Top 10 Infant Motorcycle Helmet (Best 10 Options!)

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Infant Motorcycle Helmets are the most important item for traveling. Here are the Top 10 Infant Motorcycle Helmets.

Are you going on a motorcycle trip? Do you want to take your children on this trip? If so you should consider a helmet that provides all the right features.

Helmets should be worn by anyone who is traveling by motorcycle. The use of helmets for children is much more important because they are more fragile.

So, here we analyze the best features of the 10 most convenient options today. We also analyze the main aspects of each option and answer frequently asked questions about this topic. 

What Are The Best Infant Motorcycle Helmets?

Here is a summary of the top 10 best infant motorcycle helmets. With a glance, you will be able to determine which option to look at next.

Best Overall: Schwinn Kids Helmet

This helmet offers the best qualities for the youngest children with comfort and functionality.

Best For Complete Protection: Razor Child Full Face Helmet

The structure is of great strength and durability to protect any child.

Best For Comfort: Joovy Noodle Helmet

The comfort when using this helmet is suitable for hot days as well as cold days.

Best For The First Trip: Schwinn Infant Helmet

Simple and appropriate features are included here for children making their first trips.

Best For Great Design: Raskullz Mohawk Toddler Helmet

A great design has been incorporated to make the children so unique and special.

Best For Ventilation: Nickelodeon Infant Helmet

Here the airflow is optimized for a perfect ride on hot days.

Best For High-Level Choice: Bell Mag-9 Open Face Helmet

A full-face helmet with all the features of adult helmets.

Best For Impact Absorbing: HJC IS-33 II Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The level of shock absorption is high to increase the level of protection.

Best For Half Helmet: Vega Helmets 7850 - 021

The classic half helmet design includes the best features for children.

Best For Simple Protection: Radio Flyer Infant Helmet

For city motorcycle travel this helmet provides simple and convenient features.

The Best Infant Motorcycle Helmets – Comparison Chart

In this case, we mention each option and its most important functionality. This provides a quick analysis for those who do not have much time.

Best Infant Motorcycle HelmetsIt’s Best ForWeightColor
Schwinn Kids HelmetBest OverallBlack, White, Blue8.16 oz
Razor Child Full Face HelmetBest For Complete ProtectionMatte Blue1.05 lbs
Joovy Noodle HelmetBest For ComfortRed1.06 lbs
Schwinn Infant HelmetBest For the First TripBlue, White, Red15.84 oz
Raskullz Mohawk Toddler HelmetBest For Great DesignBlack, Indigo1.06 lbs
Nickelodeon Infant HelmetBest For VentilationAll Paws Blue design0.6 lb
Bell Mag-9 Open Face HelmetBest For High-Level ChoiceBlack5.28 lbs
HJC IS-33 II Open Face Motorcycle HelmetBest For Impact AbsorbingAnthracite4.4 lbs
Vega Helmets 7850 - 021Best For Half HelmetBlack and Blue3.04 lbs
Radio Flyer Infant HelmetBest For Simple ProtectionRed1 lb

Top 10 Best Infant Motorcycle Helmets Reviews In 2021

Here, we analyze the 10 best options that are available today in helmets for children. This information will be very helpful in making a definitive choice.

Best Overall: Schwinn Kids Helmet

Key Features

1. For children from 1 to 3 years old 

2. Dial adjustment system

3. Enhanced protection

4. Ventilated design

Product Specs

ColorBlack, White, Blue
Weight8.16 oz

1. Adequate protection

2. Constant airflow

3. Excellent comfort level


1. Limited designs

Protecting a child can be an easy thing to do once you consider this children’s helmet. In principle, it is a helmet that can incorporate different designs to choose the most suitable one according to the tastes of each child. Moreover, it is a set of high-quality and durable designs that will last for a long time. 

Also, the excellent quality structure allows protecting the head of any child in all kinds of circumstances. This helmet can be used both on a motorcycle and on a bicycle. In either of these situations, the full coverage micro-shell can provide some extra protection.

Moreover, to make a child much more comfortable an optimized ventilation system has also been incorporated. This is a ventilated design that provides excellent functionality on hotter days.

This includes a constant airflow that prevents overheating when using this helmet. Undoubtedly one of the best options for those who want to travel and have fun while being excellently protected.

Best For Complete Protection: Razor Child Full Face Helmet

Key Features

1. Full head coverage

2. Versatile functionality

3. Inner padding

4. For children from 8 to 14 years old

Product Specs

ColorMatte Blue
Weight1.05 lbs

1. Excellent ventilation system

2. Fast and simple operation

3. Good level of comfort


1. Reduced mobility

When it comes to enjoying a motorcycle ride or any other similar activity this helmet can protect a child’s head in various circumstances. Here, it is a full-face helmet that fits the head of a child from 8 to 14 years old. All that is needed is the right size to provide the best protection for a child.

The inner padding prevents a child’s skull from being permanently in contact with the plastic. So, this is excellent for enhancing the level of comfort that can be obtained from the use of this unit. It is even an ergonomic, safe and comfortable interior that can adapt to the specific shape of any child’s head.

