What is the Recommended GMC Sierra Oil Type? (Let’s find out)

Last Updated on February 18, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

The best oil type for your Sierra depends on the specific model, year and engine displacement. A GMC Sierra can use Dexos or SAE 5W-30, 0W-30, or OW-20. If you reside in a region where the temperature goes lower than -20F, GMC recommends using SAE 0W-30.

Key Takeaways

  • The latest GMC Sierra models have a recommended oil type of synthetic blend or full synthetic 5W-30 motor oil
  • If you are a owner of GMC Sierra and not sure what type of oil you should use then you can check the owner’s manual or consult a professional mechanic
  • When deciding the recommended GMC Sierra oil type you should consider the viscosity rating of the oil
  • You will find the recommended viscosity rating for your GMC Sierra from the owner’s manual

How Do You Determine the Right Oil for the GMC Sierra?

The best way to know the recommended oil type for your Sierra is to check the oil fill cap or owner’s manual for specific details. Synthetic oils are better for GMC Sierra because they have high oxidation resistance.

They are resistant to sludge formation and harmful deposits in your engine and have excellent low-temperature flow. They also ensure that the engine runs smoothly and increase its lifespan when changed regularly.

Oil changes are a crucial part of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, and you should always ensure you use the right oil type in the appropriate quantities. You should also check oil levels regularly to ensure your car operates at an optimal state.

This article directs you through all you need to know about GMC Sierra oil type, how often you need to change it, how to check the oil and everything to help you ensure your engine is functioning in an optimal state. Please stick with us to the end!

What oil is recommended for the 2021 GMC Sierra?

What oil is recommended for the 2021 GMC Sierra

GMC recommends and uses the dexos1 5W30 full synthetic oil for the 2021 GMC Sierra. You can also use the SAE 5W-30 synthetic oil as an alternative. The right oil weight for your car is determined by the type of engine on your Sierra.

For instance, the 2.7-liter turbocharged engine’s recommended oil weight is 0W-30. The V8 engines use a 0W-20 which is excellent for even temperatures below zero. The 4.3L V6 engine uses 5W-30 oil.

When it’s time for an oil change, always ensure you use the correct type of oil to prevent damage to the engine. Other oils recommended for the GMC Sierra include the ACDelco gold conventional oil and Mobil1. GMC and other manufacturers always recommend a reliable oil brand with exceptional anti-wearing and lubrication properties.

What is the Difference between Conventional and Synthetic oil?

If you’ve noticed the higher price of synthetic oil compared to conventional oil, you must have asked yourself what the difference is and why synthetic oil is so expensive. We have the answer for you. 

Synthetic oil is made artificially using chemicals that feature only crude oil’s best properties. Conventional oil, is refined from crude oil. The process of manufacturing synthetic oil makes it cleaner and more refined, thus lowering the risk of engine sludge and buildup; it also flows better than conventional oil.

Synthetic oil also has a longer lifespan than conventional oil; thus, your GMC Sierra can go longer without needing an oil change.

Synthetic oil Conventional oil 
It breaks down slowly, thus protecting your engine longer and guaranteeing excellent performanceIt breaks down faster and needs to be changed more frequently
It can handle higher temperatures     Handles low to moderate temperature
Lasts for up to 7500 miles without needing an oil change    Lasts approximately 3000 miles before needing an oil change
Best for heavy-duty trucks    Ideal for light-duty trucks and small cars

How Often Should I Change the Oil in a GMC Sierra?

How often should I change the oil in a GMC Sierra

Oil changes are crucial for the functioning of your vehicle’s engine; that’s why you need to keep up with the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. For a GMC Sierra, you need to change the oil after every 3000-5000 miles if using conventional oil and after every 7500-10,000 miles if you use fully synthetic oil.

Check the owner’s manual or consult your dealer about your specific engine and recommended schedule.

Besides oil changes, you need to check the oil level frequently to ensure your oil is sufficient. Most newer vehicle models come with a digital gauge on the dashboard that indicates the current oil level and oil life. Even with this gauge, it is advisable to check oil manually to ensure that the indicator is correct.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Checking Your GMC Sierra’s Oil Level

  1. Pull the hood release to open the hood
  2. Locate the dipstick, which is mostly on the left side of the engine. The dipstick has a conspicuous circular handle that is either orange or yellow to make it easily visible
  3. pull the dipstick to remove the long piece of metal from the engine
  4. Wipe the dipstick with a clean cloth
  5. Put it back, then remove it again to check the oil level
  6. The dipstick has markings showing the minimum and maximum oil levels, ensuring the level is not too low or too high.
  7. If you see something unusual such as an oil leak, or burning smell, contact your mechanic immediately because such issues may cause engine damage which is costly to repair.

What is the importance of an oil change in GMC Sierra?

Sometimes when an oil change is due, and you have a lot on your schedule, you might think of skipping that service altogether. If you’re like me, you’ve probably asked yourself what would happen if you didn’t change the oil in your GMC Sierra.

Motor oil has tremendous benefits on your engine, and skipping an oil change risks your investment. Below are some of the benefits of motor oil in your vehicle engine. These benefits might motivate you to change the oil in your GMC Sierra regularly.

How much will it cost to change the oil in a GMC Sierra?

The cost of an oil change for a GMC Sierra ranges between $120-$150 for both parts and labor costs. Labor costs range between $35 to $50 while parts cost between $85 and $100. The cost may vary depending on where you get the service done and the oil type. 

With a GMC Sierra, you can use a wide range of oil, including ACDelco conventional oil, ACDelco dexos 1TM Full synthetic, and Mobil 1 full synthetic. Conventional oil is cheaper, but synthetic oil lasts longer and works better with high-performance GMC Sierra.  

The cost of an oil change also varies depending on the engine your Sierra has and the oil quantity it needs. For the 4.3L and 2.7L V6 engines, you will need 6 quarts of oil, and for the 5.3L V8 and 6.2L V8, you will need approximately eight quarts of engine oil.

Final Word: Does the Oil Brand Used in GMC Sierra Matter?

The brand of oil you use in your GMC Sierra doesn’t matter as long as it’s of the right quality and weight. However, using the oil type recommended by the manufacturer gives you peace of mind because you are certain that you are using a quality product.

Using the recommended oil type doesn’t void your warranty, and you are sure you are doing the best for your car because the manufacturer has already tried and tested that product before recommending it.

If you want your GMC Sierra to serve you for many years without experiencing any major issues, ensure you keep up with recommended maintenance, including oil changes. Use the right oil and filters for the best results. If you can afford synthetic oil for your GMC Sierra, go for it as it will take you longer and keep your engine clean. Happy driving!

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