Top 10 Best Pickelhaube Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2021 For Incredible Riding Experience

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Some of the best Pickelhaube motorcycle helmets of 2023 are the Imperial German Spiked Pickelhaube Officer Helmet, German Pickelhaube Prussian Helmet, Prussian Shako Helmet, The Medieval Shop German Pickelhaube Prussian, Klutch K-10 ‘Das Hammer’ Motorcycle German Style Helmet, etc.

List of Best Pickelhaube Motorcycle Helmets

What Is The Best Pickelhaube Motorcycle Helmet?

To choose one of the following ten best helmets with this classic German design, we will mention each of the product’s unique characteristics. In this way, you’ll easily identify the right pickelhaube motorcycle helmet for your preferences and needs.

Best Overall: No products found.

A helmet offers resistance, quality, and the best details of Pickelhaube helmets. 

Best For Subtle Design: No products found.

It is still a large Prussian Empire helmet with dark-colored leather.

Best For Great Height: No products found.

Those who enjoy a helmet and a high peak will be able to count on a significant presence when using this helmet.

Best For Exclusive Style: No products found.

This leather-only option offers a unique lightness and design for a Prussian helmet with a difference.

Best For Great Comfort: No products found.

A high level of comfort is found in this helmet. Also, it features a small peak and a sturdy structure.

Best For Unisex Helmet: ZAFEX Collectibles German Pickelhaube Helmet

Both women and men will enjoy this World War I-inspired helmet.

Best For A Shared Trip: No products found.

Two helmets in classic Prussian design for people who enjoy a shared ride and a helmet with excellent historical details.

Best For Easy Use: No products found.

A simply designed helmet with a solid structure and a half helmet design provide coolness on a motorcycle ride.

Best For Versatile: No products found.

The classic half-face helmet is incorporating eye protection goggles and remarkable comfort features.

Best For Lightweight Helmet: No products found.

A half-face hull is constructed with fiberglass to reduce weight while maintaining a resistance level. 

The Best Pickelhaube Motorcycle Helmet – Comparison Chart

If you are short on time, you should quickly go through the table below which contains each helmet’s unique features. This is a summarized and efficient way to choose the best helmet for you. 

Best Pickelhaube Motorcycle HelmetIt’s Best ForMaterialsWeight
No products found.Best OverallLeather & Brass10.4 oz
No products found.Best for Subtle DesignLeather & Brass10 oz
No products found.Best for Great HeightLeather & Brass2.35 lbs
No products found.Best for Exclusive Style100 % Original  Leather 1.5 lbs
No products found.Best for Great ComfortLeather & Brass15.2 oz
ZAFEX Collectibles German Pickelhaube HelmetBest for Unisex HelmetMS Steel, Brass, and Leather15 oz
No products found.Best for A Shared TripLeather & Brass15 oz
No products found.Best for Easy UseABS2.59 lbs
No products found.Best for VersatilePolycarbonate2.15 lbs
No products found.Best for Lightweight HelmetFiberglass1 lb

Top 10 Best Pickelhaube Motorcycle Helmet Reviews In 2021

We’ve analyzed and handpicked the best 10 Pickelhaube officer helmets that are available on the market. We consider the key features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as a good description for any user’s ultimate choice.

Best Overall: Imperial German Spiked Pickelhaube Officer Helmet

No products found.

Key Features

1. Handcrafted manufacturing

2. Complete hardware

3. Unique size

4. Historically accurate design

Product Specs

Weight10.4 oz
Size7 – 7 ¾ 
MaterialLeather & Brass

1. Excellent quality and durability

2. Great variety of details

3. Incorporation of real brass


1. One size only

All those motorcyclists who enjoy having the official Pickelhaube look will be able to incorporate this helmet into their motorcycle rides. This helmet was designed and built with special care and craftsmanship. This historic helmet’s distinctive features have been respected in its design.

The one size fits most motorcyclists. There is a soft leather lining for excellent comfort while wearing it on the inside. While it is not a specific helmet for motorcyclists, many of these people will have a better way to feel like the German empire’s officers.

