Tesla Model 3 Vs. Toyota Prius Prime; Which One Should You Buy?

Last Updated on February 8, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

The Toyota Prius and Tesla Model 3 are excellent vehicles for environmentally-conscious drivers looking to save on fuel. The Toyota Prius is a hybrid vehicle that uses gas and electricity, while the Tesla Model 3 is a fully electric vehicle. So, which car will be the best option for you totally depends on your driving needs, budget, requirements, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tesla Model 3 is an all-electric vehicle while the Toyota Prius Prime is a hybrid car that combines a gas engine with an electric motor
  • The Tesla Model 3 has a longer driving range on a single charge than the Toyota Prius Prime
  • The Tesla Model 3 will offer a performance-oriented driving experience while the Toyota Prius Prime is specially designed for fuel efficiency and comfort
  • Some key features of the Tesla Model 3 are a large touch screen, semi-autonomous driving capabilities, OTA software updates, etc.
  • Some key features of the Toyota Prius Prime are an 11.6-inch touchscreen infotainment display, a premium audio system, and navigation

Vehicle Overview

Toyota Prius Prime 

The Toyota Prius Prime is giving Tesla a run for its money; it has features comparable to the Tesla Model 3, covers a longer overall distance, and is more affordable. This car offers a driving range of 640 miles with up to 22 miles in an all-electric setting. Its fuel economy is also quite lovely, with a fuel efficiency rating of 54mpg compared to an average of 25 mpg.

The Toyota Prius Prime has an MSRP of $28,200, making it more affordable than the tesla model 3. This car fits an average person’s budget and saves you money on fuel while still being friendly to the environment. The vehicle is available on all-wheel-drive and has a quiet cabin even when the gas engine is engaged.

Like most Toyota models, the Toyota Prius Prime comes with 36,000 miles or 3-year basic warranty, five year or 60,000 miles drive train warranty, and a 2-year or unlimited-mileage roadside assistance cover. This means that you will get immense value for money, and you won’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs for the first years.  

The Toyota Prius Prime is also comfortable and comes with features that drivers love. It has a seating capacity of 5 persons and comes with Amazon Alexa and AppleCarPlay as standard. The rear-seat passengers also get two USB ports for quick access. The car also comes with a massive touchscreen that controls the car’s system.

Tesla Model 3 

The Tesla Model 3 is a fully electric car that costs about $40,000, making it more expensive than the Toyota Prius prime by more than $10,000. This model comes with different upgrades and options, which pushes the price tag even higher.

Being a fully electric car gives the Tesla model 3 advantages and disadvantages over hybrid vehicles. You will need to charge the car at a charging station to fill up the battery and drive longer. The car is fun to drive and accelerates faster than a Toyota Prius prime or any hybrid can.

The vehicle comes with Tesla’s self-drive features making it one of the most innovative cars on the market today. These features are designed to drive the car in limited circumstances with human

oversight. It can steer, accelerate and brake along roads, including navigating interchanges and taking exits depending on the inputted destination. Compared to the Toyota Prius Prime, the tesla model 3 has more smart features.

Tesla Model 3 is great for anyone looking to achieve the best fuel economy and has the latest smart features on their car. If you are not afraid of a new driving experience, go for this car and enjoy its versatile and unique design.

Specifications Of Toyota Prius Prime vs. Tesla Model 3 

Specification Toyota Prius prime Tesla Model 3
Engine 1.8L inline-4 plug-in hybridElectric
Transmission Continuously variable automaticSingle-speed automatic
Drivetrain Front-wheel driveRear-wheel drive
Fuel economy 54 mpg 150 MPGE
Fuel tank capacity 11.4 gallons N/A
Seating capacity 5-seater5-seater
Torque 105lb-ft N/A
Horsepower 121hp@5200 rpmN/A
Battery size 8.8 kWh50kWh
Charge time  5.5 hrs. Charge time @120v, 2 hrs. charge time @240v8.5 hrs. charge time @240v 
Front Suspension Strut Double wishbone
Rear Suspension multilinkMultilink
Basic warranty 36,000 miles or 3 years 50,000miles or 4 years
Corrosion warranty Five years or unlimited mileage Two years or unlimited mileage
Drivetrain warranty 5 years or 60,000 miles8 years or 100,000 miles
Roadside assistance Three years or unlimited milesFour years or 50,000 miles
Maintenance coverage 2years or 25,000 milesN/A

Comparing The Features: Toyota Prius Prime VS. Tesla Model 3


The tesla model 3 has a 50kWh battery that takes about 8.5-10 hours to charge with a 240-v outlet. It can take between 5 hours to two days with a 120-volt outlet to get the battery to full charge. Once fully charged, you can drive the Tesla for about 263-353 miles before having to recharge again.

The plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius Prime has an 8.8kwh battery and an electric motor which enables it to get to 25 miles on an all-electric range. Prius Prime also has a gas engine that allows the vehicle a range of 640 miles when combined with the battery. 

If you are looking to save on gas while being environmentally conscious, the tesla model 3 is ideal for you. If you are looking for an affordable but fuel-efficient vehicle model that cares for the environment better than a gas guzzler, the Toyota Prius Prime will work best for you. Tesla Model 3 is fuel efficient since you only need to recharge it, but the Toyota Prius Prime is convenient since you can use both gas and electricity to drive the car.

Comfort And Cabin Space 

For drivers looking for a spacious trunk and cabin, the Toyota Prius Prime is the better choice. This vehicle has a 19.8 cubic foot cargo area and rear seats that allow you to change the amount of passenger seating and storage space. The tesla model 3 has a cargo space of 15 cubic feet, but its rear seats can also be folded to create more cargo space. Both vehicles have a seating capacity of 5 persons and are comfortable enough. The tesla model 3 has a luxurious interior that gives off modern vibes and simple yet sophisticated elegance. It also has an expansive glass roof as standard and seat heaters for passengers if it gets too chilly.

Technology And Infotainment 

When it comes to infotainment features and technology, the tesla model 3 is the clear winner. This vehicle comes with a hard disk drive media storage, and an entertainment system with a screen display as standard, yet these features aren’t found on the Toyota Prius Prime. Both vehicles have Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity, auxiliary audio input, MP3 player, and smart device integration. The Tesla 3 has an autopilot mode that enables the vehicle to self-drive with the help of human intervention. This vehicle is perfect for tech lovers and those who like smart features on their cars. Some people might take time to get the hang of the tech features, but you enjoy a seamless experience once you do.

Safety Features 

The Toyota Prius Prime comes with better standard safety features compared to the tesla model 3. This vehicle comes with a pedestrian and cyclist detection feature, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, road sign recognition system, and forward-collision warning. The tesla model 3 doesn’t have cyclist detection, and the road sign detection system comes at an extra cost. Both vehicles are considered safe for occupants, but the Toyota Prius Prime comes with better safety features overall.

Final Word

 The Tesla Model 3 and Toyota Prius prime are excellent vehicles for anyone looking for a fuel-efficient hybrid or fully electric car. They are designed for comfort and convenience, and your preference and budget will determine the vehicle you end up choosing. If you want the best fuel economy, then the tesla model 3 should be your pick.

If you are on a tighter budget and want to save more upfront, the Toyota prime will work for you. This vehicle is also ideal if you want familiarity since it looks and drives like a regular car, while the tesla model 3 is different with a trunk on the front. Before you settle on which model to buy, evaluate your budget and preferences to be in a better position to make a wise decision.