[The Ultimate Canine Car Seat Protection] Dog Car Seat Covers Reviewed

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You’re planning to take Fido on a drive. You want to strap him on the backseat, but there’s a catch. He may end up ripping your precious car seats or covering your neat upholstery with fur. Since you don’t want that to happen, you’re now looking for the best car seat protector for dogs.

All marketplaces are full of options. Without a guide, you may end up picking a cheap and ineffective seat. But that won’t happen, not while this article watches.

Here, we’re making life easier by bringing you seven of the best-selling dog car seat protectors. That way, you can choose a reliable and functional item. Here’s a list of products we’ll hover around:

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Comparing The Best Car Seat Protectors For Dogs

If you don’t wish to read the entire review, this table shows the most important details for you: 

Car Seat Covers For Dogs BrandsProduct Dimensions (inches)Weight (pounds)Price Or Price Range
Active Pet Store10.24 x 8.27 x 4.332.73 $36.96 and $45.96
URPOWER14.57 x 13.74 x 4.5 4.17 $35.96 to $45.96
VIEWPETS15.71 x 10.94 x 5.59 3.35 $25.42 to $34.99
OUTFITTERS14.5 x 11.2 x 3.4 3.15 $30.99  to $35.99
Lassie12.56 x 10.94 x 5.35 3.64 $49.96 to $53.99
Via16.22 x 12.83 x 3.543.5$39.99

Now, see which of these covers fits well with your car and canine friend:

1. Dog Back Seat Cover by Active Pets Store: Best For All Dog Breeds

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1. Product Dimensions: 10.24 by 8.27 by 4.33 inches

2. Weight: 2.73 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. Easy to install

2. Waterproof material

3. Comfortable for the dog

4. Easy to clean

5. Provides maximum safety to your dog

Has Velcro openings to allow your seat belt to plug through

What You Might Not Like

1. Not for hot climates

This is a cover designed with Active Pets 4-layer advanced fabrics. It sits nicely in the backseat to stop dog pee and muddy cakes from passing through.

It comes in two sizes and multiple colors. The sizes are XL and Standard, with XL costing $45.96 and the Standard size for $36.96. In terms of color, you can get it in black, blue, pink, or orange.

You can use this dog car seat cover in either the hammock, bench, or trunk style. Those different options give it maximum functionality.

Buyers say that it fits well and has strong clips. Also, it’s adjustable, and your dog can’t poke holes in it, however hard he pulls–thanks to the rubber layer.

So, if you’re looking for something to keep your back seats pristine, this is it!

2. Car Seat Cover For Dogs by URPOWER: Best For Small-To-Medium Dogs

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1. Material: Cotton, Polypropylene

2. Auto Part Position: Rear

3. Package Dimensions: 14.57 by 13.74 by 4.5 inches

4. Weight: 4.17 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. It comes with protective side flaps

2. It covers your entire back seat

3. Wear proof and waterproof

4. Safe and non-slip

5. Easy to clean and install

What You Might Not Like

1. Not for huge dogs

This is yet another best-selling car seat canine protector. It comes in three styles, like the previous product: hammock, car bench, and cargo liner.

In the hammock mode, you’ll find an anti-skid zipper. That feature will prevent your dog from falling. Also, the same zipper helps you to change the cover to other modes.

You won’t have to worry about any wetness getting through because of the 4-layer fabric. It comes in two sizes:

1. Standard: 58 by 54 for $35.96

2. X-Large: 64 by 60 for $44.96

And whichever size you choose, you’ll get it in either of these colors:

1. Black with orange

2. Grey

3. Khaki

4. Light brown

Satisfied customers say that the product is of excellent quality. It’s durable, so you won’t be buying any other dog car seat cover for a while. If you’re looking for solid performance, don’t let this one pass you.

3. Bench Car Seat Cover By VIEWPETS: Best For Bull Dogs And Other Medium-To-Big Dogs

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1. Package Dimensions: 15.71 by 10.94 by 5.59 inches

2. Weight: 3.35 pounds

3. Auto Part Position: Rear

What You’ll Like

1. Serves both dogs and passengers

2. Non-slip mesh at the bottom

3. Waterproof material on top

4. Easy to clean and install

5. It comes in a universal size to fit most cars, if not all

What You Might Not Like

1. It may be too large for some cars

This bench car set cover gives your dog all-around comfort. Also, it keeps your car upholstery clean from poo, pee, and furry fur. Apart from pets, you can also use it with aggressive and unsettled passengers, like kids.

The item comes in four colors:

1. Black for $32.19

2. Grey for $25.42

3. Sage Green for $34.99

4. Tan for $31.83

With those options, you can pick a color that will blend perfectly with your interior.

