Are Falken Tires Good? (Reviews & Features Compared)

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Compared to other premium tires on the market, these tires are in the mid-range offering excellent performance. Even based on their price to quality ratio many people claim that it is a better tire than other high-end options. Besides, Falken tires typically provide a 6-year lifespan from the day of manufacture. 

Falken tires are the industry leader in the performance of all-terrain tires, and they’re known for their incredible responsiveness and capabilities to maintain stability, even at high speeds. Not only can you get great traction on rough terrain, but Falken tires also offer a wide range of tire sizes that will fit a variety of cars and trucks.

Falken tires are the most affordable tires available in the market today – and you have to agree that their value is unbeatable.

Main Features Of Falken Tires

These tires typically maintain their level of performance and efficiency throughout their service life.
Service LifeMost Falken tire models can offer a service life of 6 years.
In most cases, these tires are very adaptable to different seasons throughout the year or different weather conditions.
Among the main models of Falken tires, there is wide compatibility with vehicles of different sizes.
Value For MoneyThese tires are mid-range and offer a price-performance ratio that is far superior to some high-end tires.
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Who Are Falken Tires Made By?

SUMITOMO RUBBER NORTH AMERICA, INC. is the principal manufacturer and Falken tires are only a part of this company. The headquarters is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Also, this site is often used as a corporate headquarters for the entire company. So, there are also other tires of different brands that are handled by the same company.

In particular, Falken tires are specially designed to offer a mid-range. Anyway, many users have mentioned that these particular tires are usually much more efficient than other premium quality tires. That is why they are one of the most popular choices in recent times. 

How Long Do Falken Tires Last?

Falken tires can be guaranteed to last 6 years from the date of manufacture. Of course, this service life can be fully obtained depending on the specific and correct use. Thus, if a tire is used in a situation for which it was not designed, the service life could be drastically reduced.

Service life can also be considered up to 2/32 inch or 1.6 mm of remaining tread depth. If the two situations occur then it is highly recommended to replace the tire.

In the same vein, it is also recommended to replace all 4 tires to have a much more balanced and even wear. Besides, the driving performance is optimized when all four tires have the same level of wear.

Where Can I Buy Falken Tires?

Today, a lot of people are wondering about Falken tires. These tires have some very useful models for different types of vehicles. At the same time, these tires can be found in a large number of auto parts stores. Anyway, it is necessary to consider the type of tire you need for each occasion. Here, we can mention the best Falken tires.

Best Falken Tires Review At a Glance For 2021

Falken Tire is the star of the automobile world. The company has a long history and has produced some of the best tires in the world. This guide will help you gain an understanding of its products, design, and the latest news on its line-up.

1. Wildpeak A/T Trail

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When it comes to a large vehicle or some modern crossovers this tire can be one of the most appropriate tires. Not all tires can offer good off-road characteristics without decreasing at the same time the performance that the vehicle can get. On many occasions, users have mentioned that this tire provides control and good road holding.

Notable Features:

  • Light and fast, no waiting. The bike can be loaded immediately and easily without a hitch.
  • Easy to disassemble for storage. Just keep a dash of gas in the tank, then put it away when you’re done riding.
  • 2-in-1 feature: ride a bike on foot or sit it up on a bench; just fold two pieces of fabric to make your own pannier cover!
  • Perfect for maximizing sales, getting started or reaching out to new customers.
  • Made of durable commercial grade aluminum that’s rust resistant and lightweight.
  • Can be used to help get you your first online business in no time at all (or drop out of college).

Some of the characteristics of this tire are good performance on winter roads, efficiency on wet roads, good braking performance, and good results on dry roads. This tire can incorporate an optimally designed silica-enriched tread. Other tires do not usually include this special component in the formula.

Compared to other off-road tires, this Falken model is very suitable when it comes to traversing a road in winter and snow. Beyond that, the level of off-road traction is also very appropriate for off-road vehicles. Even, this tire can also provide the possibility of saving some fuel while offering comfort.

Lastly, this tire with efficient features can also offer a quiet result with a smooth ride. So, it can be a very good choice when it comes to a large off-road vehicle.

2. Falken Wildpeak AT3W all Terrain Radial Tire

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Among all the tires that are specially designed for off-road vehicles, this model is unique since it offers decent results. Compared to the previous one, the best advantages and features are also incorporated here. However, the difference is specifically in the compatibility that this tire offers for different large off-road vehicles.

Notable Features:

  • The all-new Titan 3 is the most capable, lightest, and most rugged Class VI trailer. The largest ever axle bed option in the industry.
  • All terrain ready design.
  • Ultra stable, all weather like tires.
  • Durable and best quality make for an affordable price.
  • Aggressiv is the world’s first transport& logistics solution that combines robust, custom-built forklift trucks with a wide selection of transport options to meet any moving situation.

So, drivers of many Jeeps, pickup trucks, and off-road vehicles, in general, could opt for this tire. So, this is a tire that is available in a large size and can also be an excellent choice for full-size sport utility vehicles. Thus, we can also find a set of features related to them.

This tire model has an efficient tread that is complemented by stiff and reinforced blocks. So, when a driver must traverse a snowy road, these tires offer good performance and quiet operation. The same high-quality result can also be obtained in water and mud.