The Prussian Eagle is a reminder of the great Prussian Empire and the different features of the original helmet. The lining is adjustable, and the comfort obtained is incredible. Two buckles have been incorporated in the front to adjust this helmet precisely and correctly. Undoubtedly, this is a helmet with enough features that many German fans will enjoy. 

Best For Subtle Design: German Pickelhaube Helmet Prussian Leather Helmet

No products found.

Key Features

1. 8 inches from ear to ear

2. 30 cm height

3. 59 cm headband interior

4. High-quality genuine design 

Product Specs

Weight10 oz
MaterialLeather & Brass

1. Excellent quality materials

2. Excellent historical details

3. Good level of interior comfort


1. Design a bit narrow

The German helmet is another great option for pickelhaube lovers. High-quality materials were used to provide an excellent lifespan. That is why this is a perfect German helmet for motorcycle riders. The universal size allows a large number of users to use this helmet.

Checking its interior, we found a leather lining that prevents uncomfortable use and direct contact with metals. The metal side rosettes complement each of the ornaments worthy of a high-quality Prussian helmet. We loved that accurate brass fittings and decorations were used. So, this is more than enough to get a German helmet with an excellent lifespan.

On the other hand, this is one of the options that closely resemble Prussian helmets but can also deliver an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Beyond the affordable cost of this helmet, users will be able to get adequate protection when riding motorcycles. This is due to the features that resemble the Prussian Empire’s actual helmets. 

Best For Great Height: German Pickelhaube Prussian Helmet

No products found.

Key Features

1. Special finish

2. 10 inches high

3. 24 inches circumference

4. High height spout

Product Specs

Weight2.35 lbs
Size7” ear to ear
MaterialLeather & Brass
BrandSouvenir India

1. Innovative and exclusive design

2. Structure of excellent resistance

3. Decoration with high-level details


1. Intermediate protection for motorcyclists

Another ideal unit for fans of the Prussian Empire is this German helmet. Here, the classic Prussian eagle design has not been incorporated, but a different style has been chosen. Thus, you’ll enjoy a unique helmet worthy of connecting the most passionate fans of the Prussian Empire.

The structure of excellent durability and strength provides a good protection level. The only negative point that we noticed was the low-quality of buckles of intermediate. Apart from that, it is a helmet with a leather interior lining for a good level of comfort.

The unique finish and particular features of this helmet will allow German motorcyclists of all kinds to fall in love with it. The most remarkable thing about this helmet is that a high peak has been incorporated on the top. This is remarkable since the German helmet’s peak is usually the most outstanding aspect that gives great importance to the wearer.

Best For Exclusive Style: Prussian Shako Helmet

No products found.

Key Features

1. Prussian helmet of the Jager Battalion officer ranks

2. World War II inspired design

3. Circumference of 60 cm

4. Historically accurate design 

Product Specs

Weight1.5 lbs
Size8” ear to ear
Material100 % Original  Leather 
BrandThe Medieval Shop

1. Oversized design for easy use

2. Full leather construction

3. Comfortable interior design


1. No metal included

The Prussian helmet is another helmet that arouses great fanaticism among those who know about World War II. It is a helmet that today can be used in various situations. The high level of detail is reminiscent of the Prussian army era’s best. So, people who want to enjoy a motorcycle can also do so with this helmet.

On the inside, we find a high-quality leather lining that provides a slight protection level but a high level of comfort. This, in turn, makes the helmet very easy to use but, above all, very light. The user hardly notices that he/she is wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

Moreover, this helmet comes with a design that has a high level of authenticity to the actual helmets used in those times in the Prussian Empire. Either way, this helmet is not only worthy of being used by motorcyclists but can be a great collector’s item for those who want to know more about the Prussian Empire or World War II.

Best For Great Comfort: The Medieval Shop German Pickelhaube Prussian Helmet

No products found.

Key Features

1. 24 inches in circumference

2. 10 inches in height

3. 8 inches from back to front

4. Intermediate-size frame

Product Specs

Weight15.2 oz
Size7” ear to ear
MaterialLeather & Brass
BrandThe Medieval Shop

1. High-quality leather

2. The buckle of excellent resistance

3. Accurate and reliable design to the Prussian empire


1. Low peak height

One of the helmets that can remind you in a good way of the Prussian Empire’s best is this option that sports very remarkable features. This is a helmet that has been manufactured with brass and leather of excellent quality. The brass used has been treated ideally to create the very characteristic Eagle of the Prussian Empire.