For the hottest days, this helmet incorporates 17 high-quality vents. This can be excellent when the child is riding a motorcycle or any other similar vehicle. Easily and simply any child will have the possibility to travel without worrying about too hot days.

At the same time, the structure features excellent durability thanks to the thick outer shell. The face space is more than ample to combine this helmet with any type of glasses.

Best For Comfort: Joovy Noodle Helmet

Key Features

1. Available for girls 19 years old

2. Adjustment dial

3. Meets CPSC safety standards

4. Incorporates visor

Product Specs

Weight1.06 lbs

1. Structure of excellent durability

2. High level of comfort

3. Good ventilation system


1. Intermediate lifespan

Another way to protect a child is to opt for this motorcycle or bicycle helmet. Here, it is one of the most comfortable options due to the interior design of this helmet. For this purpose, a soft material has been used that does not generate any kind of discomfort to children. It is also a very easy and quick to use option due to its accessories.

The adjustment dial provides excellent adjustability to this helmet that keeps it in place throughout the trip. In turn, it is an adjustment dial that is very easy to use at all times. An extended visor is also incorporated to optimize protection and safety when riding in bright sunlight.

The ventilation system incorporates 14 air outlets. Each of the front vents is fitted with an insect screen. So, comfort when traveling on the road or elsewhere takes all these aspects into account. 

Best For The First Trip: Schwinn Infant Helmet

Key Features

1. Adaptable to children from 0 to 3 years old

2. Interior padding

3. Durability and protection in the front

4. Universal fit

Product Specs

ColorBlue, White, Red
Weight15.84 oz

1. Easy dial adjustment system

2. Excellent resistance casing

3. Ultra-light ventilation system


1. The durability of the intermediate buckle

All children who wish to take their first motorcycle or bicycle trips will have the possibility to opt for this helmet for excellent protection. Here, it is a set of helmets that can perfectly fit really small children. Besides, a certain design is incorporated so that they will have fun and always want to use their helmet before starting the trip.

At the same time, the ventilation system makes things easier and is a great way to travel on any hot day. This ventilation system ensures proper airflow and keeps the child’s head cool at all times. It is even a ventilation system that is ultra-lightweight and has not added any additional hassle. 

Moreover, the dial fit is combined with full-range padding so that every child can enjoy wearing this helmet. The soft and efficient material inside keeps children from feeling uncomfortable. Among all the options available today it is one of the most complete helmets that also incorporates an integrated visor for very sunny days. 

Best For Great Design: Raskullz Mohawk Toddler Helmet

Key Features

1. Glow-in-the-dark printed design

2. Flexible 3D Mohawk

3. For children over 3 years old

4. PVC shell

Product Specs

ColorBlack – Indigo
MaterialPVC, EPS
Weight1.06 lbs

1. Excellent level of protection

2. Acceptable interior

3. Wide variety of models


1. Half helmet design

When it comes to getting protection, there is no need to have a helmet that is too boring. C

This helmet should be bought for children over the age of 3 to have a lot of fun whenever they ride a motorcycle. By simply taking the measurements of each child’s head, it is possible to obtain the ideal size for them to feel comfortable on every trip. 

On the other hand, expanded polystyrene foam has been incorporated inside so that the helmet adapts specifically to the shape of the children’s heads. Even this material provides great comfort and softness that does not create any kind of obstacle to enjoying a motorcycle ride.

As if that were not enough, there is a wide variety of designs so that children have the possibility of choosing the most suitable one according to their tastes. This type of helmet also incorporates aerodynamic vents that improve airflow on hotter days. In short, it is a great helmet to absorb impact shock and protect children. 

Best For Ventilation: Nickelodeon Infant Helmet

Key Features

1. Air vents and overhead vents

2. Separate dog patrol cushion set option

3. Upper housing with additional protection

4. 360° dial adjustment

Product Specs

ColorAll Paws Blue design
Weight0.6 lbs

1. Optimal airflow

2. Excellent durability structure

3. Comfortable and proper fit


1. Intermediate level comfort

This TV channel also has its helmet for kids that has some advantages. Kids will have the ability to have their favorite TV characters on top of their helmets. Also, the 360° day adjustment is more than adequate when it comes to improving the fit and comfort of this helmet to the child’s head.

Also, hot days will no longer be a problem for children as they will have the possibility to count on an excellent ventilation system. Here, the appropriate slots have been integrated to offer children maximum comfort and temperature reduction. So, any child will be able to feel very comfortable even on hot days.

Moreover, the structure of this helmet features excellent durability and strength. This can be more than adequate to properly protect the child’s head when traveling by motorcycle or bicycle. For that, you need to get the right helmet according to the workshop required by each child. 

Best For High-Level Choice: Bell Mag-9 Open Face Helmet

Key Features

1. DOT-approved helmet

2. Integrated communication port

3. Built-in ventilation system

4. Face protection

Product Specs

MaterialABS – Polycarbonate
Weight5.28 lbs

1. Excellent for use with headphones

2. Option with or without visor and screen

3. Excellent durability structure


1. Limited sizing

When it comes to having a high-quality option this open face motorcycle helmet may be the best choice for good protection. Here, it is a helmet that allows you to enhance any travel community due to its many features. It is possible to have speaker pockets or Bluetooth connectivity.

