Why Are 4runners So Expensive? (Inc. Five Reasons)

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The main reason 4runners are expensive is that they are durable, reliable, and affordable to maintain. These features make the vehicles have high demand which makes the price significantly high. Used 4Runners are also expensive because they retain their value quite well.

Key Takeaways

  • Toyota 4runner is an incredible off-road SUV that comes with impressive features and fantastic performance
  • The higher demand for the Toyota 4Runner makes the price higher in the market
  • The 4Runner is designed for off-road driving and it is also another reason that play a very important role on its price
  • The limited production of the Toyota 4Runner contributes to its exclusivity and higher price

How Much Does A 4Runner Cost?

Before we tell you why 4Runners cost an arm and a leg, let’s take you through the price of different 4runners. The price of these vehicles varies depending on their age or year of manufacture. 4Runners hold their value pretty well, and this makes even used ones quite costly. A brand new 4Runner can cost anywhere between $36,500 and $50,500, while a used one can cost anywhere from $15,000 upwards, depending on the model and age.

Here’s What You Expect To Pay For A Preowned 4Runner For Different Model Years.

Model year Price range 
2020 $32,950- $43,425
2017$25,975- $35,425
2016 $23,175 -$ 32,550 
2015$21300- $30,825
2014$20,225 – $25,075
2013$18,500 – $22800
2012$16,825- $21,200
2011$15,625- $18,900 

Buying a pre-owned 4Runner is cheaper than getting brand new, but the price tag is still relatively high. When buying a used car, it is advisable to get a warranty that will cover you if you need any major repairs or maintenance.

Below is a table showing how much you expect to pay for different models of brand-new 4Runners.

4Runner model  MSRP
TRD Sport $40,150
Trail special edition $39,275
SR5 premium $40,715
TRD off-road$41,135
TRD Off-road premium$44,080 
Limited $46,90
TRD Pro$52,120

As you can tell from the tables above, 4Runners are pretty expensive compared to other midsized SUVs. Let’s look at what contributes to their price.

Five Reasons Why Toyota 4runners Are So Expensive

Five Reasons Why Toyota 4runners Are So Expensive

Below are some of the reasons why 4runners has a high price tag.

1. They Are Reliable 

The Toyota 4runner ranks above average in reliability ratings for midsized SUVs. According to RepairPal, the 4Runner scores 4 out of 5 in reliability rating and ranks 9 out of 26 midsize SUVs, with an average reliability rating of 3.5. The reliability rating for the 4Runner has been consistent year after year.

Other than the reliability index, the 4Runner is also reliable in all measures that determine reliability. You can count on the vehicle to get you to your destination without stalling; it is inexpensive to maintain and doesn’t need any frequent or severe maintenance. When all these factors are brought together, the 4runner becomes a highly sought-after SUV. This increase in demand translates to a rise in the vehicle’s price, thus making it expensive.

2. Low Maintenance Cost

Even though the 4Runner is a reliable SUV, it will still require essential maintenance from time to time. The cost of these repairs is significantly lower than other SUVs of the same class. Research shows that the annual average repair cost for a 4runner is $515 compared to $575 for midsize SUVs and $652 for all vehicle models.

The frequency of repairs on 4Runners is also rare, and most of the time, these repairs are not severe. The low maintenance cost makes 4Runners expensive because most people are willing to sacrifice and pay a high price upfront for convenience.

3. They Hold Their Value 

4Runner ranks among the top best vehicles that hold their value. In a period of 5 years, the 4Runner will only have lost 35% of its value. This high resale value makes buyers want to get the brand new, thus increasing demand and making the price higher. The ability to hold their value makes even preowned 4Runners expensive since they lose very little value.

4. They Are Rugged And Come With Impressive Features

The Toyota 4Runner is not your average SUV; it has a rugged and durable construction that guarantees years of use and reliability. The vehicle is ready for adventure and also works an incredible daily drive. This SUV is designed for safety and has a system that detects any drifting and makes corrective tweaks to keep the vehicle in the lane.

That’s not all; the 4Runner is spacious and can accommodate 7 to 8 persons. It’s an excellent vehicle for anyone with a large family or someone who enjoys taking trips with a group of friends. It is perfect for on-road driving with occasional off-road trips from time to time. When all these features are brought together, they make the 4Runner worth every penny you spend on it.

5. High Demand

You don’t need to have a background in economics to know that every product with a high demand attracts a high price. The Toyota 4Runner has ranked among the top 20 most popular vehicles for years. This demand gives the manufacturer leeway to increase the vehicle’s worth. Pre-owned cars, their price is high because there are not many of them being sold. 4Runner owners tend to hold onto their cars for years; their demand becomes higher than the supply, making them expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions On Toyota 4Runner

1. Is A 4Runner Worth The Money?

Yes, if you can afford it, a Toyota 4Runner is well worth the amount you spend on it. The vehicles are reliable with impeccable performance, thus guaranteeing value for your money. These vehicles also hold up their value quite well compared to other vehicles making them a worthy buy. If you want to get the most value for money out of your 4runner, buy a preowned one over a new one.

Q. Is 4runners Fuel Efficient?

Yes, 4Runners are fuel-efficient; they have 19 miles per gallon on the highway and 16 miles per gallon in the city.

Q. Why Is It Called 4Runner?

The name was coined from the term forerunner to emphasize the vehicle’s 4×4 capability and capacity to accommodate four persons.

Wrapping Up

As a car enthusiast, you must be aware that every good vehicle has a high price tag attached to it; that’s the case with the Toyota 4Runner. If you want a midsize SUV that will not disappoint in terms of performance, go for it. With this vehicle, you are guaranteed impeccable value for your money and long years of use. It is an excellent buy for on-road users who want to hit the trails over the weekend or every once in a while. Ask anyone who owns a 4Runner, and they’ll tell you the vehicle is expensive but worth it.