Top 10 CHP Motorcycle Helmets (Best 10 Options!)

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Are you not entirely sure about full-face helmets? Do you want to go on a motorcycle trip and need a high-quality helmet? These circumstances, among others, can make a person need a high-quality helmet to deal with all kinds of situations.

Anyone who owns a motorcycle needs a helmet of some sort. People who have cruiser motorcycles or street motorcycles usually choose a CHP helmet.

That’s why we are going to show you the ten best options on the market and a complete analysis of the main aspects of a helmet. We also answer the most frequently asked questions so that anyone can choose the best helmet by reading on.

What Are The Best CHP Motorcycle Helmets?

Here, we’ve outlined the ten best options that are available today for the user. So it will be much easier to find the best helmet according to each user’s needs and pretensions.

Best Overall: Torc T5020PCH21

It incorporates the best overall features such as comfort, the structure’s durability, and easy operation.

Best For Subtle Design: Daytona Motorcycle Helmets

In addition to offering comfort and safety, this helmet incorporates a subtle low-profile design.

Best For Unisex Helmet: Torc T5005SE24

Whether men or women, both can get protection and comfort with this helmet.

Best For Exclusive Motorcycles: Vega Retro Open Face Helmet

For motorcycles with an exclusive design, this helmet is an ideal complement offering excellent protection.

Best For Long-Distance Trips: Wheeling Motorcycle Bike

When it comes to head and eye protection combined with acceptable comfort, this helmet is the best choice.

Best For Beginners: Torc Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Beginner users will have the possibility to use this helmet due to its comfort and ease of use.

Best For Young Bikers: GLX Motorcycle Helmet

Aerodynamic design and excellent structure are complemented by eye protection for fast motorcycles.

Best For Innovation: Bell Mag-9 Open Face Helmet

Beyond good safety and community protection, this helmet incorporates an innovative and aerodynamic design.

Best For Cold Climates: Raider 26-611-15 Open Face Helmet

When it comes to comfort and temperature control, a helmet, this unit is preferable.

Best For Light Bikes: Bell Pit Boss Helmet

It is a lightweight helmet that provides adequate protection and great freedom of movement.

The Best CHP Motorcycle Helmets – Comparison Chart

Here, you will find a table with the outstanding features of each helmet for those who do not have much time. It allows giving a superficial and complete view of all the options.

Best CHP Motorcycle HelmetsIt’sIt’s Best ForWeightColor
Torc T5020PCH21Best Overall3.2 lbsFlat White PCH
Daytona Motorcycle HelmetsBest for Subtle Design2.15 lbsDull Black
Torc T5005SE24Best for Unisex Helmet3.2 lbsGloss Black 1978
Vega Retro Open Face HelmetBest for Exclusive Motorcycles2.5 lbsBombs Away
Wheeling Motorcycle BikeBest for Long-Distance Trips1.9 lbsEPS
Torc Open Face Motorcycle HelmetBest for Beginners6 lbsFlat Black Weathered Silver
GLX Motorcycle HelmetBest for Young Bikers2.1 lbsMatte Black
Bell Mag-9 Open Face HelmetBest for Innovation3.5 lbsSolid Gloss Titanium
Raider 26-611-15 Open Face HelmetBest for Cold Climates3.2 lbsGloss Black
Bell Pit Boss HelmetBest for Light Bikes1.6 lbsBlack / Grey

Top 10 Best CHP Motorcycle Helmets Reviews In 2021

Here, we will find the reviews of each of the best quality products we have found on the market. This reading will be more than enough to be able to choose the best CHP motorcycle helmet. We recommend you read to learn about the features, specifications, pros and cons, and any other details.

Best Overall: Torc T5020PCH21

Key Features

1. DOT approval

2. Oval-shaped helmet

3. Snap button system

4. Three guts included

Product Specs

ColorFlat White PCH
Weight3.2 lbs

1. Excellent interior comfort

2. Removable and washable pads

3. Excellent durability structure


1. Not very subtle design 

Those who enjoyed an open-face unisex helmet can opt for this particular option. It is a helmet that is perfect for different road trips. Moreover, this helmet is DOT approved, so the functionality is reliable and safe. 