Also, the beak at the top is just the right height for those who do not want to attract too much attention. The low peak height manages to reduce the helmet’s overall weight a little. This feature is combined with high-quality leather on the inside. All in all, this contributes to an excellent comfort level for the wearer.

In such a way, the universal size could be handy for many people who wish to enjoy the Prussian empire’s best. The buckle has also been manufactured with solid and resistant materials. So, not only is it tough, but it will also stay on your head throughout the entire motorcycle ride.

Best For Unisex Helmet: ZAFEX Collectibles German Pickelhaube Helmet

Key Features

1. Heavy gauge hull

2. Elegant details of good quality

3. Helmet suitable for use

4. World War I-inspired to design

Product Specs

Weight15 oz
Size26” circumference
MaterialMS Steel, Brass, and Leather

1. High-strength structure

2. Historically accurate helmet

3. Excellent protection for the user


1. Requires maintenance 

One of the helmets that can offer a unique and different design from the previous options is this German helmet. Here, excellent quality leather and brass have been used to manufacture this helmet. Also, 18 Gauge mild steel has been incorporated to complete the strength that can be obtained.

This means that this helmet was built to respect the historical design of the helmets used in WWI. It is also a helmet that can provide excellent protection to the wearer’s head. So that people will be able to count on a helmet worthy of use that recalls the Prussian Empire’s best.

A buckle made of highly resistant materials has also been incorporated. People wearing this helmet will notice that the fit is adequate. The leather used for the interior offers a friendly and pleasant feeling when using this helmet. Any motorcycle ride will be much more appropriate for the Prussian Empire fans. 

Best For A Shared Trip: AnNafi Combo German Pickelhaube Helmets

No products found.

Key Features

1. Upper spout with a rounded end

2. Completely handcrafted

3. Meticulous historical details

4. Replica for exhibition or personal use

Product Specs

Weight15 oz
MaterialLeather & Brass

1. Two different color helmets

2. High quality and resistant materials

3. Easy to use at all times


1. Intermediate level adjustment buckle

When a fan of the Prussian Empire wishes to take a trip together with a loved one, they can opt for this option. These are two helmets with an excellent design worthy of the Prussian Empire. One of them features a black leather color, while the other comes a white leather color.

Both are handcrafted from high-strength solid brass. This is combined with high-quality leather on the outside and inside. So, this is a helmet that can also provide good comfort and protect the head of each user.

These helmets are more than suitable for showpieces or use on a motorcycle trip. Simultaneously, the universal size allows a large number of people to use this helmet correctly. It can be an excellent choice for motorcycle touring and various other situations.

Best For Easy Use: Klutch K-10 ‘Das Hammer’ Motorcycle German Style Helmet

No products found.

Key Features

1. Simple black design

2. Wide variety of sizes

3. Meets DOT standards

4. Quick-release strap

Product Specs

Weight2.59 lbs
BrandKlutch Helmets

1. Excellent protection for the motorcyclist

2. Quick and easy to use at all times

3. Comfortable padded materials on the interior


1. No eye protection 

One of the classic German designs for a motorcycle helmet was integrated into this half helmet unit. It is a helmet that can complement a variety of motorcycles for short or long-distance travel. The frame has been built from ABS thermoplastic resin for optimum durability.

A padded inner liner complements the quick-release strap for excellent comfort and ease of use. This is a helmet with a classic vintage design that combines the best German design.

Most importantly, this helmet meets DOT safety standards. So, it is a helmet with a straightforward design but with great functionality, and motorcyclists can use it for their best protection. 

Best For Versatile: HTTMT German Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

Key Features

1. Glasses included

2. UV protection

3. Complies with DOT standards

4. Compatible with various motorcycles 

Product Specs

Weight2.15 lbs

1. High resistance structure

2. Adequate head and eye protection

3. D-ring buckle


1. Intermediate interior comfort

Those motorcyclists who want to find a comfortable and easy-to-wear helmet can opt for this half-face helmet. This unit is a helmet that can complement any motorcycle design. Moreover, the classic German design has been incorporated into this high-quality leather helmet.