For successful buyers, this VIEW PETS cat seat cover offers top-notch seat protection. Also, it is of excellent quality, and while it may be too big, it is manageable. For others, they’d give it a 10-star rating, only that 5 is the limit.

So, how about that for one of the best car seat protectors for dogs? Grab it here.

4. Quilted Dog Seat Cover By HONEST OUTFITTERS: Best For Large Dogs

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1. Package Dimensions: 14.5 by 11.2 by 3.4 inches

2. Weight: 3.15 pounds

3. Material: PVC and Polypropylene

4. Auto Part Position: Rear

What You’ll Like

1. An excellent design coupled with side flaps

2. Sizeable

3. Non-slip feature backed by seat anchors

4. Easy to clean

What You Might Not Like

1. It won’t fit well in HD trucks

2. The factory odor

HONEST OUTFITTERS brings you this anti-scratch and wear-proof dog seat cover. With the convertible side flaps, your dog won’t drool on the seats. Also, it comes with storage pockets. So, if you’re driving for a long time, you’ve got space for Fido’s kibble.

It comes in two different sizes:

1. Large (60 by 57) for $30.99

2. X-Large (64 by 61) for $35.99

Like the previous one, this car seat protector for dogs has four layers of material. That speaks comfort to the dog, which will leave you without worry and concern.

Customers of this quilted seat cover say it’s great for big dogs. If your dog sheds a lot, it will cover that back seat from end to end. That way, you won’t need a car vacuum cleaner to fur out your seats.

If you’re looking for a sturdy product, pick up this HONEST OUTFITTERS itemNo products found. as soon as you can.

5. Back Seat Dog Car Seat by Lassie: Best For Medium-Sized Dogs

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1. Package Dimensions: 12.56 by 10.94 by 5.35 inches

2. Weight: 3.64 pounds

3. Material: Polyester

4. Auto Part Position: Rear

5. Vehicle Service Type: Car

What You’ll Like

1. Has side flaps

2. Clean and 100% waterproof

3. Safe because of the non-slip feature

4. Comfortable and durable

5. Easy to install, easier to clean

What You Might Not Like

1. The factory odor

Lassie is another successful brand, and you’ll like this product. This dog car seat protector is well-constructed and has tough stitching. The excellent craft prevents Fido from scratching.

Also, it uses heavy-duty fabric to suck in all the dog drool before it gets to your seats.

It comes in the following size variations:

1. Standard (58 by 54 inches): $49.96

2. X-Large (65 by 60 inches): $53.99

Customers of this seat say that it’s very durable. Also, it provides excellent airflow, which improves Fido’s appetite. When air moves freely, your pup won’t feel sickly.

If you find that hard to believe, check this review out.

Anyone looking for a perfect partner for pet transport should buy this. It will protect your seats, your pets, and your space while improving your car’s interior.

6. Dog Cover For Back Seat By Vailge: Best For Dog Safety

No products found.


1. Package Dimensions: 16.22 by 12.83 by 3.54 inches

2. Weight: 3.5

3. Material: Leather

4. Auto Part Position: Front

5. Vehicle Service Type: Car

What You’ll Like

1. It has a premium mesh visual window

2. Bears a side-flap design

3. Waterproof

4. Non-slip to offer your dog safety

5. Easy to install and clean

6. Storage pockets

What You Might Not Like

1. The XL straps may not fit in your truck’s headrests

Vailge says that details determine quality. And when you look at this car seat protector, you’ll admire how they make it. It converts easily between hammock and bench mode so that you and your dog can share the backseat.

Safety is crucial; that’s why this car seat cover has multiple head straps. If you insert them into the dog’s seat belt, your dog won’t get injured. I’m sure you want Fido in one piece, even in an accident, right?

This Vailge car seat cover comes in one black, X-large size costing $39.99. 

Customers say this is the type of product that keeps your dog alive in a car crash. How do you ask? Well, read this review to see how impressive this car seat protector is.

If this Vailge product tickles your fancy, why don’t you shop for it here?

Final Verdict

You won’t go wrong with our number 1 option, No products found.. It combines safety and comfort without costing too much. So, if you’re okay with spending up to $45 on a car seat protector for dogs, pick this one up.

The shortlist covers the best car seat protectors. So, if the Active Pets cover doesn’t pique, choose another. As you do, check the following boxes:

1. Ease of installation and cleaning

2. Seat covering style (back, front, bench, hammock)

3. Materials of make

4. Extra padding

Now that you’ve come to the end of the article, leaving a comment will be amazing. Also, don’t forget to share with other pet parent drivers.

See you in the next one!