When Should You Use The Tow-Haul Mode? (Easy Steps!)

Last Updated on January 28, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

Tow/Haul mode should be used in certain situations such as hauling a heavy load, towing a trailer, or driving in hilly areas. This driving mode allows the upshifts of the transmission to be delayed and the information to downshift automatically. This optimizes performance and reduces the likelihood of overheating.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are towing a trailer or hauling a heavy load then you should use the Tow-Haul mode to avoid damaging your vehicle
  • When you use the Tow-Haul mode, it adjusts the transmission shift points and engine braking to increase the performance of the vehicle
  • The Tow-Haul mode prevents the transmission from overheating and reduces the risk of damaging the engine or transmission
  • When you are driving on steep inclines or in hilly terrain, you should use the tow-haul mode

When And How To Use Tow-Haul Mode Correctly.

Recommended Surfaces Or RoadsThis driving mode delivers its results off-road, on country roads, steep roads, or all types of rough roads.
Roads Not RecommendedIt is not recommended to use this driving mode on a highway or a flat road with no traffic or flowing traffic.
Fuel ConsumptionUsing this driving mode always requires more fuel consumption, so it should be used when necessary.
Heavy Load TrailerManufacturers set a heavy load weight limit to start using this driving mode.
Results ObtainedThis driving mode avoids overworking the engine while optimizing the revolutions per minute.

Can I Use Tow-Haul Mode On The Highway?

Some modern trucks and other large vehicles have started to incorporate tow-haul models for a while now. This is a unique driving mode that must be used at specific times, for example, when transporting a heavy load. Of course, this button must be used at particular times, as mentioned by each manufacturer.

Some manufacturers provide the owner’s manual which contains all the information available to know how to use this driving mode correctly. To use this driving mode, some vehicles require a certain weight in the heavy load.

Other types provide a slightly more flexible mode of use. In any case, it is necessary to know the precise function of this driving mode before starting to use it.  

The Primary Function Of Tow-Haul Mode

It is essential to note the precise operation within the vehicle when using this driving mode. There is a change in transmission shift cycles when using this driving mode. Some drivers may feel much more comfortable using this driving mode instead of the normal one.

This is usually used when a large and heavy load must be transported. Even in some situations, such as driving over hills or steep terrain, it is also possible to use this driving mode. Here, the user will notice that engine wear is reduced or directly avoided.

This can be necessary and useful in all those areas or winding roads where the driver has to brake and accelerate too many times. This driving mode works similarly to overdrive. However, this is precisely the driving mode to avoid overdrive.

Problems within the engine will be much less frequent using this driving mode. In such a way, the engine is more protected while increasing the number of revolutions per minute. 

Towing In The Right Place

This driving mode can be helpful and correct, considering the weight of the load to be transported or the terrain to be driven on. Using this driving mode for an off-road trailer, a rural trailer, or a trailer in the city is an excellent way to perform all these activities efficiently.

Braking and increased workload at low speeds will be much more efficient while using this driving mode. This can be very useful in places with heavy traffic or residential streets that are very small. There are other times when it is unnecessary to use this driving mode.

People choose to use this driving mode on a flat surface with very little traffic, such as an empty road. Using this driving mode with these conditions can affect gas mileage. Of course, anything that affects gas mileage ends up hurting your budget. 

Additionally, it should be considered that using this driving mode provides greater efficiency at higher workloads. So, in this sense, the vehicle consumes a more significant amount of fuel. However, using this driving mode when it is not necessary does not provide any benefit while the car consumes more power.

So, using the tow-haul mode on a highway with smooth traffic or any other place with a flat and smooth surface is not applicable. Before using this driving mode, it is recommended to read the owner’s manual to understand each manufacturer’s specifications. 

Additional Considerations For Using The Tow-Haul Mode

Using this driving mode is only one of the tools to transport heavy cargo without any additional failure or damage. However, it is not enough as you need some towing accessories suitable for transporting the hefty load. Some of these accessories can be a stabilizer bar to distribute the weight evenly.

A bell kit is also often incorporated when the objective is to reduce suspension sag. In most cases where damage is found after transporting heavy loads, it is due to improper use of the vehicle by the driver. Using this driving mode only provides more power from the engine.

However, the rest of the vehicle’s parts are not prepared to support excessive weight. It can be much cheaper to purchase an accessory kit for towing or hauling heavy loads about repairs for damage that might occur in many cases.

Of course, the owner’s manual should be consulted to use the tow-haul mode properly. Beyond that, it is only a part of learning how to use a vehicle in the correct way to transport heavy loads without encountering damage later. 

Also, it is advisable to use a vehicle with a low speed when using this driving mode. This will help to prevent any damage when you only use this driving mode up to 60 miles per hour.