The Longest 5th Wheel Camper

Last Updated on January 24, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

SpaceCraft 57′ is 57 feet long and in fact, it’s the longest RV ever manufactured and sold. This vehicle features 7 slide-outs, a carrying capacity of 8,000 pounds of cargo, and 37,000 pounds dry.

Key Takeaways

  • Coachmen Chaparral RVs are fifth-wheel and travel trailer models that are designed for luxury and comfort
  • Keystone Montana RVs include a variety of models, such as travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers
  • Cardinal RVs are available in various models, including fifth wheels, travel trailers, and park models
  • Redwood RVs are popular for high-end luxury and custom-made features like full-body paint, premium appliances, etc.

Average RV Dimensions

Class A33 Feet9 Feet10 Feet
Class B20 Feet8.5 Feet9 Feet
Class C28 Feet9 Feet10 Feet
5th Wheel32 Feet9 Feet8 – 10 Feet
Travel Trailer20 Feet8 Feet11 Feet

What Are The Top 6 5th Wheel RVs?

Fifth-wheel RVs are one of the most popular choices when it comes to taking a long trip. Among all the options out there, this type of RVs provides excellent features in all kinds of locations. 

1. Coachmen Chaparral 

This is a caravan that can offer you a length of 33 feet long up to 41 feet long. So, the capacity allows 4 and up to 11 people to enjoy the interior space of this vehicle. In turn, the maximum dry weight is 12694 lbs. The design incorporates double doors for easy access to the interior of this structure.

Even this unit also usually incorporates an electronic leveling system to adapt the output to all types of surfaces. An automatic awning with LED lighting is also usually incorporated to complement any outdoor environment and provide some shade. The storage space allows people to use lawn chairs and grills without any inconvenience.

The interior of this fifth-wheel camper contains wood cabinetry and drawers complemented by hardtop countertops. The camper was equipped with dining chairs as well as more storage space under the bed and more. You can even add a 55-inch television next to the trio of sofas in the living room. 

2. Keystone Montana

This fifth-wheel camper is one of the most popular units out there on the market. Here, you specifically get a dry weight of over 3000 pounds a length of 33 to 42 feet long, and a 5-person capacity. Beyond that, this unit features a lot of fiberglass to offer strength and decrease the overall weight.

The decreased overall weight of this camper prevents the tow vehicle from having to use a high level of fuel consumption. Also, 2-inch aluminum has been incorporated for the floor and walls. This is more than enough for everyone inside to feel comfortable in this camper.

A 4-door refrigerator is incorporated in the central part of the camper which is all craftsmanship. A 44-inches LED TV and a 22-inch oven can also be placed in it. Moreover, this model of the caravan is one of the most popular ones due to the great number of features it allows to offer.

3. Forest River Cardinal

This unit also has great features as well as an aerodynamic design to decrease wind resistance. The length of this unit is from 34 to 41 feet long and the dry weight is 13000 pounds. At the same time, the interior capacity accommodates up to 6 people in great comfort. On the exterior, a high gloss colored gel coat has been incorporated.

Also, this camper features metal on the top to incorporate extra protection and strength. The easy-access spare tire is combined with loading valves for much more convenient use in different situations. 

4. Redwood RV

In this case, it is an option that provides a length of 37 feet in length and a weight of 18,000 pounds. This unit provides accommodations for 6 persons and incorporates a wide variety of additional features. One of the models incorporates a closed belly design that keeps the floor at a comfortable temperature.

It is also one of the best options for winter camping, thanks to the built-in oven inside. The materials with which this structure has been built serve to keep the heat inside for a longer period. The electric awning is complemented by LED lighting on the outside to enjoy any day and natural environment.

5. Grand Design Solitude 

Finally, another unit of choice for users to enjoy a day of camping or a full weekend is this unit. Here it is a structure with a length of 41 feet and a weight of approximately 14000 pounds. The interior capacity provides the necessary comfort for 6 people.

Here, the customizable capacity of this unit is one of the most remarkable qualities that users are interested in. Besides, the storage capacity provides enough space for all people to carry a large amount of cargo. Entry or exit is much easier, thanks to the elevating step system.

This is constructed with high-strength aluminum as well as other parts of the caravan.

6. Heartland Bighorn

This 43-foot-long unit weighing 14,000 pounds manages to provide enough space for 6 people. Even this camper also uses a streamlined design with different features that optimize comfort inside.

Also, it is a caravan that can improve the insulation capacity in any season. The interior layout is so suitable that it considers comfort for passengers and a large amount of storage space.

Users will enjoy a 46-inch TV and a high-end sound system that occupies very little space of the total interior space. All features and functions provide the most versatile and comfortable experiences when it comes to using a caravan in different natural spaces.