactic is to change the vehicle for a faster option. However, bulletproof tires can offer some advantages during the escape. Furthermore, it is not possible to store this truck in a garage or modify it in any way.

9. Bus

Last but not least, the bus is another obvious option to include on our list. Even though it is a more realistic version of the game, the speed in real life and the GTA5 are similar. Beyond that, it is only possible to acquire a certain acceleration in a street without traffic and a very long stretch.

However, this is not a very common situation, so it is another useless vehicle that is only good for wrecking. At the same time, the player can have fun and pick up all kinds of passengers along the bus routes.

Useful Vehicles

1. Spring manipulator

2. Towing truck

3. Dump truck

4. The Rhino

5. Armored truck

6. Bus

Useless Vehicles

1. Lawnmower

2. Bulldozer

3. Fieldmaster

4. Tractor