On the other hand, excellent padding material has been incorporated inside to protect the wearer throughout the entire trip. These materials are removable for proper maintenance and a simple sink. It is a set of cushions that provide an extraordinary lifespan. 

The different sizes available are excellent. All this will be more than enough to enjoy a cruiser motorcycle, a street motorcycle, or a host of other motorcycles. 

Best For Subtle Design: Daytona Motorcycle Helmets

Key Features

1. Compatible with cruiser motorcycles

2. Subtle and classic design

3. Visor compatible

4. Simple designs

Product Specs

ColorDull Black
MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
Weight2.15 lbs

1. For any head size

2. High resistance structure

3. Interior design with padded materials


1. Intermediate-level strength

One of the classic options available to users today is this motorcycle cruiser helmet. It is one of the most popular choices for veteran motorcyclists who have a lot of experience with these vehicles. In such a way, this helmet is one of the most popular helmets these days.

In this sense, materials of excellent strength and durability have been used for the entire outer structure. Undoubtedly, this can provide a high level of safety and protection when facing any traffic accident on the street. 

The interior design features padded materials and expanded polystyrene. So, this material manages explicitly to adapt to each of the curves of the head of any motorcyclist. It is essential to avoid pressure zones in the helmet.

Finally, the different designs offer different black and white colors. It is a must for those who want to find a subtle and simple design in a helmet. It is even one of the best options for those who have a vintage-style bobber motorcycle.

Best For Unisex Helmet: Torc T5005SE24

Key Features

1. DOT approval

2. Three viscera included

3. Five snap button system

4. Universal fit 

Product Specs

ColorGloss Black 1978
Weight3.2 lbs

1. Ideal for men and women

2. Removable inner padding and cushions

3. Good resistance structure


1. Poor face protection 

Here is another helmet with a retro design that can convince more than one motorcyclist. In this case, it is a glossy black 1978 helmet. The interior design combines some colors with different alternative drawings. In such a way that people will have the possibility to choose the best option according to each personality.

The five snap buttons system can also be complemented by the three viscera included with this helmet. In this way, it is possible to have certain protections against water or direct sunlight. Even this 5-button system is perfect to be able to remove the visor when it is not needed.

The excellent quality standards that have been incorporated in the manufacture of this helmet provide reliable and safe use at all times. When it comes to urban cruiser motorcycles, street motorcycles, or bobber motorcycles, this helmet can complement the style excellently.

Both the interior comfort and exterior durability will give any user an ideal result. It can be perfect for long-distance commuting or small daily rides. 

Best For Exclusive Motorcycles: Vega Retro Open Face Helmet

Key Features

1. Compliance with DOT safety standards

2. Lightweight and versatile structure

3. Compatible with various motorcycle models

4. Eye protection

Product Specs

ColorBombs Away
Weight2.5 lbs

1. Exclusive retro design

2. Plush lining inside

3. High resistance structure


1. Intermediate level of adaptability

Another popular choice these days is this helmet with a Retro design in different styles. There is the perfect design for both men and women with various motorcycles. Whether it is a street motorcycle, cruiser motorcycle, scooter, or other types of motorcycle, it is possible to find the ideal helmet.

This helmet incorporates eye protection that is deployable and can be adapted to any weather conditions. The inside of the helmet is made of padded material. It prevents any kind of pressure area or discomfort on the head.

Besides, the headliner is removable to implement an efficient and complete cleaning. In this way, it is much easier to apply Ecuador’s maintenance to have a helmet of excellent quality at all times.

The exterior is made of polycarbonate and materials of excellent resistance. It is essential to avoid or reduce damages in any traffic accident. Also, the ABC thermoplastic alloy shell complies with the safety standards established by DOT. So any motorcyclist will be able to ride with more excellent reliability. 

Best For Long-Distance Trips: Wheeling Motorcycle Bike

Key Features

1. Release strap

2. Moisture-wicking materials

3. Lightweight construction

4. Interior padded materials

Product Specs

MaterialFlat Black
Weight1.9 lbs

1. Easy to use

2. No mushroom head appearance

3. Excellent shock absorption


1. Less protection than an open-face helmet 

Those who wish to keep a low profile when enjoying a motorcycle ride can opt for this helmet to do so. In this case, this helmet is approved and complies with the safety standards set by the DOT. So people can count on an excellent level of comfort and safety when riding on any road.