We appreciated that the leather and polycarbonate offer a lightweight design that does not produce discomfort on your head. Furthermore, the double D-ring made of stainless steel provides the ideal fit of this helmet at all times.

Finally, the high-quality goggles protect the eyes and a large part of the face. So, this option can be the ultimate option to save the motorcyclist at all times because it complies with DOT safety standards.

Best For Lightweight Helmet: German Novelty Chrome Silver Motorcycle Skull Cap

No products found.

Key Features

1. The simple and basic design

2. Silver chrome look

3. Compatible with Harley Cruisers

4. Buckle with padded material 

Product Specs

Weight1 lb

1. Very light and easy to use a helmet

2. Wide variety of sizes

3. Formidable lifespan


1. No DOT approval 

Finally, we can find this helmet that manages to convince many motorcyclists. It is a simple design that Harley Cruiser fanatics often opt for. There is an excellent combination of lightweight and robust structures.

High-quality fiberglass has been used to protect the wearer’s head. Simultaneously, getting the right size will be effortless thanks to the different sizes incorporated.

In any case, the most remarkable thing is that it is a half helmet design that provides excellent comfort to the user’s entire face. On the inside, we find soft padded materials and the top of the buckle. So this helmet takes care of every important detail of practical use. 

Pickelhaube Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide: How To Choose A Good Helmet

To make a better decision, each of the following aspects should be considered. Not all helmets are the same, even Pickelhaube Motorcycle Helmets.

1. Design

This type of helmet design may vary from one model to another. Features that may be different are the peak on the top of the helmet or the Eagle’s creation made of brass. In some cases, the Eagle design can be changed to other shield designs.

2. Materials

In most cases, a combination of leather and brass is usually used to manufacture the entire helmet. However, some options may incorporate other materials, such as 18 gauge mild steel. 

Other different helmets with a unique design do not use these materials, but a single material such as leather, fiberglass, polycarbonate, etc. The materials used may offer great durability and strength.

3. Protection

The protection of each helmet may vary from one model to another. On the one hand, the materials from which a helmet is constructed are essential. However, most Pickelhaube Motorcycle Helmets do not meet DOT approval as they are not meant for motorcyclists.

Still, having a helmet made of durable materials such as leather, brass, or mild steel is an excellent way to protect the wearer’s head. When ABS thermoplastic or fiberglass is incorporated, it is still a perfect protective helmet.

4. Interior Design

The interior design is not essential for its aesthetics but for the comfort it can offer users. In most cases, a leather lining is usually incorporated to avoid contact with the more rigid materials.

However, in the most convenient cases, padded materials are also incorporated to better adapt to the head’s contours. The latter option may become a bit more suitable for people who must travel long distances.

5. Lots Of Historical Details

Some of the Pickelhaube Motorcycle Helmets may incorporate a high historical detail level. However, this is a detail that only experts in the Prussian Empire’s history will be able to detect.

On the other hand, the most noticeable historical details can be explicitly found in the beak’s height and shape or the built-in Eagle made of brass. In any case, this detail is usually more important to true connoisseurs of the Prussian Empire’s history.


1. Why Did The Pickelhaube Have A Spike?

The spike of these helmets was introduced to deflect sword blows directed at the head more efficiently.

2. When Was The Pickelhaube Replaced?

The pickelhaube was gradually discontinued in 1916. In its place, the German steel helmet, better known as Stahlhelm, was implemented.

3. Did German Officers Wear Helmets?

Infantry officers wore a different helmet to differentiate themselves from others. During battlefield action, they preferred to wear lighter caps.

Our Top Picks

Wearing one of these helmets allows people to remember the Prussian Empire’s best time. You’ll find high-quality leather and brass helmets worthy of being collected.

Our top picks are the No products found. and the No products found.. Both helmets incorporate an excellent level of historical detail. 

When it comes to enjoying a nice motorcycle ride or any other particular situation, these helmets are a great choice. Without a doubt, the wearer of these helmets will be able to count on a unique and very striking style.