Unlocking A Locked Car Without A Key (Easy-to-follow Guide!)

Last Updated on January 26, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

There are many ways you can unlock a locked car without a key. For example, you can a Slim Jim tool or a coat hanger to manually unlock a locked car. You can also unlock a locked car by calling a locksmith or roadside assistance service. 

Key Takeaways

  • If your car has a spare keyless entry fob then you can unlock the car using a car key programming tool
  • You can also unlock a car with shoelaces but for that you have to find the traction locking mechanism and then lift it up
  • You can also unlock a car using a thin spatula but it works effectively on horizontal locks

Common Ways To Unlock A Locked Car Without The Key

Ways To Unlock A Locked CarDescription
Tennis BallInsert the tennis ball with a hole in it to turn the lock.
ShoelaceShoelaces are inserted inside to open the door from the inside.
Coat HangerIn horizontal locks, the hook of a hanger allows the car to open.
Screwdriver And RodThe screwdriver allows space for the rod to open the car.
SpatulaThe spatula is inserted to be able to open the car as it is a fragile object.
Inflatable WedgeInstead of using a screwdriver, this tool opens the car door without damaging it.
Strip Of PlasticThis element is inserted to open the car door.
Lock PickThese tools require professional use and can open any lock.
LocksmithA local locksmith will be more than enough to open a car lock in a few minutes. 

How To Open The Lock Of A Car Without The Key 

Losing your car keys can be a terrible thing, although some solutions can open the vehicle without the keys themselves. Some of these ways require everyday objects, while other solutions are easy to implement.

1. Tennis Ball

Many users have tried this method that allows you to open a car door. For this, it is necessary to make a small hole in the tennis ball. Then this hole must be inserted over the keyhole. After pushing it far enough, it only remains to turn the ball.

Here, the ball’s force should be more than enough to unlock the car and open the vehicle. For this, it is advisable to have a high-quality tennis ball. It happens as high-quality tennis balls are made of hard and resistant materials. Therefore this provides better strength when turning and unlocking the car.

2. Shoelaces

This technique may take some time and patience to apply correctly. Here, it is a matter of finding the traction locking mechanism and bringing it upwards. It might also require the implementation of a hand tool for the best results.

A small loop should be tied to push the shoelace into the lock then. The circle should be placed around the safety so that it can then be pulled upwards. It should be enough to be able to unlock a car and work on several vehicles. 

3. Using A Hanger

When dealing with horizontal locks, a hanger may be best suited to open the door without the key. However, a hanger will only work with this type of lock, so it is not worth trying with other waves. Using a wire hanger, unscrew the central part.

After getting a hook, you must insert this through the door. Here it is simply a matter of locating the turn-around lock and pulling it out. It may require some time to find the location of the coil inside the door. Whenever dealing with horizontal safety, the hanger is one of the most foolproof methods.

4. Screwdriver And Rod

Here, it is not possible to choose just any type of screwdriver as the wrong choice could damage the interior or the inside of the vehicle. However, a thin screwdriver may be the best option to open the door without causing any damage.

Here, the procedure is similar to when the use of a metal hanger is required. The screwdriver should be used to get some space. Then, the rod is used to be able to push the lockout and unlock the vehicle.

5. Using A Spatula

A thin spatula is always one of the tools that most households have. This spatula should be inserted similarly to the previous rod, or a metal hanger was inserted. Here, the goal is to insert the pry bar in the right place to find the lock.

This method, as well as the previous two methods, usually works effectively on horizontal locks. After finding safety, simply push inward to unlock the vehicle. It usually takes no more than a few minutes.

6. Using An Inflatable Wedge

Instead of using a screwdriver to create some room, you can use an inflatable wedge. It can be a much more reliable method since you will not be using a metal object that can cause damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle. 

Even this tool can be handy when a person wants to open their car door without the key in just a few moments. Of course, it requires an adequate budget to acquire this tool, although it avoids any damage to the vehicle’s paint layer. 

7. Using A Strip Of Plastic

All that is needed here is to bend a strip of plastic so that it is strong enough to fit through the lock. The plastic strip must be strong enough not to break in the attempt.

The user only needs to insert the plastic strip when it is a horizontal lock. Once this material is inserted, the safety must be found and pulled to unlock the vehicle.

8. Professional Tools

Many people have a lock pick, which is a set of metal fittings. All of these items require a proper technique to be used correctly. However, a lock pick can be a suitable and professional option to open any lock.

Learning how to use these tools can be a bit arduous and requires a high level of patience at the beginning. In this case, the user will have the ability to open car locks and any safety type when needed.

9. Car Assistance Provider Or Locksmith 

Finally, either of these two options may be what you truly need to be able to open your car door once and for all. Even this way, you could avoid performing some unproven techniques that could further damage the car lock.

So, before producing damage or making the situation worse in any way, a local locksmith may be the most convenient option. All of them have all the necessary knowledge and tools to unlock the vehicle door in a few minutes. Moreover, locksmiths do not cause any damage to the vehicle.