Regardless of the season, or whether it is a sunny or rainy day, these tires can deliver the best performance. Considering that this is a mid-range tire, it is a very convenient option. At least this is what a large number of users mention when analyzing the relationship between quality and price.

3. Falken Ziex ZE950 All-Season Radial Tire

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Another tire that users tend to recommend among the best options from Falken is this particular model. According to the manufacturer, the ground grip is not lost at any time throughout the life of this tire. It is also a very efficient model for many sport utility vehicles, sports cars, and sedans of different sizes.

The asymmetric design is complemented by silica in the tread, which forms the dynamic range technology only found in Falken tires. All this allows both the materials and the design to provide excellent grip at all times. In this way, an excellent result can be obtained regardless of the specific road conditions.

Notable Features:

  • FALKEN is making a big splash for the first time with its all-new ZE950 tires. These new wide-width, flat-treaded, lightweight tires were developed in collaboration with the tire specialist Dynamic Compact Tire Systems to offer increased traction and improved handling.
  • Their wide-rimmed design is good for both snow and gravel.
  • The Smooth Ride™ high fade tread pattern keeps your snow traction while allowing for enhanced snow grip on the rougher terrain.
  • All season traction with no weather-dependent tread wear.
  • Fully intuitive for the whole family.
  • All features are included in a single user interface. This way, you can switch between different device(s) without having to go through multiple menus.
  • Abundant groove space; Sixty-one groove grooves provides for snow grip.

In this case, a snowy, icy, wet, or dry road will not be a problem for the correct adherence of these tires. Also, these same tires can provide other excellent characteristics such as the typical Falken tire life. Thus, over 6 years, the user will be able to enjoy the best advantages of this tire.

As if that were not enough, the elimination of water can be appropriate on most occasions. So, the level of versatility of these tires can convince more than one person. Of course, this is not the best option on the market. Beyond that, this model is another sign that Falken tires are good overall.

4. Falken Sincera SN250 AS Tire

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A wide range of sedans or compact vehicles has the possibility of using this tire model. In fact when it comes to getting a tire that is widely versatile for all seasons people often turn to this tire model. Here, people can get durability and efficiency in a touring tire.

On the other hand, this tire also can offer acceptable performance in combination with a comfortable and smooth ride. Here again, the dynamic range technology that is unique to Falken has been implemented. Whether it is a cold or hot weather condition, this tire can deal with a wide variety of climates.

Notable Features:

  • True performance on the track and off the track.
  • A true dual sport tire for a quick response off the line.
  • The lightest 16 inch tire on the market.
  • Falken elastics are made of a special polyester fiber used for many of the fronts that fasten shoes. The soft overmold version features a unique stretchy cuff that is both durable and comfortable.
  • Specialized for the rider who loves to go big, big, and still wants to bring the coffee.
  • All-season traction& traction control with hydroformed aluminum tread beads that distribute weight equally over all four sides of the tire
  • No compromises, no gimmicks, the perfect balance of a modern snow tire.
  • The perfected balance of a modern snow tire.

In the same vein, road grip is quite safe and acceptable overall. Additionally, most users have mentioned that the noise level generated by these tires is not too high. Of course, this also helps to obtain a much more formidable driving level compared to tires that produce too much noise.

Specifically, we can notice this thanks to the tread pattern which is what allows to decrease the level of noise generated on the road. So, there is no difference here whether a user drives a mid-range car or a high-end vehicle. In either case, people usually enjoy a quiet and smooth ride at the same time. 

5. Falken Sincera SN201 A/S

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Finally, another of the most popular and well-known tires is this model due to the wide compatibility with different vehicles. Regardless of where a particular person drives or lives, these tires can offer an acceptable level of performance all year round. This great versatility in performance and functionality is what has allowed this model to be very popular.

Notable Features:

  • Today we’re introducing the Falken 5670R Compare, a wheel that has been designed from the ground up for performance and long-lasting durability. The 5670R Compare is a new generation of wheel that will soon add new designs to motor sports like motocross and rallycross.
  • The Falken FK-1540R is a street-legal, 3.5″ tall 285/35R19 tire manufactured for the European market.
  • Drives the tire in a radial-levering motion, resulting in an almost perfect circle.
  • Use this product to balance your vehicle wheels on uneven terrain
  • Modern-looking rib design fits all body types and makes for a great bike fit.
  • Weighs just over 1356 pounds, and ships with a 30-day no-questions-asked warranty.

Also, we can notice this tire in many major cities because the design complements medium and compact vehicles. Along with this, it is also important that users who use this tire feel great reliability and safe use on highways or roads with different conditions. The structure of this tire is of high quality and has state-of-the-art features.

Many economical compact vehicles use these tires, as well as various sedans, or even some coupe cars. On some roads with an icy surface or light snow, traction is acceptable. Beyond that, it is not recommended to use these same tires on the same road with a considerable level of snow. 

In any case, drivers can feel an additional level of grip thanks to the tread and grooves included at an angle. Thus, it is that many drivers feel much safer driving in winter weather or with some changing or adverse weather conditions.