Definition Of Governor In A Car

Last Updated on January 23, 2023 by Leepu Da Maxim

The governor is a technological device that works together with the engine of a car. This device automatically maintains the rotational speed. In this way, it is possible to regulate the engine speed taking into consideration at all times the amount of fuel supplied.

Key Takeaways

  • A governor controls the maximum speed at which the engine of the vehicle can run
  • A governor is a mechanical device that uses centrifugal force to limit the RPM (revolutions per minute) of the engine
  • A governor prevents the engine from over-revving and causing damage to over speed
  • You can modify the governors to adjust or change the maximum speed of the vehicle

Governor In A Car – Main Features

Main FunctionThe governor has the function of limiting the maximum speed of a vehicle below 100 miles per hour.
Governor EliminationThe governor in a vehicle can be removed without prejudice to the removal of speed limitations.
Governor TypeGovernors before 1997 can be physically removed units created after that year have been supplemented with the car’s onboard computer.
Power ProgrammerAn energy programmer allows for eliminating speed limitations on a vehicle.
Specific KnowledgeWhen using the power programmer to remove the governor, knowledge of automotive programming is required to reprogram the vehicle. 

Can You Remove A Governor From A Car?

Sometimes, people may decide to remove this electronic device because of the limitations it imposes on a vehicle. The governor is one of the devices that used to be implemented some time ago. Specifically, this device is not implemented because it is really necessary for the operation of the engine.

On the contrary, the governor limits the speed that a vehicle can reach to comply with the established traffic regulations. Usually, this electronic device limits the speed of a vehicle to below 100 miles per hour. Today, it is not common for the governor to be implemented in the manufacture of cars these days.

However, there are still some vehicles that have a governor in the operation of the car. So, there is a certain procedure to be able to get rid of the governor. This can provide some additional speed depending on the capabilities of each vehicle. However, it is necessary to consider the legal requirements to avoid a fine in some states.

1. Verifications

Some verifications are necessary before removing this electronic device from the vehicle. Most of the time 1997 and 1998 were the time when manufacturers decided to stop using this electronic device. Instead, people decided to choose other alternatives that work in combination with a computer system.

So, when your vehicle was manufactured after 1997 or 1998 it is not possible to remove the governor. At least it is a much more difficult task since this component will be integrated into a whole computer program of the vehicle. Here, it is much more difficult because it is necessary to have advanced and specific knowledge in automotive computer science.

2. Technical Knowledge

As we have already mentioned, it is necessary to have some specialized technical knowledge before removing the governor from the vehicle. Of course, here it is necessary to have real technical knowledge and not just vague ideas about the mechanics related to the governor. 

Here, it is very easy to make certain mistakes and produce other problems that your vehicle did not have before. So, if necessary it would be convenient to learn all the technical knowledge related to automotive computer reprogramming. Many people can decide to have the help of a third-party expert in this subject.

These same experts are also the ones in charge of performing different repairs on the vehicle’s onboard computer. In most cases, these automotive computer experts will request the shipment of the vehicle’s onboard computer chip. At the same time, the repair is very simple when the users have the right knowledge to do so.

3. Power Programmer

This component specifically should be purchased from an auto parts store with consideration for compatibility with your vehicle. In particular, this is a component that can override the current computer system. From here the power programmer will allow and force the system to adopt new speed limits.

To facilitate this task is that the power scheduler has the appropriate instructions to be able to perform this procedure. In this way, it is possible to remove the limits that have been imposed on a vehicle by the governor. Although this is a simplified procedure, it is recommended to have the technical knowledge to reduce the probability of making mistakes. 

4. Completing The Procedure

Finally, when using the energy programmer, the computer program in the car’s onboard computer will be deleted. Of course, it is necessary to consider that this procedure may leave the vehicle idle for a few days. Here, the specific amount of downtime will depend on the capabilities of each user.

Thus, it will be necessary to program the vehicle’s computer correctly. This is why it is essential to have the right knowledge to be able to deal with the computer programming required by the vehicle. Some errors could render a vehicle inactive. It is even very easy for a vehicle to lose some of its functions with the wrong programming.

Those who are not suited to this type of procedure may opt for the help of a professional. With this here, it is necessary to install the new power programmer to use the vehicle again without any speed limitation.

Of course, there are power programmers that are very convenient and affordable. Here, the main thing is that this type of component can eliminate the limits imposed by the manufacturer. As we have mentioned, these types of limits are imposed to comply with proper traffic regulations.

Even all those people who have the energy programmer will have the ability to remove the governor from a wide variety of vehicles. However, different vehicles may require different procedures that need to be known. 

Simply put, the governor is one of the fundamental parts of a vehicle that is not necessarily essential. Vehicles can function better without this type of implementation.

However, sometimes it is necessary to consider that there will not be any kind of speed limit. So, committing speeding fines will be much easier than before. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good level of driving.