The 100% polyester suede interior fabric allows for the comfort that any motorcyclist is expecting. However, this material can also wick away moisture to keep your head cool throughout the ride. It can be ideal when it comes to long-distance riding or sweltering days.

As if that wasn’t enough, this helmet also incorporates a nickel silver flag attached to the surface of the helmet. In this way, two designs can be obtained to choose the most appropriate one according to his personality. 

Moreover, the quick-release quick ratchet buckle is made of high-quality metal. The helmet must remain secure at all times to protect the rider’s head.

Best For Beginners: Torc Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Key Features

1. Design for men and women

2. Wide variety of simple designs

3. DOT approval

4. Wide variety of sizes

Product Specs

ColorFlat Black Weathered Silver
Weight6 lbs

1. High level of interior comfort

2. Highly durable and resistant structure

3. Removable cushions for easy washing


1. It does not offer a universal fit.

This model may be one of the best options available when it comes to finding an excellent helmet for beginner motorcyclists. The structure provides the superb durability that any motorcyclist needs when riding on the road or the street.

Three guts have also been incorporated here, along with a five-snap button system. It will allow users and riders to interchange any type of visor quickly and easily. So the use of this unit is one of the simplest available these days.

The suede fabric has been incorporated on the inside to provide great comfort and softness to all users. Even the cheeks contain a material that is removable for quick and easy cleaning. It makes it much easier to carry out quick and easy maintenance. 

Best For Young Bikers: GLX Motorcycle Helmet

Key Features

1. Meets DOT certification standards

2. Microfiber materials inside

3. Eye protection

4. Quick-release buckle

Product Specs

ColorMatte Black
Weight2.1 lbs

1. Lightweight and easy-to-use structure

2. Ideal for any type of motorcycle

3. Soft and washable interior material


1. Intermediate level of durability 

One of the most suitable options for young motorcyclists and undoubtedly this half motorcycle helmet. It is excellent as you can adapt the performance of this helmet to any type of fast motorcycle. Young people who enjoy speed will avoid acquiring a helmet that is too heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Additionally, the materials incorporated in the interior allow it to offer any user the durability and comfort they need at all times on the road. So, here people will be able to make long-distance or short-distance trips while staying protected at all times.

As if that was not enough, the design is subtle and different sizes are incorporated so that each user can find the most suitable one. There the lifespan of this helmet is excellent as long as you do not suffer any kind of traffic accident too seriously. 

Finally, the quick-release strap is another of the components most valued by people. In particular, this strap is adjustable and allows you to adapt this helmet to different users. Moreover, it is an element that is very easy to use due to the quick-release operation.

Best For Innovation: Bell Mag-9 Open Face Helmet

Key Features

1. DOT safety standard compliance

2. Option with and without visor

3. Aerodynamic design

4. Speaker pockets

Product Specs

ColorSolid Gloss Titanium
MaterialPolycarbonate, ABS
Weight3.5 lbs

1. Versatile and adaptable use

2. Innovative and exclusive design

3. Resistant and light structure


1. Intermediate quality of ventilation system

When people want to enjoy different motorcycles, this open-face helmet can be a very convenient choice. This is a motorcycle helmet that provides excellent durability and strength to protect the rider’s head at all times. This functionality is one of the essential features that you can get in this helmet.

Moreover, the interior design is compatible with headsets or intercom systems to expand any ride’s possibilities and comfort. This communication port is complemented by pockets that can be used for speakers. All these features can make a trip a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience at all times. 

Inside, padded material has been incorporated to provide safety and mid-level comfort to the users. Along with that, the ventilation system has been included to deal with the wind in some sense. 

So, this is a helmet that can take care of the safety of a driver from different aspects. It will be more than enough when drivers want to enjoy a long-distance ride or high speed and adrenaline experience.

Best For Cold Climates: Raider 26-611-15 Open Face Helmet

Key Features

1. Lightweight thermoplastic housing

2. DOT approval

3. Snap-on visor

4. Simple and elegant design

Product Specs

ColorGloss Black
Weight3.2 lbs

1. Pleasant temperature inside

2. Excellent level of comfort and softness

3. Easy-to-use snap-on visor


1. Intermediate level durability

One of the helmets that can offer great functionality to most users is this open-face design unit. This helmet incorporates a snap-on visor that allows customizing this helmet’s operation on any type of motorcycle. Along with this, people will be able to remove or use this visor very easily.

