Why Are Toyota Tacomas So Expensive? Includes Five Reasons

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Toyota Tacoma is a midsize truck that has a simple and classic design. They are good for off-roading as well as driving in the city. Both new and used Tacomas are expensive because they are dependable and long-lasting, and they also hold their value quite well.

Key Takeaways

  • The price of the Toyota Tacoma ranges between $26,050 to $46,665 but varies depending on the specific trim and year of manufacture
  • One key reason Toyota Tacoma is expensive is its high demand compared to the availability in the market
  • Toyota Tacomas are highly reliable and offer longevity and it is also a major reason of the high price among other pickups
  • Toyota Tacomas are known for their high resale value thanks to the construction of Tacomas, which adds to the cost
Year of manufacture Trim Style MSRP
2022 SR4WD SR Double cab 5’bed v6 AT$32,765 
SR5 4WD SR5 double cab 5’bed V6 AT$35655
TRD Sport4WD TRD Sport double cab 5’bed V6 MT$35,800
TRD Off-Road4WD TRD OFF Road double cab 5″ Bed V6 MT $35,825
Limited 4WD limited double cab 5’bed V6 AT$42,330
TRD Pro 4WD TRD pro double cab 5’bed v6 AT$48,640 
2021 SR 4WD SR Double cab 5’ Bed V6 AT$32,665 
SR5 4WD SR5 Double cab 5″ Bed V6 AT$35,555
TRD Sport 4WD TRD Sport double cab 5” Bed V6 MT $35,700
TRD Offroad 4WD TRD off double road cab 5’bed v6 MT$37,530
Limited 4WD Limited double cab 5′ Bed V6 AT$42,230
TRD Pro4WD TRD pro double cab 5′ Bed V6 AT$47,030

As you can tell from the table above, the Toyota Tacoma is not your average pickup truck. It is more costly compared to other compact pickup trucks of its class. What makes it this expensive? This article takes you through five reasons why Toyota Tacomas are costly. Keep reading!

Top Five Reasons Why Toyota Tacomas Are Expensive

Top Five Reasons Why Toyota Tacomas Are Expensive

1. It Is Designed For Impeccable Performance 

One of the major reasons the Toyota Tacoma is expensive is that it is a performer, and drivers will not mind paying a high price for its quality.  The SR5 and SR trim come with a 2.7L four-cylinder engine that gives off 159 horsepower. It also has an option of 3.5 liter v6 engine that gives off 278 horsepower and has faster acceleration. It comes with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. The Toyota Tacoma models with the V6 engine have a fuel efficiency of 19mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway; models with the base engine deliver up to 20 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the road.

The Toyota Tacoma is well known for its impeccable off-road performance; the TRD Pro and TRD off-road trims come with unique suspension tuning, locking rear differential, skid plates, and shock absorbers, making them handle the trails impressively well. These vehicles also have composed handling and responsive steering, giving them a smooth and sporty ride.

If you want a pickup that meets all your towing needs, the Toyota Tacoma will come in handy for you. It has a towing capacity of 6800 pounds and a max payload of 1685 pounds. All these amazing features that improve the vehicle’s performance add up to the cost and make the Toyota Tacoma expensive.

2. The Toyota Tacoma Has Impressive And High-End Interior Features 

The overall quality of interiors in the Toyota Tacoma is excellent. The doors and seats are made from the best high-quality materials. The seats on the car are comfortable and spacious, and the driver’s seat is power-adjustable to enable you to achieve a comfortable driving position. The back seat is designed to ensure that child car seats fit well and are safe throughout the ride. The cargo space on this vehicle is worth noticing; it is available with either 6″ or 5″ bed with adjustable bedrails and tie-downs.

3. They Have Some Functional And Expensive Infotainment Systems

Vehicles made with the latest technology tend to cost more than others because most of these features and accessories are expensive. The standard infotainment system on the Toyota Tacoma comes with a touch screen and physical control for easier control of the audio setting and climate even as you drive. You can also connect your smartphone to the touchscreen system using amazon Alexa, android auto, or apple car play and enjoy your favorite music. When you buy a Toyota Tacoma, you are paying for the convenience of having all these systems in your car.

Below is what you get for infotainment features on a Toyota Tacoma:

1. 7-inch touchscreen 

2. Android auto

3. Apple car play

4. Amazon Alexa

5. A six-speaker sound system

6. Three USB ports

7. Bluetooth

8. Satellite radio

9. Voice recognition

10. Wireless device charging 

11. A six-speaker JBL stereo

12. Navigation and dual-zone automatic climate control

4. Toyota Tacomas Are Reliable 

Toyota Tacoma is an excellent vehicle for anyone looking to buy a reliable and well-equipped truck for handling off-road trails. You can depend on this truck to get you to your destination without breaking down. You won’t need to make regular trips to the garage except for basic scheduled maintenance with this vehicle. According to consumer reports and J.D power, the Toyota Tacoma has a reliability rating of 91-100, making it rank among the most reliable trucks of its kind. 

Other than reliability ratings, warranties are another method of determining whether a vehicle is reliable. The Toyota Tacoma comes with impressive warranties that assure you that the manufacturer has got your back in case of anything. This vehicle comes with a 3year or 3,000 miles basic warranty and a five-year or 60,000-mile powertrain warranty

5. Tacomas Hold Their Value 

Toyota Tacomas are different from most vehicle models in that both new and used vehicles cost almost the same. Old Toyota Tacomas are expensive because their depreciation is minimal, holding their value well even after years of use. With a Tacoma, you are sure that you will get a good deal if you choose to resell or trade in the vehicle. A Toyota Tacoma depreciates only 29% after five years and has a resale value of approximately $26,882. This means that if you choose to resell the car after five years of use, you will still get 71% of the money you spent to purchase it back. Such a steal, right? This pickup is probably the best vehicle on the road when it comes to holding its value. Whether you buy it new or used, you are assured of exceptional value. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Toyota Tacoma

Q. Are Toyota Tacomas Safe? 

Yes, Toyota Tacoma is safe. It received the highest safety ratings from the national highway traffic safety administration and passed the IIHS crash safety test. The vehicle comes with features and technology that enhance occupants’ safety. These features include a forward collision warning, a pedestrian detection system, a cruise control system, an automatic forward emergency braking system, 360 degrees monitoring cameras, and rear sensors that make parking and cross-traffic more manageable.

Q. Is It Worth Buying A Used Tacoma?

Yes, Toyota Tacoma doesn’t depreciate as much even after years of use; if you need to save some bucks while getting the car, buying a used car is valid since you get most of the features and performance of a new Toyota Tacoma.

Q. What Are The Common Problems For Toyota Tacoma?

Tacomas are rarely problematic, and you can drive one for a whole year without needing any major repairs. However, sometimes you might find yourself at the garage for automatic transmission issues or worn-out ball joints. Most drivers who have had an issue with their Toyota Tacoma complain about the automatic transmission shifting to an incorrect gear. Another common problem is the ball joint wearing out prematurely. Do not panic because these issues are easy and restively affordable to repair if they happen.

Conclusion: Should I Buy A Toyota Tacoma?

Compared to other trucks of its class, the Toyota Tacoma is quite expensive, but you get what you pay for. The model delivers value and exceptional performance for off-road driving and other adventures. If you are looking for a good truck that holds its value, can tow loads, and still deliver comfort, we recommend the Toyota Tacoma. If a new Tacoma is over your budget, consider getting a used one for less since it will still offer great performance and reliability.