Why Doesn’t Toyota Bring HiAce Model To The USA? Includes Reasons

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Toyota HiAce is a popular minivan in many parts of the world and is used by hospitals, churches, schools, government agencies, and transport companies because of its convenience. In the U.S., the sale or use of the vehicle is prohibited because it doesn’t pass the U.S crashing test.

Before any vehicle is allowed to sell in the U.S. market, the U.S. Department of transportation ensures it goes through a crash test. This test is conducted by the (NHTSA) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (VRTC)Vehicle Research and Test Center. These tests ensure that any vehicle allowed in the U.S. is free from defects that may cause death or traffic-related health issues.

The tests also assure vehicles are safe, with better occupant protection systems and improved structural integrity. According To The Federal Law, the U.S. transportation department also ensures that any vehicle that doesn’t meet the safety standards. This article seeks to help you understand why Toyota HiAce is not used in the USA. We shall also recommend some vans almost similar to Toyota Hiace if you want to buy one. Read on!

Three Reasons Why Toyota HiAce Isn’t In The USA

1. It Didn’t Pass Crash Testing 

As we’ve already mentioned, the Toyota Hiace has never passed the crash test, and it’s therefore prohibited to be sold and used in the USA. Vehicles that do not pass this test are considered a safety hazard to occupants, and the U.S. Department of transportation recalls them.

2. It Doesn’t Have A Bonnet

The Toyota HiAce has its engine located at the car’s base, thus leaving this car without a bonnet. In the U.S., vehicles without a bonnet are not allowed since this design is bad for aerodynamic. You cannot drive a vehicle without a bonnet, especially on the highway, for safety reasons. The new Toyota Hiace 2019, six generations, comes with a bonnet while all the previous models didn’t. The exterior design has also been redesigned with an overhaul of the engine and transmission systems. Could this be a way of trying to penetrate the U.S. market? Time will tell. 

3. Toyota HiAce Is Built For Narrow Roads

The design of Toyota HiAce is popular with vehicles being driven on narrow roads. Due to aerodynamics on freeways in the U.S, the Toyota Hiace would be a cause of concern for road safety. Maybe if the vehicle were redesigned, it would handle aerodynamics better and guarantee occupant safety.

Frequently Asked Questions On Toyota Hiace

Q. What Are The Specifications Of The Toyota Hiace

Engine capacity 2.5 
Displacement (cc)2494 
Fuel type Diesel
Transmission Automatic 
Seats Max 17 seats 
Fuel tank capacity 70 liters 

Q.  In Which Country Is The Toyota Hiace Built?

Toyota HiAce was built in Japan 

Q. What Are Some Alternatives To Toyota HiAce In The USA?

If you are looking for some good alternatives to Toyota Hiace that you can find in the U.S., check out these models.

1. Ford transit 

2. Chevrolet expresses

3. Ram ProMaster

4. Ford e series

5. Nissan NV

6. Ford transit connect

7. Mercedes Benz sprinter 

8. GMC Savana


Toyota HiAce is an excellent reliable van that is convenient for commercial and domestic use. The vehicle is not in the U.S. market due to safety concerns. However, there are other good alternatives you can buy if you want a compact and reliable van.

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