Besides, the structure is made up of ABS and polycarbonate to improve the comfort and protection that each user can get. Anyway, it is a helmet that is very comfortable to use both on a motorcycle trip and any other similar trip. Here simply users will have the possibility to protect their children by having this helmet.

As if that were not enough this helmet has the possibility of being used with or without a visor to be able to adapt to days with a lot of direct sunlight. You can even do the same with the front screen to enjoy the wind or good protection against insects. In short, this helmet can adapt to any type of motorcycle situation.

Best For Impact Absorbing: HJC IS-33 II Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Key Features

1. Advanced ducted ventilation system

2. Built-in screen and sun shield

3. Aerodynamic noseband with large grommet

4. Adaptable interior

Product Specs

BrandHJC Helmets
Weight4.4 lbs

1. Excellent for hot days

2. High-density shock absorbing structure

3. High comfort level


1. Intermediate durability

Another way to protect children on a motorcycle trip is by buying them this kind of helmet. In this case, it is a helmet that has advanced functions and features to optimize any trip. On the one hand, the structure is made of high-density polycarbonate that can provide the best protection to the head of children and any user.

The inner lining has a high density, which means that the shock absorption is excellent. This can be one of the most convenient features when it comes to finding a helmet that is safe to use. At the same time, this helmet can be used with any model of the motorcycle as it provides good results.

Children will be able to feel much more at ease thanks to the sun shield that is combined with the retractable screen. This protects against wind, insects, and intense sunlight. Also, the ventilation system is excellent in providing a continuous flow of safe air. 

Best For Half Helmet: Vega Helmets 7850 - 021

Key Features

1. Wide variety of designs

2. Sunscreen included

3. DOT safety compliance

4. Quick-release buckle

Product Specs

ColorBlack and Blue
BrandVega Helmets
Weight3.04 lbs

1. Light and comfortable structure

2. Suitable for all types of motorcycles

3. Moisture absorbing materials


1. Intermediate protection for children

Another helmet that is widely used these days is this half helmet design that incorporates some features that should be taken into consideration. So, that children will be able to feel safe and confident when using this helmet that incorporates a structure of excellent durability and strength. 

The excellent exterior designs are complemented with a visor that is to lessen the problem of direct sunlight during a trip. At the same time, it is a type of helmet that has a wide variety of sizes for children and also for adults. So, that all of them will have the possibility to enjoy the same protection on a motorcycle trip.

As if that were not enough, the interior can absorb moisture, while the rest of the material allows cooling and provides greater comfort of use. Moreover, the quick release buckle is very easy to use and provides the necessary adjustment at all times. 

Best For Simple Protection: Radio Flyer Infant Helmet

Key Features

1. Ventilation grids

2. For head circumferences from 48 to 54 cm (18 to 17 in.)

3. Classic design

4. Complies with safety standard

Product Specs

BrandRadio Flyer
Weight1 lb

1. Quick and easy to use

2. Guaranteed airflow

3. Adequate protection


1. Not recommended for very young children 

When it comes to motorcycle travel, this helmet can also be excellent and optimal for it. It is a helmet that includes a suitable design and a wide variety of sizes to choose the best one for each child.

The structure provides adequate durability and is combined with an adjustable dial. This will be more than enough for a child to have the comfort and protection they need on any motorcycle trip.

Finally, the buckle at the bottom is very easy to use and ensures that this helmet always stays in place. So children who use this helmet will feel protected when traveling by motorcycle and in any other option.

Infant Motorcycle Helmets Buying Guide: How To Choose A Good Helmet?

The following aspects are important to choose the best motorcycle helmet for children.

1. Structure: The structure is determined not only by the design but also by the materials from which it is made. It is recommended to choose a helmet with hard and resistant materials. This will allow a child to be much better protected.

2. Design: As with adult helmets, children’s helmets also have different designs. Thus, the most appropriate one should be chosen depending on the type of motorcycle or the type of trip to be made.

3. Interior: The interior should have soft and comfortable materials for daily use. In some cases, the material may have the ability to absorb moisture.

4. Ventilation System: Most helmets incorporate an adequate ventilation system. Each of these systems is different and helps improve airflow to the head.


1. At What Age Can A Baby Wear A Bike Helmet?

Babies as young as 12 months can wear the smallest bike helmets available. 

2. Do They Make Helmets For 1-Year-Olds?

Some helmets have been developed for children 1-year-old and older. These helmets have a particular design and features.

3. Does A Child Have To Wear A Helmet On A Motorcycle?

Everyone riding a motorcycle must wear a helmet, especially children. This is not only a legal requirement but also one of the most important elements of protection.

4. My Top Picks

When the right helmet is chosen, both children and people can travel safely on a motorcycle. The most important aspects here are wearing comfort and safety.

My top picks are Bell Mag-9 Open Face Helmet and the HJC IS-33 II Open Face Motorcycle Helmet. Either of these options considers all the important aspects of motorcycle travel. So people, including children, can feel safe once they use any of these options.


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