What Does Code 82 Mean Chevy Spark? (Meaning And How to Reset)

Last Updated on December 17, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

One day, you are driving your Chevy Spark, and you get a “code 82” message; what do you do? Most drivers panic when they don’t know what the message means; you don’t have to. Code 82 on a Chevrolet spark reminds you that it’s time for an oil change.

Key Takeaways

  • If you see the code 82 on a Chevy Spark then it means you have driven 7,500 miles and now it’s time to change the oil
  • You can drive the Chevy Spark with the “code 82” message as the message doesn’t signify any emergency but you should schedule an oil change as soon as convenient
  • When you change the oil, you have to reseat the Code 82 on a Chevy Spark so that the vehicle’s computer system will monitor the engine oil life again

What causes the Code 82 notification on your Chevy Spark?

As already mentioned earlier, the Code 82 message on your Chevrolet spark reminds you that your car is soon due for an oil change. This notification isn’t classified as a high alert or requires immediate action, but you need to act on it within a reasonable period.

Changing the oil on your Chevy will ensure that the engine operates efficiently. There are various benefits of changing your engine oil on time, and they include:

  • Keeping your engine clean because sludge, dirt, and debris are removed when oil and filter are changed on time
  • Prolonging engine life due to lubrication
  • Ensuring that your engine parts are working well with minimal wear and tear
  • Improving  gas mileage because friction n the engine is minimal
  • Enhancing engine performance; when you change your oil on time, your engine works better because there is no buildup of dirt or sludge

As time passes, the engine oil you put in your Chevrolet spark starts collecting dirt, dust, and residues as t lubricates the various engine parts. When the oil passes through your engine, it passes through a filter that sieves out some residues. As the filter gets clogged with residue, it becomes less efficient. This causes the engine oil to have more residue and lose its purity. When the engine oil is contaminated, it becomes less efficient in carrying out its lubrication duties.

If your car stays so long without an oil change, it reduces performance and efficiency and risks damaging some engine parts. Keeping up with recommended oil change intervals helps to elongate the lifespan of your vehicle and ensures you don’t experience any oil-related problems. This simple maintenance practice can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

When the code 82 notification comes up on your Chevrolet Spark, set aside some time to visit your auto shop, although it is not dangerous to drive with this notification, continuing to drive for long with dirty oil can damage your engine and reduce its lifespan.

When you’ve already had an oil change and replaced the filters, your mechanic will reset the code on your Chevy Spark. Sometimes they may forget to reset it, but the good news is that you can do it yourself. Let’s take you through a step-by-step guide on how to reset code 82 on your Chevy spark.

How do I get rid of code 82 on a Chevy Spark?

To get rid of code 82 on Chevrolet Spark, you need to schedule an oil change service. After the oil has been changed, your mechanic will reset the code 82 notification. If the mechanic forgets to reset the code, you can do it yourself. Below are the steps you should follow to reset code 82 on your Chevy spark:

  • Turn the key to the “on” position
  • Press the menu button on the right side of the dashboard
  • Press the menu button or arrows until you get to oil life
  • When you keep pressing, the word reset will be displayed
  • Press and hold the set or clear (written as SET/CLR) button until it gets to 100%
  • The code 82 will clear; press the menu again to go back to the main screen.

Is it safe to drive with code 82?

Yes, it is safe to drive, but you need to get your oil changed. The code 82 notification is a reminder to change your oil. It doesn’t signify any significant problems with the vehicle. However, driving with dirty oil strains your engine and makes the parts wear out faster. When the code 82 notification comes on, you will need to visit your mechanic within a week.

Common fault codes on chevy spark

Other than the 82 fault code, our chevy spark may display other error codes. Let’s look at some of the common error codes on Chevy Spark and their meaning:

Error codeWhat it meansSymptomsCommon problems
Code 35An idle air control valve is faultyEngine stallingIdle too low or too highDeposits on the idle air control valve air passages and a faulty idle control valve
Code 59Open circuit on the fluid temperature sensor circuitCheck engine lightTransmission temparature sensor
Code 53High system voltageErratic engine performance and erratic performance of electrical system componentsFailed voltage regulator
Code 65Attempted theft occurred, and the alarm stopped it from happeningAlarm goes offSomeone trying to start the car without keys Attempted to break on the door
Code 95Faulty airbags and seatbeltThe defective airbag control moduleChanging airbags and seat belts after an accident

Fixing code 82 on Chevy Spark

Code 82 acts as a reminder that your oil needs to be changed. When this light comes on, make an appointment with your auto shop or mechanic to have the oil changed and filters replaced. Once this is done, the mechanic will reset the error code. Sometimes, they may forget but resetting it is easy, you need to follow the steps outlined earlier, and the code will go away.