The cost-benefit ratio of this unit is one of the most convenient options that exist today. A retro and elegant appeal has been complemented with a structure of excellent resistance. It is essential for those users who do not wish to spend a great deal of money on a good helmet.

Beyond that, it is a helmet that incorporates an interior design with unique materials and a thermoplastic shell. This allows for keeping the ideal temperature inside the helmet even in cold weather. That is why it is not only a perfect choice for motorcycles and ATVs but also snowmobiles.

Best For Light Bikes: Bell Pit Boss Helmet

Key Features

1. Ultra-lightweight design

2. Eye protection

3. Quick-release buckle

4. Wide variety of designs and sizes

Product Specs

ColorBlack / Grey
MaterialFabric, Plastic
Weight1.6 ounces

1. Versatile and adaptable design

2. Excellent resistance structure

3. DOT safety standard compliance


1. Intermediate face protection

Last but not least, this option may be one of the most suitable when it comes to protecting the rider’s head in different places. In principle, it is a helmet with a very lightweight that convinces most users who have light motorcycles. 

Many people who engage in risky riding on sports motorcycles can choose this helmet. While the ultra-lightweight of this helmet has been incorporated here, it still complies with DOT safety standards. So it remains one of the most reliable and safe options that will protect users.

Soft and comfortable materials have been incorporated to optimize the motorcyclist’s experience. One of the available options is a drop-down sun visor or a removable neck curtain. In particular, this allows for improved comfort when riding a motorcycle from day one.

CHP Motorcycle Helmets Buying Guide: How To Choose A Good Helmet?

To find the best possible helmet, we have considered some fundamental factors of all options. In particular, it is a set of familiar elements of all helmets. You could make the wrong buying decision if you don’t look into this buying guide.

1. Structure: The structure is one of the most critical factors of the durability and resistance they can offer. Of course, the best options should meet DOT safety standards. It ensures that the user will be able to get a good result during a traffic accident. 

2. Visor: Only in some cases can a projection be included in half helmets or open face helmets. When this happens, the user will have the possibility to customize the helmet and obtain additional functionality. In itself, a visor can be handy to avoid rain, or direct sunlight can become a problem during the ride.

3. Interior Materials: Each helmet’s interior can always include different materials that provide a certain comfort and softness. It is essential to consider this aspect since, in some cases, expandable polystyrene or some type of fabric can be incorporated. Different materials have different lifetimes and provide different levels of comfort.

4. Weight: Of course, the importance of a helmet is essential as not all helmets weigh the same. Both the materials and the helmet design are crucial aspects and determine whether a helmet is heavy or light. It is essential to get a lightweight helmet so that the rider does not have to deal with a high riding discomfort level. 


1. What Is The Best 3/4 Helmet?

To get the best helmet of this type, it is necessary to consider the frame’s quality and interior comfort. There are also additional aspects such as eye protection and the design of each helmet.

2. How Much Safer Is A Full-Face Helmet?

Compared to open face helmets, a full-face helmet can provide some additional functionality. However, both types of helmets are equally safe and can protect the head in any traffic accident. Full-face helmets can optimize comfort on a trip.

3. Are More Expensive Helmets Safer?

Sometimes the most expensive helmets may be the safest, but it doesn’t always work that way. Some helmets are more expensive simply because different details or unique designs are incorporated. Beyond that, the safety of costly helmets or other cheaper options can be the same.

4. What Is The Lowest Profile Open Face Helmet?

To get a low-profile open face helmet, you need to get a black color option without any additional details. These types of helmets are not flashy at all, and here we have considered several options of this type. 

My Top Picks

Once you have gotten this far, you will have all the information you need to choose the best helmet for all kinds of situations. The most important thing is choosing a helmet that can provide safety, comfort, and style to any motorcyclist. 

My top picks are Bell Mag-9 Open Face Helmet and the Wheeling Motorcycle Bike. Each can deal with all types of motorcycles and situations. So, by having any of these helmets, users will have the possibility to enjoy truly pleasurable and satisfying riding experiences.


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